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Life today requires a different set of skills to than it did 100 years ago. We are faced with new challenges and in many ways we are still catching up with our own progress. The level of stress we experience on a mental/emotional level has increased greatly and our subtle energy bodies are also put to the test. Below are a few essences to help with the challenges so we can enjoy the rewards of modern living and maintain a high level of mental clarity.

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This essence connects the heart and the mind.  It is useful to restore peace in the heart and the ‘heart light’ when it has been diminished by stress and anxiety. Helps you to re-center with peace in the heart.


Clematis:Bach Are you a daydreamer who avoids the present moment? Clematis will support you in staying awake and present. It ushers in clarity of consciousness and brings awareness clearly to the present moment. Clematis helps bring greater clarity and awareness to life and help you take more practical action.



Cosmos:FES  Cosmos is a superior communication essence, it helps one to integrate ideas and express them with clarity and coherence. Cosmos helps one to convey truth and higher inspiration in a focused manner. Use this essence when feeling overwhelmed by too many ides which cause disorganized thinking and unfocused communication.



Dill: FES  This essence helps you to maintain balance when there is an abundance of sensory stimulation.  Dill helps you to experience and absorb a variety of stimulation.


Filaree: FES  This essence is for those who worry obsessively about minor events. It helps one gain a larger overview which holds the events of ordinary life in perspective. For hyper focus on small details.


Fringed Violet: Australian
Both these essences work to strengthen and repair damage done to the aura and subtle energy bodies. Our subtle energy bodies are also damaged by stress.  Strengthening the aura also helps to protect us from the radiation and electromagnetic pollution  emitted by the electronic devices we are surrounded by.


Gaywing: Woodland Essences  Joyful purpose. Moving through doubts and fears to pursue one’s dreams. Putting oneself “out there” with a sense of freedom and direction. “Going for it!”


Hobblebush: Woodland Essences
To help one take the time to relax, enjoy, let go. When there seem to be too many things that need to be done. Reminds one of healthy priorities and releasing the need to always be doing/accomplishing.


Indian Pink: FES
This essence enhances our ability to remain centered and focused, under stress or high levels of activity; managing and co-ordinating diverse tasks. Useful when one feels frayed or overwhelmed during multi leveled activity.


This essence is for precise thinking, disciplined focus and concentration.  Useful for when we are easily distracted or unable to concentrate, splintered activity which is not productive.



Paw Paw:Australian
This essence helps with information overload and sorting information in order to solve problems. It helps to put one in touch with the Higher Self, from where solutions and answers come easily.


Peppermint: FES
This flower essence is for mental clarity helping to bring wakeful clarity to a dull, sluggish or lethargic mind. This essence is also good for an unbalanced metabolism which depletes mental forces.


This essence provides support to the active mind and helps one to easily manage many details at once without becoming overwhelmed.  It helps one to focus while being constantly aware of the periphery. It fosters an active, alert and flexible state of mind. And is a great aid for those who multi task.


Red Clover: FES
This essence helps people who are susceptible to mass hysteria or are easily influenced by group thought. Infusing strong forces of self awareness to the individual so he/she can think in a calm and steady manner and act from the center of one’s own truth.


Rosemary: FES   This essence is useful for poor memory.


Scleranthus:Bach Remedies  This essence is useful when we feel torn and can’t make up our mind, it will help us when we feel overwhelmed by choice. Scleranthus helps you tap into your inner knowing fostering decisiveness and inner resolve when making choices. It also helps with chronic ambiguity and hesitation.


Shasta Daisy: FES
This essence does wonders for the thought process and mental functioning; it helps one to synthesize many ideas into whole thoughts and concepts.  Useful when we see information as bits and pieces rather than parts of an overall whole. This essence is good for the modern age where the mind is swamped with ‘bits’ of information; due to the speed of technology in our lives. It helps one piece together information to see a larger picture.



Ti Plant:
This essence helps to cut energetic cords that drain energy and personal power. Today there are many things via for our energy and attention, at times these things feed us but the can also drain our energy. For this Ti plant helps, its message is that it helps to “clear the path to power”.


Wild Lily of the Valley: Woodland Essences
This essence helps one create a healthy sense of priorities, remembering what is really important. For bringing joy and exuberance into one’s life. For those who take life all too seriously – helps one to lighten up!


This essences works to strengthen and repair damage done to the aura and subtle energy bodies. Our subtle energy bodies are also damaged by stress.  Strengthening the aura also helps to protect us from the radiation and electromagnetic pollution  emitted by the electronic devices we are surrounded by.

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