Melancholy is defined as a deep pensive, long lasting sadness. While sadness is part of the natural cycle of life, melancholy is when it lingers. This lingering lull in ones mood can be a detriment in the long term because of the low vibration nature it carries. I want to re-iterated I encourage healthy sadness and when we go through challenging emotions like sadness it adds depth and richness to life. But, if sadness sticks around for a while and we become attached to sadness, it can lead to decreased health and well being.

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Bleeding Heart: FES
A superb heart healing remedy it helps to strengthen and clear the heart. It is useful for learning the lessons of the heart, how to give love freely. This essences helps you to live with emotional freedom and love others unconditionally.This essences treats possessiveness, co-dependency and fear based relationships. This is a great essence to use when you’ve ended a relationship but are still holding on with your heart. It eases heart ache and heart break.  This essence is also wonderful for animals who suffer separation anxiety. Useful for broken hearts.


Borage: FES
This essence adds buoyancy to the heart helping to lift it in times of despair, darkness and discouragement. Borage helps one to develop optimism and a courageous heart. This essences is great when one feels weighed down by the demands of life. Useful when feeling dis’couraged’ and  disheartened.  Helps build faith, courage and optimism.


California Wild Rose: FES
Much like Bach’s wild rose essence, California Wild Rose provides the vibration of ‘essential’ enthusiasm and love for life. It helps one to really take hold of life and overcome apathy. Use this when faced with apathy and when it causes a distortion in ones ability to mobilize will forces with the enthusiasm of the heart.


Forget Me Not: FES
This essence treats feelings of loneliness and isolation, especially after the loss of a loved one. Forget Me Not, helps one feel more connection to the spiritual world, helping one to gain a mindfulness of the trans-personal aspects of relationships.


Gorse: Bach  Gorse is a powerful remedy for treating pessimism and to a greater degree, a complete sense of hopelessness. If you see no point in trying because you lack faith in a positive resolution, this remedy will build optimism. Gorse supports a sunnier outlook on life and is useful for people who have been ill for a while and feel there is no hope for recovery.


Holly: Bach
Holly is an excellent remedy to treat anger, jealousy and envy. It is helpful if something in your personality prevents you from experiencing happiness. This can be very corrosive when left unchecked. Holly is also helpful for treating bitterness and suspicion, which corrupts the ability to love. This essence engenders compassion in the heart and soul, enhancing the ability to love inclusively. This is a tremendously powerful remedy that helps you feel and channel love through your heart and extend it to others. Dr. Bach felt Holly was one of the most important and widely applicable remedies.


Honeysuckle: Bach
Honeysuckle helps you be more present, especially when there is a longing for the  “good old days.” This longing can prevent you from being fully in the moment and accepting life as it is. Honeysuckle helps you gain a greater interest and emotional engagement with the present. Useful for pining after a relationship has ended.


Indian Pipe: Delta
Expanding awareness of the presence of universal love; developing sensitivity and receptivity to a higher love vibration; seeing and feeling the love in every moment; for stages when one feels unloved.


Love Lies Bleeding: FES
Ability to move beyond personal pain, suffering or mental anguish; trans-personal vision; compassionate acceptance of karma. Treats intense pain due to isolation and over-personalization of one’s pain.


Mustard:Bach   Mustard is a great flower essence for overcoming apathy and depressed states of being. Especially when the apathy or depression seems to come from out of nowhere, like a dark cloud has descended. This essence also helps to lift the dark clouds of grief and melancholy. It is very beneficial for Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD). This essence fosters emotional equilibrium between despair and joy. It helps one move through states of sadness knowing the joy of life will return.  Helpful for the saddened heavy heart.


Penstemon: FES
Great inner fortitude despite outer hardships; perseverance.  Enormous strengthening powers helping us tap into reserves of courage and resilience.


Pink Monkeyflower: FES
This essence treats fear of being exposed, this may be due to feelings of shame, guilt or unworthiness.  Those needing this remedy are often afraid to be seen both literally and metaphorically. Pink Monkeyflower helps one feel at ease emotionally and encourages emotional openness and honesty. It also helps one have the courage to take emotional risks with others.


Star Jasmine:Delta
Helps lighten feelings of somberness, heaviness or fatigue; helps with types of depression from feeling overburdened; brings joy of spirit closer to the physical a ‘lightener’ in many essence combinations.


Stinging Nettle:Delta
For releasing pain and grief related to partings and endings; for those who are often in conflict with others; for healing deep hurt from abandonment.


Sweet Chestnut: Bach
Sweet Chestnut flower essence is indicated for times of deep pain and agony accompanied by feelings of despair and loneliness. Feelings like this are likened the ‘dark night of the soul’ when the human soul is tested by periods of dark despair. This essence fosters spiritual depth, instilling faith that we can overcome adversity through spiritual communion.


Yerba Santa: FES
This essence helps to open the free flow of emotions; allowing us to express the full range of human emotion, especially pain and sadness.  Those needing Yerba Santa often have constricted feelings, particularly in the chest; internalized grief and melancholy, deeply repressed emotions.

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