Flower Essences for Anxiety

flower essences for anxietyAnxiety and panic attacks can happen for a variety of reasons and you don’t have to suffer any longer. Flower essences help naturally to allay anxiety. Many people use Bach flower remedies to decrease anxiety and regain peace of mind. Flower essences support you by shifting underlying emotional patterns which may be related to anxiety and panic attacks.

Here is a list of key flower remedies which can help curb anxiety, anxiousness and provide you a sense of calm, peace of mind and general well being.  Make a personal anti-anxiety remedy for yourself by selecting from the essences listed below.

If you suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder GAD that is a medical condition and you may need medical help. The flower essences listed here are not meant to treat medical conditions.

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Bach Flower Remedies for Anxiety


Aspen: Bach Remedy
For anxiety that descend for unknown reason.


Impatiens: Bach Flower Remedies
Impatiens treats impatience. If you are tense,anxious, feel pressured by time and are unhappy with the pace of others, you need this remedy.


Larch: Bach Flower Remedies
This Bach flower remedy is for anxiety related performance and fear of failure. This natural remedy for anxiety is great for performers, public speakers, singers and actors.


Mimulus: Bach Flower Remedies
This treats anxiety related to everyday situations, being afraid of everyday situations fears, phobias and shyness.


Rescue Remedy: Bach Flower Remedies
An all around remedy for acute anxiety, stage fright, test taking and so on.


Rock Rose:
This remedy is for times of gripping anxiety, terror and panic. It restores calm and stability to the mind and emotions.

Other Flower Essences for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Blueberry Cactus: Elemental Garden Remedies
This is a #1 remedy for treating anxiety that leads to sleep disturbances and for hyperactive emotional and mental states, a great all around calming essence.


Blue Vervain: Delta Gardens
For treating anxiety from overwork, good for leaders and role models.


Golden Yarrow:  FES
Helpful with performance anxiety, when felt in the stomach region.


Lemon Balm: Delta Gardens
This remedy helps calm the mind and allows for deeper emotional exploration.


Linden: Woodland Essence
Linden is a good flower essence for anxiety and high-strung people who are easily excited, helps balance work and play.


Spikenard: Woodland Essences
Dancing gracefully through life’s challenges, as one let’s go of resistance. Present moment awareness. Allowing the experience of the present to effortlessly guide one to the next moment. Calm, fluid motion.


Sweet Pepperbush: Elemental Garden Remedies
Provides a balancing of our horizontal and vertical energies, softens anxiety and calms the mind.


Trillium: Woodland Essences
Tender yet strong support during times of birth, death and re-birth. Helps one develop the courage and flexibility to flow with life’s changes and cycles. Coming home to oneself. Peaceful centered-ness, knowing that is enough.

Flower Essences for anxiety with a distinct emotional origin i.e.. death of a loved one/pet, recent break up or anxiety surrounding love.

Bleeding Heart: FES
This flower remedy is an excellent balm for the heart when a relationship has ended, This is a good cure for anxiety related to a broken heart it is also good for separation anxiety.


Borage: Delta Gardens
This essence facilitates a buoyant heart helping to uplift any heaviness.


Butterfly Weed: Delta Gardens
This essence is for “love” addiction when anxiety develops from the initial feelings of “falling in love” begin to shift.


Holly: Bach Flower Remedies
A great remedy to treat jealousy and anxiety with regards to relationships.


Pink Amaranthus: Delta Gardens
This remedy treats anxiety when in love.


Pretty Face: FES
For anxiety around beauty and physical appearance.


*This website does not offer medical advice, flower remedies are not medical devices or approved for medical treatment. Only medical doctors can give medical advice. If you require medical assistance seek a qualified medical professional. The information on this site has not been approved by the FDA and  is not medical advice.  I am not a medical doctor and the information on this site is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition.
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