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February Specials

Deepening in peace this February. The specials this month include many essences to support a loving heart. Also included this month is the new Communication Blend to support clear and honest speech. This blend support

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Price: $10.00
This essence helps to heal trauma that has extinguished the ‘heart light’. It is also beneficial when the heart light has been dampened by anxiety, stress, or life challenge. It is good for those who carry tension, grief, or heaviness in their hearts. It is also useful in pointing people to greater certainty.

Bush Mallow:  

Price: $12.00
This essence helps us to maintain healthy openness and vulnerability. It is useful for those who are afraid to make emotional contact with others. This softening heart opening essence is useful for helping us connect with other more easily.


Chaparral Currant:  
Price: $12.00
This essence treats fear of abandonment and fear during transitions. It helps those who feel alone, empty and disconnected. Chaparral Currant strengthens the heart chakra and treats old grief. It is an essence for resilience of the heart use to ease relationship pain. This is a remedy of embodied love.

Emotional Release:

Price: $12.00
The Emotional Release is a composite formula supports the release of ‘ release of anger, resentment, edginess, and unprocessed emotional energy accumulated during the day.


Meditation Blend:

Price: $12.00
This blend supports deeper mediation offering quicker access to body free states of awareness. It also offers protection and greater psychic clarity during meditation. Meditation is composite formula.


Meditation Spray 

Price: $22.95
This spray encourages stillness it is a great aid to meditation and any spiritual practice. Also consider using this at night as an aid for sleep. This spray is contains the Meditation formula and the essential oils of frankincense, pink lotus and sanalwood.

Pink Clarkia: 

Price: $10.00
This essence is for releasing trauma and shame-based abuse and programming that has caused an inability to open the heart and be vulnerable. Pink Clarkia helps one be open to tenderness and affection. This essence is wonderful for women who want to attract partnership.


Purple Aster:

Price: $10.00
This essence enhances spiritual pursuits. It is great for meditation and prayer and helps those who find it hard to access peace and spaciousness. It is also excellent for clearing repressed anger and hatred.


Scarlet Gilia:  

Price: $10.00
This essences is good for social anxiety and tension from emotional complexes related to pleasure. Helps you to relate to the pleasure principle in life with more ease and grace. Helps you to accept and integrate desire nature in a healthy balanced manner.

Yellow Archangel: 

Price: $11.00
This essence helps one tap into forces of their destiny and act with greater conviction. It carries the support of the angels and aids in connecting to higher powers. Good for those who don’t think they deserve success.


Communication Blend  
Price: $21.95

The Communication Blend supports confidence, throat chakra health, articulation, and vocal health. This blend was born from the desire to help those who feel shy when called to use their voice.

This blend was designed with the help of artists, writers, actors and singers. It is a cornerstone blend in the Leadership collection co-created with the help of Kathleen Schaffer.

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