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December Specials

It’s that time of year . . . the Winter Solstice, the Holidays, gifts to give and gifts to receive. This December I have a few gifts for you to receive are they are listed below.

  • 20% Off all Orders Over $50 – no code needed
    already discounted items exempt from this discount

  • Free Domestic Shipping for Orders Over $75

  • $15 International Shipping for Orders Over $105

  • 22% Off all 4 oz Space Clearing Sprays

  • Plus Each Week I Will Include a Free Combination Essence for Orders Over $50
    -December 4rd to the 13th – a free bottle of Calm
    -December 14th to the 23rd – a free bottle of Joy

Free and Reduced Shipping

Shipping fees may be the bane of online shopping – This season I give you some respite in the form of FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING for all orders over $75. And for those international customers enjoy $15 International shipping for all online orders over $105.

A Time for Authentic Leadership

The Leadership Connection Formula

Humans naturally crave authentic, heartfelt leadership someone they can get behind and believe in. I truly believe we all have the capacity to be great leaders. Whether we are leaders in our home, at school, in the community, business or for our own projects. We all have something unique to share large or small. The Leadership connection I created with the help of Kathleen Schaffer is for leaders of all stripes. This formula also supports confidence and self esteem.

Leadership Connection  
Price: $21.95

Prairie Sagewort Eclipse Essence
Price: $12.00

This flower essence of Praire Sagewort was made during the Full Solar Eclipse of August 2017. This potent remedy helps to clear energetic system of heaviness and attachments. It is a useful remedy to support change – it aids us in finding a correct path in life and in seeing our path to success in a variety of ways. It helps to clear existential angst. This is most certainly a limited edition essence as the conditions to make this essence only existed once.

This essence is to be used in short intervals a week or few days at a time.

All 4 oz Sacred Space Sprays 22% Off

  • Energy Detox  
    Price: $22.95

    Clears Darkened, Ungrounded, Unwanted Energy

  • White Sage Spray  
    Price: $24.49

    Purify and clear with an up-lifiting white light energy

  • Joy Spray  
    Price: $22.95

    A sweet spray to encourage humor, lightness, and connection.

  • Protection Spray  
    Price: $22.95

    A grounding spray that provides energetic protection

  • Meditation Spray  
    Price: $22.95

    This is one of my favorites – It encourages stillness and is a great aid to any spiritual practice and people also love it for sleep.

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