French Spring

hNlw9-JQCSnH0pmu6gdbd_f1oMBY3XJylmE6CApUHrhJeDQJlS6VZtgRGaOYzscs2RNLxA=s190French Spring – Limited Edition Clearing Spray
Price: $24.49

 Imagine deep river valleys, rolling hills, castles, stone buildings, Medieval villages, fields of wildflowers and more. It seemed like a dream, each morning walking the misty country lane with this as the back drop. I was called by the land and between March and May I co-created 22 new flower essences. From the most prosaic daisy to stunning orchid, these flowers are some of my favorites.

From the French collection I want to introduce French Spring. A space clearing spray capturing the essence of the French countryside. It is made with 7 French essences combined with lavender and thyme essential oils.

Flower Essences of Bladder Campion, Cowslip, Geranium, Pink Oxalis, Self Heal, Viper’s Bugloss and Yellow Archangel and Essential oils of Lavender and Thyme

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