Mount Shasta Flower Essences

mount shasta flower essences The Mount Shasta flower essences kit includes 16 essences. made from flowers The area where these essences were co-created sparkles with vitality. At the time of their conception the meadow was filled with an abundance of diverse flowering species.

Unique Quality of the Mount Shasta Flower Essences

Every environment carries a unique energy signature which influences the essence making process. Alpine meadows are far removed from humans. The meadow where these essences were made had an other worldly nature. This makes the Mount Shasta Flower Essences some of my favorite.

The Mount Shasta Flower Essence Kit

Price: $145.00

Bear grass 2Bear Grass  
Price: $12.00
 An essence of personal mastery helps us to hear the communication from the deep core of our self. It helps to carry that info to the outer parts of our personality, making it available. Access to our deep truths, anchors wisdom and insight.

mount shasta flower essencesBlue Flax   
Price: $12.00
 Letting go, for those who hold on and won’t let themselves ‘come undone’. Provides gentle release of constriction on an emotional and mental level. Useful for times in our growth when shedding, releasing and letting go is called for. Helps us see where our patterns of holding on are blocking our growth.

Bog Asphodel 1Bog Asphodel  
Price: $12.00
  For enhanced sense of personal power and freedom; especially for those who give themselves away in service to others. Supportive for clearing negative astral influences and for strengthening the meridians. Helps us to reclaim personal power and sovereignty helps us break emotional ties with others so we can reclaim our authority.


mount shasta flower essences explorers gentianExplorer’s Gentian  
Price: $12.00
  An essence for finding our path in life. This essence brings calm to the soul whose tried many paths and feels frustrated. A supportive guide on the spiritual journey. Clears karmic issues. Explorer’s gentian is a useful essence for those who are recovering from a long term illness or trial and feel drained and still in recovery.

leopard lily 2Leopard Lily   
Price: $12.00
Learning to be ok with and express powerful emotions, verbally. For those who shy away from voicing strong emotions. Helps us re-claim anger in a healthy way, for those who repress anger. Clears blocks in the 2nd chakra, for learning to feel the fullness of the life force and allowing it to circulate. Useful for issues related to repressed anger.


IMG_1383 Marsh Marigold  
Price: $12.00
   Eases constrictions in the emotional body helping us to access our flowing, yin, and receptive side. Helps us to release mental constructs that prevent our authentic self from coming forward. Good for those who want to connect with the sacred and earthy.

monkshood.JPG 1Monkshood  
Price: $12.00
  Accessing your own wisdom guidance that springs from the well within. A truly wonderful essence for learning to be your own spiritual authority. Treats trauma that is spiritual in nature.


IMG_1390Mountain Spirea   
Price: $12.00
  A remedy for helping with choice;  helps us come to a decision easier and trust the decisions we end up making, supports us to make choices with greater wisdom.  This essence is for those who are unsure, scattered and easily swayed, treats imbalances caused by doubt and indecision,  good for people who are jumpy, flighty and nervous.

IMG_0283Pacific Woodrush  
Price: $12.00
A cleansing essence. Prepares you for new, good for clearing out your s**t. This essence will help to make space for the new, it clears old energy that is stuck in process or tied up in conflict. Helps to clear negative lines of karma and unhealthy cording.

Price: $12.00
 Light filled awareness to confront pain and obstacles. Rock like fortitude to weather persist and persevere. From the flanks of Mt. Shasta this potent remedy is like wearing a shield of light! For the will to continue.


IMG_0252Purple Aster  
Price: $12.00
  Enhances spiritual pursuits, great for meditation and prayer. Good for those who find it hard to access peace and spaciousness. Purple Aster address suppressed anger and hatred helping to purify these suppressed energies.

IMG_1388Purple Mariposa Lily  
Price: $12.00
  Connection to the divine mother as a source of nurturing. This essences is powerfully connected to the divine mother archetype. Good for resolving complexes related to mother, mothering and motherhood.



IMG_0151Scarlet Gilia  
Price: $12.00
 Good for social anxiety and tension from emotional complexes related to pleasure. Helps you to relate to the pleasure principle in life with more ease and grace. Helps you to accept and integrate desire nature in a healthy balanced manner. Eases tension in the pelvic area, works with clearing blocks in the second chakra and trust center.


IMG_0192Slender Rein Orchid  
Price: $12.00
 A tiny flower, about the size of a child’s pinky fingernail but a loud essence. This essence is about coming from the heart, learning to embrace heart wisdom as the foundation for action. It supports you to come from the heart and use the wisdom of the heart in all areas of life.


IMG_0262Showy Raillardella  
Price: $12.00
  For integration of disowned parts of the self, a potent essence for personality integration. For bringing all parts of the self together into coherency. Strength, confidence, enhanced will forces. Good for those who diminish themselves and can’t see their own worth.

IMG_0238Sulfur Flower  
Price: $12.00
 Enables us to open to new perceptions and horizons with less resistance; good to use when you want to leave the old behind. Powerfully cleansing of dross, motivating and uplifting.