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Featured Essences for October

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Fear of Moving Forward:  
Price: $11.00
  This is a blend of Beauty Bush and Scarlet Bugler flower essences. It addresses the conscious and unconscious fears that arise when we change. This blend will help you see the fears but not let them impede your forward movement.

Mexican Heather:  
Price: $10.00
  For damage to the outgoing masculine part of the psyche, and for those who keep secrets, when part of the personality hides.  Good for shyness, avoidance and hiding when with groups or in group activity. This essence fosters a sense of safety to gently be who one is.

Mountain Apple:  
Price: $10.00
This essence is good for heart ache and heart break, as it softens and frees the heart from old entanglements. An excellent remedy for helping to release the past. It is good for grief, supporting us to move through the process of letting go.


Soothe Yourself :  
Price: $11.00
Is your nervous system upset by recent troubling national and international events? This simple blend soothes the nervous system and encourages peace. It is a blend of Lavender and Wild Morning Glory. It is great for children and a supportive evening blend.


Stream Orchid :   
Price: $10.00
   This essence helps to restore the light of hope. It has a strong connection with the divine and the angelic hierarchy for healing. Stream Orchid is excellent during times of darkness, depression and deep healing crisis.


Trust Yourself :    
Price: $11.00
A blend to support deeper trust in yourself. Lack of trust leads to dips in confidence and self esteem. A simple blend of Bellflower, Cerato, and Monkshood to heal the trauma of doubt and discouragement.


Weeds’ Mariposa Lily:  
Price: $10.00
  This essence helps restore confidence, trust and feelings of safety. Use it to nurture self esteem, Weed’s Mariposa Lily provides ‘psychological’ nourishment that helps to rebuild trust in oneself and the world.


Yellow Archangel:  
Price: $11.00
This essence gives support for positive action in the world. It helps one to tap into forces of their destiny and act with greater conviction. It carries the support of the angels and aids in connecting to higher powers. Good for those who don’t think they deserve success.


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