Sunflower Flower Essences

sunflower essence The Delta Gardens Sunflower Essences are powerful essences which support the 3rd Chakra. This helps our ability to manifest and create consciously what we desire. These flower essences treat a wide variety of fears, from fear of mediocrity to fear of wealth. These flower essences are a welcome addition to the global repertory and I am pleased to offer them to you. May you enjoy them and add them to Your Personal Bottle.


Sunflower Flower Essences


sunflower essenceCorona Sunflower Essence
Fear of stagnation; produces flashes of insight; brilliance; genius; use when one faces unsolvable problems or blocks; for those who feel trapped in life-styles or relationships.


sunflower essenceDarkstar Sunflower Essence
Fear of failure; recovery from deprivation; for learning to manifest; use with small projects; use to develop confidence; for children learning to compete; for attracting healthier relationships.

sunflower essenceLight Sunflower Essence
Fear of groups; fears related to working with others; for peacemakers who neglect themselves; use in group projects; for group goal setting; for resolving family issues; for changing discord.

sunflower essenceMoonshadow
Fear of mediocrity; manifesting inner self into form; for grounding spiritual impulses; for spiritual leadership; for spiritual-intellectual types; for attracting spiritual leaders and companions.


sunflower essencePainted Sunflower Essence
Fear of not fulfilling one’s purpose; for manifesting one’s dreams; for resolving inner conflicts between what one wants and what one receives, between individual will and Divine Will; use for manifesting partnerships.


sunflower essence Ruby Sunflower Essence
Fear of wealth and power; for those who have been taught that money is the source of all evil; for manifesting needed resources; use when attempting to raise living standards; use to change attitudes about poverty and pain.


sunflower essenceRusty Sunflower Essence
Fear of new ventures; fear of change; for those who seek comfort and avoid thinking or dreaming outside the box; use for learning to take risks; for those who underestimate their potential.


sunflower essenceWild Child Sunflower Essence
Fears related to impulsiveness; fear of what one might do; fear of making a mistake; fear of hurting others; for those who over-estimate their abilities; for those who set unrealistic goals; use when immersing one’s self in a project.


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