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Garden and Herb Kit

The Garden and Herb flower essence kit contains 16 essences. It is produced from wild crafted plants and organic/intentional garden plants. The wide ranging essences in this kit make it useful for health professionals and for use at home.
Price: $145.00

Price: $12.00
  Works with the body’s elimination processes it’s a good remedy for clearing areas of congestion in the body. It can be used by those who feel stuck in life.It also enhances the sense of touch and can be useful for those who don’t like to be touched and for fear regarding touch. Combines well with the gem elixir clay to clear toxins.

Blue Vervain:
Price: $12.00
  An essence for the Type A personality fosters balance and an ability to relax and enjoy life. A superb remedy for stress induced headache, neck and shoulder ache as well as eye strain caused by stress. This essence helps those who tend to over do it find ‘the middle way’.

Price: $12.00
  Alleviates boredom, mild depression, and increases courage. It has an uplifting and grounding quality and is useful for seasonal mood disorders, depression induced by boredom at work or school. Gives a gentle increase to physical vitality and stamina. Borage is a good essence for those going through emotional and relationship turmoil and broken heartedness. This is an all around useful essence that adds buoyancy to the heart, useful anytime we feel dispirited.

Price: $12.00
Useful for physical and psychic toxicity induced by witnessing or being the victim of violence. Helps cleanse the psyche of disturbing images and impressions. Use this essence to release from the psyche all manner chaotic thoughts, feelings and attitudes. Chaparral can cleanse some drug residue from the body including prescription drug residue.

Price: $12.00
Brings forward repressed areas, opens feelings, memories and parts of the physical which have shut down. Comfrey can also open detoxification pathway blocks from this and past lives. As well as heal past life trauma. Tones the nervous system and useful for memory loss due to accident and injury. Can increase co-ordination and is useful for healing physical trauma.

Price: $12.00
Balances the action of the liver, helps the body release stress and tension held in the musculature. A very useful essence for mental and emotional tension held in the muscles. It can help calm the mind by alleviating the physical tension that corresponds to the mental stress. Dandelion is a good essence to help us re- connect to earth energy.

Price: $12.00
For those who find it difficult to enjoy sexuality and intimacy. It is healing in cases of sexual abuse and exploitation. Fosters greater enjoyment of intimacy and sexuality. Hibiscus is useful for both men and women, supports increased warmth during intimacy and sexual contact.

Price: $12.00
A tonic for the nervous system, reduces stress and relaxes the system. Helps the body prepare for rest, useful for those who are easily keyed up. It acts as a universal emotional balancer that has many applications. A good remedy for hyperactive children and those with nervous exhaustion.

Price: $12.00
Softens overly aggressive personalities and helps those who have a hard time setting boundaries. Often those needing this essence let toxic people get to close due to an inability to say “NO”. This essence helps people learn how to set appropriate boundaries. Motherwort helps a person maintain a balance between hardness and softness in the personality. It softens those who are hard and helps those who are soft to find their strength.

Queen Anne’s Lace: 
Price: $12.00
Pulls together many pieces of consciousness: the heart, mind, emotions, higher self, sexuality and body all harmonize. Supports unity in a person, grounds higher psychic energy, good for the eyes.

Price: $12.00
This essence is useful for those who for one reason or another lack grounding and full embodiment. Often trauma has led to this lack of embodiment. Indications can be poor memory, lack of physical and emotional warmth and poor circulation. Rosemary increases physical and emotional warmth and circulation to the extremities. A useful remedy for surly and withdrawn individuals. Great for dreamy children with eating disturbances.

Self Heal:
Price: $12.00
This essence activates the innate self healing capacities of body. It has many applications. Self heal supports trust in our ability to heal and can be helpful in certain immune challenges as well as auto-immune conditions.

St. John’s Wort: 
Price: $12.00
  Strengthens the energy field where it connects at the solar plexus. Good for those who are overly expanded and suffer sleep and dream disturbances. Useful for depression, winter blues, and low vitality.

Wild Spearmint: 
Price: $12.00
This essence supports greater mental clarity and mindfulness. It is helpful for those who tend to dis-associate due to trauma, leading to confusion and an inability to process information. Wild spearing restores an even flow of energy and has a restorative effect on the mental and emotional body dispersing congestion and lethargy, fostering clarity.

Wild Tarragon: 
Price: $12.00
This essence helps  those who are attracted to extremes. It has a calming and centering action that helps one sink deeper into their essential self. Helps with a tendency toward dreaminess. It has a purifying action useful for energetically clearing protozoa and bacteria imbalances.

Price: $12.00
An all around protective essence that strengthens the aura. It repels all manner of toxic invasive energy including electro magnetic frequencies, solar radiation and more; good for those who loose energy easily. Supports healthy emotional boundaries through loving awareness and self containment. A support essence for auto-immune conditions. This is a blend of white and pink yarrow.

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