flower essences for sexuality


This section is dedicated to flower essences that help with emotional issues related to intimacy, relationships and sexuality.


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Flower Essences for Intimacy

Baby Blue Eyes:
A small blue wildflower native to California, baby blue eyes helps to re-awaken innocence. It is also useful for re-establishing a healthy relationship with the father or a father figure. This remedy is useful where the lack of trust or innocence then develops as a hard shell and  defensive behavior. This essence is useful to develop a healthy relationship with ones father.


Basil helps one integrate sexuality with spirituality, facilitating a positive sexual expression based on acknowledging the sacredness of sexuality. Great for marital stress and clandestine sexual behavior. This essence is also helpful for those with a strong attraction to pornography and debased, destructive sexual expressions. This essence is very healing to human sexual expression helping us to see that sex is not sinful or nonspiritual but is part of a greater spiritual expression of being human.


Billy Goat Plum: This essence treats feelings of shame around sex, for those who feel it is dirty. Helpful for shame, self disgust and self loathing and feelings of uncleanliness after sex.


Blackberry Lily:
For releasing unconscious or unresolved problems concerning past relationships. For treating deep fears around sexuality and treating sexual trauma from rape, abuse or molestation.


Evening Primrose:
Evening Primrose is useful for healing early traumas and painful emotions passed through family and in utero. This essence helps heal and resolve relationship and commitment issues. This remedy is a wonderful balm to the spirit and emotions. It helps to renew faith and open oneself to deeper emotions and relationships.


Flannel Flower:  This essence is for those who are uncomfortable with emotional intimacy and physical touch. It promotes gentleness and sensitivity and enhances this aspect in sexual relationships.

Jewel Weed:
For fear of closeness; fear of being touched; fears surrounding sexuality.


Mariposa Lily:
Warm feminine, nurturing maternal consciousness; mother child bonding, positive connection to mother and similar feminine figures. Treats childhood abandonment or abuse issues, also for alienation from mother and for women alienated from the mothering role.


Pink Yarrow:
This essence helps to build emotional boundaries, allowing loving awareness from a self contained space. Use this essence for emotional clarity and to strengthen an overly absorbent auric field.


Poison Oak:
This essence is for emotional openness and vulnerability, helping one to make close contact with others. Those needing this remedy fear intimate contact are protective of personal boundaries and can be hostile or distant. Many overly macho men can benefit from this essence as it helps to soften a hardened exterior and allow for more openness.


Scarlet Monkeyflower:
This essence is for those who are afraid of deep emotions and intense feelings. Often these intense feelings or emotions get repressed because of fear. Scarlet Monkey Flower helps one to get in touch with strong emotions, it promotes emotional honesty and integration of the emotional ‘shadow’.  It also gives people the courage to express intense feeling and emotions.



A remedy for ‘love addiction’ helps those who cannot commit to long term relationships, for sadness when the initial stages of being ‘in love’ shift.


This essence helps one to feel and value their uniqueness in a way that is unattached to outer recognition. Use buttercup for feelings of low self esteem, lack of self worth and when there is an inability to acknowledge and cherish ones inner light and uniqueness.


Calendula encourages a healing and warm receptivity with the use of the spoken word. It helps to balance communication towards more compassionate expression. This essences is useful for argumentative types it eases the use of sharp words and destructive dialogue.


If you tend to be overly demanding, needy and attempt to get attention through negative, manipulative, self centered behavior, Chicory flower essence may be of assistance. Chicory is an ally in helping you to cultivate selfless love. Chicory supports you to give love freely and to respect the freedom and individuality of others.


This essence is for purity and clarity of motive and action that is aligned with one’s true feelings. Treats mixed conflicted motives; dishonest or impolite responses not based on genuine feeling. Promotes honesty with ourselves, our affairs and others.


Hemp Agrimony:
Enhances the awareness of the interconnectedness of all things through the heart; feelings and perceptions of aloneness, or disconnectedness are eased.


Pink Amaranthus:
Helps with relationship fears; for confidence when entering a new relationship.


Water Violet:
This essence address a profound quality of the soul expressed through the personality as withdraw from social contact(s). I say profound because water violet is for the highly refined soul who does not desire conflict or competition. But in the water violet type it has become so pronounced as to shun relationship altogether. This is due to fear, a fear of upsetting their inner composure.  Water violet is a profound remedy for those who have kept relationships at bay. It will help them to come out and begin to form social bonds and be open to connections with others, a profound remedy for the refined soul.


Wood Betony:
Helps clarify deeper meanings of relationship, friendship and sexuality; for those who prefer to be alone but are working on authentic ways to connect with others.


Flower Essences for Sexuality

Alpine Lily:
Helpful for women who want to gain a greater acceptance of the grounded earthy aspects of femininity and female sexuality. This essence is for women who reject the earthy feminine and have an imbalanced expression of femininity. Alpine lily is for those who tend towards more cosmic spiritual femininity, rejecting the earthly bodily feminine.


Blue Cohosh:
Gentle support for those feeling shy or awkward in their sexuality, especially during times of transition; (e.g. puberty, pregnancy, menopause and mid-life). Opens one to the mysteries and energy of one’s sexuality as sacred and life-affirming. Graceful acceptance of the changes aging brings.


Calla Lily:
This remedy is for clarity about sexual identity, such as gender or orientation.


 Easter Lily:
This essence treats tension in sexual identity; conflicting sexual values; virgin/whore split in the psyche. Easter lily promotes soul purity which embraces all aspects of life and body, especially sexual identity.


Warmth and responsiveness in sexuality; integration of soul warmth and bodily passion. Helps when there is an inability to enjoy sexual experiences; lack of warmth due to abuse or exploitation.


Courage to speak the truth regarding one’s self; for shyness or shame around expressing one’s sexual nature.


Pink Lady’s Slipper:
Clarity and creative expression of inner purpose-true calling. Ability to express self more easily. Releasing shame. Understanding and delight in one’s sexuality, opening one to deeper levels of intimacy.


This essence treats all forms of verb aggression and/or tension in the jaw. Snapdragon treats repressed or misdirected libido energy which is expressed in a hostile verbal manner. This essence balances the libido and emotional verbal communication; harmonizing sexual creative energy into healthy channels.


Sticky Monkeyflower:
This essence balances the integration of human warmth and sexual intimacy; it helps one to express deep feelings of love and connectedness, especially in sexual relationships. Helpful when there is a fear of intimacy, repressed sexual feelings and an inability to experience warmth in sexual experiences.


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