July Specials

July Specials

15 % Off the White Sage Spray

15% Off the Citrus Collection – Full Kit and Single Essences


White Sage Cleansing Spray 
Price: $24.49

Our White Sage Spray combines the cleansing properties of white sage flower essence, oil and hydrosol. Each spray is hand made to order. It takes a bit more time but the result is you receive a fresher more potent product. We take pleasure in producing this product especially in a world of mass produced goods.

This White Sage Spray is being made with a fresh batch of hydrosol distilled under the full moon on June 27th 2018.

The Ojai Citrus Collection contains 8, 15ml stock bottle.
Price: $85.00

Price: $12.00
This essence supports structure, alignment, grounding, expansion and joy; good for those who lack humor and playfulness coupled with suppressed creativity. It supports alignment of the physical and emotional bodies and joy through peace and relaxation.


Price: $12.00
 Softens the jaw, face and cranial bones; supports one to get in touch with what the physical body and structure need to feel relaxed and aligned. It helps us to energetically feel and understand what the body needs. This helps us let go of tension and understand how to not reinforce ways that add more stress and tension to the body.

Price: $12.00
   A prime remedy for mental clarity, useful for mental congestion and exhaustion. We live in a society saturated in stimulation with our attention being pulled in many directions at once. As a result of this we tend to feel overwhelmed and unable to think clearly divorcing us from our natural imaginative qualities. Lemon helps peel back the layers of congestion  revealing a center of clarity. This helps us re-calibrate any exhausted or over used mental and emotional energy. Like the lemon scent and taste the Lemon flower essence is refreshing. Use this remedy for mental overwhelm which leads to emotional disconnect and learning disorders including trouble concentrating.

Price: $12.00
Lime blossom flower essence helps us to release toxic thought. It cleanses the mental body of lower vibrations. By doing this it enhances our ability to perceive the world and ourselves in a more positive light. It energizes the entire circulatory system by enhancing the connection between the emotional and mental bodies.


images-1Meyer Lemon:  
Price: $12.00
  For those unfamiliar with the Meyer Lemon it is a cross between a lemon and an orange. Its rind is a vibrant lemony orange and the fruit is tart and sweet, a neat balance between these two fruits. Meyer Lemon helps us to stay relaxed and focused when stressed and processing, it helps us balance focus with relaxation.


Orange Blossom and beeOrange: 
Price: $12.00
  A remedy that helps with deep relaxation. It helps us to unwind deep emotional tension held in the body and the subconscious. Because of its relaxing nature Orange Blossom flower essence would be good to use prior to massage, counseling, reflexology and hypnotherapy. It also supports greater relaxation and intimate pleasure helping us enjoy our sexuality more fully.

Price: $12.00
Softening to the mental body, grounding and lightening, good for people who are very somber, serious and heavy hearted. Helps us sense and tune into our core, the relaxed center of gravity. This remedy carries a sweetness for those needing the nourishment of light, good for times of solace, recovery from illness or depression.

Price: $12.00
Softening into ones own skin; for those who don’t feel at peace with and within their physical body. This could be due to an injury, weight issue or related body issue, it does this by aligning the subtle bodies and physical body. A good remedy for those who lack self care yet want to re-orient towards better self care.



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