Sleep difficulties and insomnia

Blueberry Cactus

Sleep difficulties and insomnia are becoming all to common these days.  Often this is due to our minds not being able to slow and relax so that we may rest. There is a vast amount of information we process daily and this can overwhelm the mind. The essences listed below all help the mind unwind.

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Blueberry Cactus:
This essence slows down the velocity of the mind allowing you to relax and rest peacefully. This essence will also help you get back to sleep when you have awoken and have a hard time getting back to bed.

Blue Vervain:
Helps those who have a difficult time relaxing, especially for Type A personalities, good for role models, leaders and workaholics helps one to slow down and relax.

Dandelion helps one to enjoy the benefits of a relaxed musculature. It infuses a effortless feeling characterized by a release of tension. This essence is superb for an overly tense personality, always striving to do more. This driven mental energy is valued in our society but can lead to detriment when we ignore the pain signals our body sends us. Dandelion helps us get back in touch with our feelings and emotions as a way to balanced radiant health.

Lavender: A tonic for the nervous system, reduces stress and relaxes the system. Helps the body prepare for rest, useful for those who are easily keyed up. It acts as a universal emotional balancer that has many applications. A good remedy for hyperactive children and those with nervous exhaustion.

Lemon Balm:
Allows for deeper relaxation; allows one to enter an alpha state more easily; useful in combination with remedies which catalyze movement or stirring of emotions.

White Chestnut:
White Chestnut treats an overactive mind that reels with mental chatter and repetitive, worrisome thoughts.  This remedy is useful at night when mental chatter interferes with the ability to relax, wind down and fall asleep. White Chestnut promotes a calm, peace and inner quite, useful before bed.

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