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The Medicinal Herbs Flower Essences A-F

Astragulus: Protection during trial or challenge
Protection and support during times of trial, challenge or intense activity. Seal and protects the personality during assault, useful when going to court.


Bellflower: Trusting ones inner self
Trusting ones inner self, one’s guidance, intuition. Certainty in one’s inner life develops.



Black Currant: Fear of Abandonment
Treats fear of abandonment and deep fears related to loose of ego due to identity shifts or crises.



Blackberry Lily: Healing Sexual Trauma
For releasing unconscious or unresolved problems concerning past relationships.  For treating deep fears around sexuality and treating sexual trauma from rape, abuse or molestation.


Blessed Thistle: Eases Fears
Eases fear of life, of moving with life, eases guilt and fear of punishment. Enhances feelings of joy in life, eases stress in the stomach area, eases fear of forces beyond one’s control.


Blue Vervain: Slow Down Relax
Useful for relaxation, especially for Type A personalities, good for role models, leaders and workaholics helps one to slow down and relax.


Bluebell: Access Positivity
Access to more positive aspects of ones personality, useful for those who dwell in the negative who can’t cycle out of grumpiness, cynicism and withdrawal.


Boneset: Fear of Aging
Treats fear of loss, fear of aging, good for nostalgia.



Borage: Courageous Heart
Enhances feeling of peace, lightness and courage, good to treat melancholy, depression, burden and fatalism. Borage uplifts the heart and is useful during times of heart break.



Bull Thistle: Fear of Being Controlled
Releases fears of being controlled by others, fears of being trapped in places or situations.



Butterfly Weed: Fear of Commitment
A remedy for ‘love addiction’ helps those who cannot commit to long term relationships, for sadness whn the initial stages of being ‘in love’ shift.


Canada Thistle:Finding Peace with Family
Letting go of pain guilt or trauma which is family inflicted.



Celandine: Enhance Communication
Enhances communication, for self expression, treats creative blocks, communication blocks and misunderstandings. Helpful for inspiration from higher thought.


Clary Sage: Fear of Risk
Fear of risk, fear of new cycles or challenges; useful when starting a new project.



Codonopsis: Facing ones inner darkside Assistance in facing ones inner darkside, dealing with paradoxes and inner weaknesses. This is a powerful remedy that will bring to the surface things we have repressed, use with respect.


Columbine (white): Discover Higher Purpose
Provides insight into true identity and higher purpose, helps those who feel uncertain or lost in life’s choices.



Comfrey: Bringing forward repressed parts of the Self.
Brings forward repressed parts of the self, feelings, memories, or parts of the body that were shut down  by the subconscious due to injury may be opened.  This is a powerful remedy for accessing repressed areas of the personality, also can be used topically on scars.

Elecampagne:Identify with newly awakened parts of the self.
Learning to identify more deeply with newly discovered power and beauty in one’s life; balancing and integrating  new experiences of spirituality. Use when new feelings, talents and insights are awakened.

Fraxinella: Completion Purification Insight
Completion, purification, insight, endings and beginnings. Using this essence brings a transformative energy which helps with lingering confusion or pain, ideal for final stages of healing or treating recent trauma.


The Medicinal Herbs Flower Essences G-L


Geranium: Bring out your cheerful nature
Helps bring out a cheerful nature; good for children who are downcast or adults who are prone to worry.



Golden Amaranthus: Learning to Let Go
Learning to let go of over control; becoming more aware of the power of the higher self; tuning into the ease of life; developing ways to flow with the currents of life; for letting go of fear during transitions.


Goldenseal: Releasing Old Patterns
Helps with releasing of old patterns; cleanses the mental body of subconscious debris; supports a person developing new habits or resolutions. Helps treat obsessions.



Gravel Root: Healing Loneliness
Helps those who suffer from loneliness or fear of being alone; helps with anxiety over friendships and/or relationships.



Habanero Pepper: Movement of Repressed Feelings
Holds one in connection with the physical while doing emotional work; prevents separation, drifting, vertigo; promotes clarity and presence, at the same time allowing the movement of repressed feelings.


Hemp Agrimony: Fear of Being Alone
Enhances the awareness of the interconnectedness of all things through the heart; feelings and perceptions of alone-ness, or disconnectedness are eased.


Horseradish: Release Refresh Renew
Old recurring thoughts or ideas receive energy to come forward for action, release or manifestation; one feels more power/energy to act; obsessive thinking patterns are discarded.


Horsetail: Assistance with Spiritual Idnetity
Spiritual identity develops; for assistance in finding one’s soul group; for groups working on spiritual issues.



Hyssop: Freedom from Guilt
Releasing guilt; helps those who have built personalities and lifestyles around guild imprints; re-awkens impulses of worthiness and receiving. Treats guilt passed through the family.


Indian Pipe: Universal Love
Expanding awareness of the presence of universal love; developing sensitivity and receptivity to a higher love vibration; seeing and feeling the love in every moment; for stages when one feels unloved.


Indian Tobacco: Fear of Spirituality
Helps steady irrational fears or confusions; keeps balance in the mental body during expanded states; for treating subconscious fears of spirituality.


Jack in the Pulpit: Spiritual Insight
For developing authentic spirituality; helps one resolve conflicts between past spiritual experience and present spiritual insight.


