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Asparge Savage:  

Price: $12.00
This flower essence helps the heart maintain balance by releasing interfering toxic emotional and psychic energy. Use this essence in times of duress and confusion to restore clarity, self worth, and peace to the heart. Use to access the beauty, stillness, and truth of the heart.


Bladder Campion:   

Price: $12.00
This flower essence is for releasing toxic energy from childhood. It can be useful when the protective energy of the father was absent. Use this essence to address insecurity and deep fears. It helps release anguish, self blame and self generated toxic energy.


California Ash:  

Price: $12.00
  This essence treats patterns of argumentativeness and critical tendencies. Helps us release the need to be right and remain open and grounded. Nurtures the process of transformation access to the inner sanctuary of stillness.


California Golden Violet:  

Price: $12.00
This essence helps us find the  courage to speak and say what needs to be said. It treats self consciousness around speaking. It is a useful essence for those who need to speak up but are shy or find it difficult.


Cream Cups:   
Price: $12.00
  This essence helps an overworked, tense mental body be able to  touch in with more peace and space. It is indicated when there is tension from the shoulders up. This softening and lightening essence supports peace and ease.


Dunn’s Lobelia:   

Price: $12.00
 This essence connects the throat chakra with the 6th and 7th chakras. It enhances all manner of speech and communication. It helps you to express ideas with clarity and it supports inspired speaking and the health of the throat chakra.


Matillija Poppy:   

Price: $12.00
This essence balances the flow of energy between the root and crown chakras thus helping to bring all chakras into alignment. It can balance the elements as they express within us it balances Air with grounding, Earth with lightness, Fire with cool and Water with structure.


Purple Sage:  
Price: $12.00
 This essence helps us drink deeply from well of experience. It helps us to extract wisdom from our own life experience; good for dryness of the mind. Purple sage supports anchoring in our intuition and  aligning you to your guiding star. It is good for people who hesitate and lack trust in themselves.


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