September Specials

September Specials

Sale Features this Month 20% off the Trauma Kit, Protection Spray and Focus Formula

The Trauma Kit:  

Price: $295.00
This collection of 36 flower essences is the cornerstone in the Essence Alchemy collection. It was given this name by esteemed flower essence researcher David Dalton. This kit is composed of flower essences from the forests, fields, mountains, deserts and tropics of North America. The essences in this kit assist with the gentle and deep release of traumatic imprints and related emotions and conditions.

Protection Spray: 
Price: $22.95

Protection Spray 2oz:  
Price: $14.95

The Protection Spray is one my beloved products. The name says it all and in a world where chaos and negativity are all to common this is a good product to have on hand. Good for the home, office, healing rooms, and before bed. And, it is now available the 2oz size for travel. 

The Focus Formula:  

Price: $12.00
The Focus formula supports concentration, focus and the ability to manage details and not feel overwhelmed. A useful remedy to aid studying or anytime mental concentration is required; good for those who are easily distracted and multi task.







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