Japanese Knotweed: Group Harmony
Enhances group awareness, sensitivity and telepathy; provides energy calmness and insight; enhances group experience and ceremony.


Jewelweed: Sexual Healing
For fear of closeness; fear of being touched; fears surrounding sexuality.



Lady’s Mantle: Clarity of Purpose
Integrity; certainty of sense of self; clarity of purpose; clarity of emotions; clarity of thought; renewal of life purpose.



Lemon Balm: Deep Relaxation
Allows for deeper relaxation; allows one to enter an alpha state more easily; useful in combination with remedies which catalyze movement or stirring of emotions.


Lilac: Lightness from Burden
For uprightness, lightness; helps those who burden themselves, refusing help from others; for over-dependence on others.


Lobelia: Speaking one’s Truth
Courage to speak the truth regarding one’s self; for shyness or shame around expressing one’s sexual nature.



Lousewort: Learning to Live in a New Paradigm
Changing attitudes and expectations from probabilities to possibilities; learning to live in a new paradigm.



Loveage: Confidence in Taking Action
Moving into the world with a sense of safety and joy; developing a sense of exhilaration in walking one’s path; confidence in taking action.


Lungwort: Strengthening the Lungs
Helps to strengthen the lungs as a vehicle to release trauma, tension and deep feelings and to bring life-energy-prana into the system; a compliment to breathwork, rebirthing, yoga, kundalini or breathing meditations.

The Medicinal Herbs Flower Essences M-W

Marshmallow: Emotional Softener
Helps one to feel social ease, helps us to relate to those that we don’t like; keeps the emotional body soft and fluid when we are hurt or angry.



Meadow Rue: Redemption Self Forgiveness
For redemption of the personality; for transformation; for self forgiveness.




Milk Thistle: Opening to the flow of Love
Letting go of deep anger, resentment or other held feelings which block the flow of love; developing forgiveness towards those who have hurt us.



Missouri Primrose: Enhancing Feelings of Worthiness
For developing worthiness or self-esteem; helps those who cannot recognize or utilize their own power; those who will not take in their own value.


Motherwort: Setting Healthy Boundaries
For strength, assertiveness and setting healthy boundaries; for softening hardened personalities.



Onion: Releasing Sadness
For releasing sadness; helps in all phases of the grieving process; helps children deal with disappointment.



Pink Amaranthus: Relationship Fears
Helps with relationship fears; for confidence when entering a new relationship.


Pink Lady’s Slipper: Strength in Expressing our Unique Nature
Realizing the beauty of one’s earth and human natures; for added strength in expressing one’s special gift.



Plantain: Processing Emotional Blocks
Cleanses a congested emotional body; for understanding and processing subconscious emotional blocks; for emotional amnesia.



Potato: Grounding and Stabilizing
Brings a sense of grounding and stability; valuable in the growth process providing a deep reference point of self; useful when new experiences pull one off center.



Queen of the Meadow: Acceptance of One’s Power
For acceptance of one’s power, place, stature or authority; for those who resist their own advancement in position or title because of fear or prejudice.



Scarlet Pimpernel: Release blocked energy in the Heart
Catalyzes movement in the emotional body; ideal for working with subconscious blocks or past trauma; treats obsession, anxiety and fears.



Skullcap: Enhances Empathy
Increases awareness of one’s intuitive responses to others; helps one to feel and know another’s point of view; enhances empathy in the healing process.


Solomon’s Seal: Eases Disappointment, Flexibility
For those who are easily frustrated; eases disappointment; for perfectionist type personalities or those with overly high standards.


Star Jasmine: Lightener during times of Heaviness
Helps lighten feelings of somberness, heaviness or fatigue; helps with types of depression from feeling overburdened; brings joy of spirit closer to the physical a ‘lightener’ in many essence combinations.


Stinging Nettle: Healing Pain from Abandonment
For releasing pain and grief related to partings and endings; for those who are often in conflict with others; for healing deep hurt from abandonment.


Sumac: Feeling Like Life has Passed You By
Brings gentle strength and stamina to the system; assists in maintaining connection with the heart during difficult phases and transitions; good for those who somehow feel they have missed life or been passed by.


Teasel: Healing Energy Leaks and Depletion
For imbalances in giving and receiving; heals energy ‘leaks’ in the chakra system; for holding and maintaining energy within the system; for treating emotional pain that causes energy depletion.



Valerian: Acceptance of New Information
Allows for new information to be absorbed by the psyche; good for negotiating; for therapy when there is resistance to change.



Water Lily: Emotional Self Sufficiency
For those who attract drama; for over reliance on acting out extreme emotional states for control; for emotional ease.


Wild Bergamot: Connecting with Passion
Fear of anger; brings repressed anger to the surface; helps those who feel cold; helps one connect with passion; helps one access enthusiasm; can help with inflammation, especially deeper inflammations such as arthritis.

Wood Betony: Relationship Fears
Helps clarify deeper meanings of relationship, friendship and sexuality; for those who prefer to be alone but are working on authentic ways to connect with others.


Wormwood: Releasing Old Patterns
Breaking down and moving out old patterns that have attached to the heart and personality. For treating obsessions; for clearing toxins from the energy field. Letting go of identities based on lower frequency; woundedness. For removal of unconscious imprints and energetic ‘cords’ after processing.

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