Gem Elixirs

Introductory Gem Elixir Kit:  

Price: $185.00
The Essence Alchemy Introductory Gem Elixir Kit contains 16 crystal and mineral elixirs. It contains a range of common minerals such as flint and gold to uncommon gems such as euclase and rhodizite.

Before each crystal is made into an elixir it is given a thorough healing and cleansing. To learn more about this process please refer to my blog: Cleansing and Charging Crystals.


Price: $12.50

The gem elixir of aquamarine fosters a lightness of spirit; it is uplifting and aids the throat chakra. It supports mental clarity, reduces fears and disconnected emotional/mental states.Consider using Aquamarine if you are currently working on cleansing and detoxing the kidneys.

Botswana Agate:  

Price: $12.50
Botswana Agate may be unassuming but it is easily one of my most well used gem elixirs. This elixir aids the breath and is useful for anyone working with breathing difficulties. It also uplifts the spirits fosters joy and is an aid for melancholy and or depressed emotional times.


Price: $12.50

This uncommon gem expands the heart chakras ability to experience more divine love. This elixir carries the energy of joyful innocence and is useful for those working to heal inner child wounding.



Price: $12.50
This elixir promotes self awareness and self confidence. Historically it has been used to reduce inflammation. It can be helpful in areas of memory and enhanced cognitive function.


Price: $12.50

This gem elixir promotes mental clarity and precision. It enhances life force energy and the crown chakra. It is an all around useful elixir that improves concentration and focus. It be of great use to those struggling with memory problems.


Dumorite in Quartz:  

Price: $12.50
This elixir is calming to disorganized, confused, and stressed mental states. It supports calm and clear focus. And, is useful to calm fears, insomnia and nightmares.




Price: $12.50
This uncommon gem elixir supports the throat chakra. It concentrates energy there and this enhances all manner of communication. It helps us learn to perceive the truth.



Price: $12.50

This is another unassuming stone. This common mineral is deeply supportive for anyone working on building confidence and self esteem. The deep solidifying energy of flint can be supportive to tissue health.



Price: $12.50
This is one of the most useful elixirs there is. Gold has always been recognized as aid to well being. Gold supports self esteem, self love, it alleviates depressive energy, and is good for fatigue.


Lapis Lazuli:

Price: $12.50
This is elixir is one of the most useful to aid the throat chakra and thyroid. It can be very useful for many throat imbalances. It helps one learn to speak up and is useful for shy and introverted people.



Price: $12.50
This elixir increase clarity, patience, and renews energy. It has a motivating and uplifting quality that can help us create positive change in our life. It is also an all around useful mineral for cleansing, detoxifying and rejuvenating the system.


Pink Sapphire:  

Price: $12.50
This elixir supports learning to lead and live a deeper quality of embodied love. It helps one to learn how to soften emotionally and express ourselves from a heart centered place.



Price: $12.50
This elixir is great for those who want to attune with deeper with nature and the plant kingdom. Use this elixir to open new pathways of perception. It is wonderful for those actively working on opening their psychic capacities. It is soothing to the mind and emotions and helps with restoring chi.


Price: $12.50
This elixir is opens the chakra centers above the head. It helps our system take in higher spiritual energy. Rhodizite is useful for alleviating patterns of tension in the head, neck and jaw.



Price: $12.50
Use Rruby to stabilize and strengthens the heart chakra. It improves, confidence, decision making and balanced leadership qualities.




Price: $12.50
This elixir alleviates stress from deep within the nervous system. It also works with the mental body to improve clarity, memory, and left/right brain balance.


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