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Featured Essences for August

From Now Until August 24th enjoy 20% off our entire website on orders over $40.


Asperge Savage:  
Price: $11.00
 This flower essence helps the heart maintain balance by releasing interfering toxic emotional and psychic energy.


Price: $10.00
 This essence helps cleanse the psyche of disturbing images and impressions. Use this essence to release from the psyche all manner chaotic thoughts, feelings and attitudes.


Coyote Mint:  
Price: $10.00
 For psychic cleansing and clarity. This essence is a potent cleanser of negative thought forms, helps us release them from our field and prevents re- absorption – a widely applicable remedy.


Horned Bladderwort:  
Price: $10.00
This essence helps us make clear decisions based on inner truth and dissolve webs of lies and confusion.




Price: $10.00
This flower essence helps us to release toxic thoughts. It cleanses the mental body of lower vibrations. By doing this it enhances our ability to perceive the world and ourselves in a more positive light.



Meditation Blend:  
Price: $10.00
 This blend supports deeper mediation offering quicker access to body free states of awareness. It also offers protection and greater psychic clarity during meditation.


Meditation Spray:  
Price: $22.99
 This spray masterfully combines the flower essences of the meditation blend at mother level and therapeutic grade essential oils of frankincense, pink lotus and sandalwood. It has an exquisite centering and grounding action.


Ti Plant:  
Price: $10.00
This powerful essence is useful for clearing outside negative influences, cut cords, clear entities and attachments.



White Sage:  
Price: $11.00
 This essence fills the entire energy field with white light. It cleanses negativity from the field and deepens our connection with our higher wisdom and guidance. A very useful remedy for clearing negativity.

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