Removing creative blocks


Creative blocks can pop up anytime. Often there is a strong emotional or psychological reason for them. Thankfully they this can be easily addressed with flower essences. Flower essences can also address exhaustion associated with creative blocks.

Design your own creativity formula use the “Your Personal Formula” feature. This allows you to create your own combination of flower essences in one bottle. It is a simple easy to use and cost effective way to start using flower essences.
Your Personal Formula
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Aloe Vera: FES
This essence treats burnout from overuse of fiery creative forces.


Indian Paintbrush: FES
Lively, energetic creativity, exuberant artistic activity.  Treats low vitality and difficulty with rousing physical forces needed to sustain creative work. Inability to bring creative forces into physical expression.


Iris: FES
This essence is great for overcoming creative blocks. Use when lacking inspiration and feeling weighed down by the ordinariness of the world. Inspired artistry, soulful creativity in touch with higher realms; radiant, iridescent vision in all aspects of life.


Larch:Bach Remedy
Useful to enhance the voice and communication, this essence works to strengthen the throat chakra for creative expression.  Good for singers and public speaking and performances.


Nasturtium: FES
This essence brings warmth and vitality to the thinking process. This essence restores emotional verve and radiance when feeling overly dry due to an overuse of the intellect.


Trumpet Vine: FES
This essence builds assertiveness and vitality to verbal expression.  Trumpet Vine is useful for helping be more articulate and colourful with verbal expression; active, dynamic projection of one’s self in social situations. Good for speech impediments.


Turkey Bush: Australian Bush
This essence helps one to move through creative blocks, gain inspiration and sustain the flow of creativity. It is good for beginners and advanced artists.

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