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New Date: OCTOBER 8TH 2017 – 11am PST

hummingbird white sageSpace Clearing using Flower Essences and Essential Oils

The space we live and work in hold a lot of energy. Conducting regular Space Clearing can improve our life in a number of ways. Experience shows it can help us feel more relax, improve productivity, support mental clarity, help with sleep, creativity, and move stuck energy.

Class Closed – Stay Tuned for the next offering of this class.

Price includes: $90 worth of Space Clearing supplies and

-90 minute webinar
Detailed description of the Space Clearing Protocol
Notes from webinar
Three 4oz Space Clearing Sprays
Detox, Protection and White Sage Spray $75 Value
One 2oz bottle of Limited Edition French Clearing Spray $15 Value
1 Bee’s wax votive candle

 Supplies will be shipped in late September.

In this updated webinar you will learn how to conduct a comprehensive space clearing session.


How to effectively connect with your guides, spiritual allies, and plant spirits to deepen the process.

How to use flower essences, essential oils and plants to anchor specific energies.

How to align your energies to the elements of earth, water, fire and air to keep your energy system clear.

Testimonial on the beneficial effects of using this Space Clearing Process:

During my personal consultations with Mark, I kept bringing up how my house seemed to be a negative space for me.  In fact, despite living in a beautiful neighborhood and a very nice house, I never felt comfortable in my home.  It had a terrible energy to it and I literally felt unsettled in the house.  I would most notice this at night when I would try to relax after a long day, but found I didn’t even like sitting on the couch and would rather just go to bed.  This feeling was new to me and I had never experienced it in any other place I had lived before.  It got to the point where moving seemed to be the only option.

I had already used several methods of clearing/blessing the house, a space clearing practitioner, holy water, sage, another space clearing spray, and repeated these techniques over and over.  Sometimes the house would feel more inviting for a day or two, but nothing seemed to last and my overall disdain for the house remained.  After Mark’s recommendation to try his method and Space Clearing products, I used it throughout my house and noticed a difference by the next day!  I was absolutely shocked, as I wasn’t too hopeful based upon my previous failed attempts.

I went from sadly hating my house, to feeling sooooo much more comfortable in the space.  I was astounded, and still am by the shift that has occurred.  I continue to use the sprays as I feel needed, but it worked so well that I didn’t feel the need to use it daily.  I actually like being in my house now and feel like it is a home.  I would highly recommend the Space Clearing Spray work.  There is no doubt in my mind that it will have a positive impact on everyone’s environment and life!

~Dr. Suzanne Fox, Durham, NC

Coming Soon!

The Medicine of Flowers A Practitioner Training

Some of what you will learn in this in-depth class includes:

Learn how to use and choose flower essences for yourself and others.

Learn to use the body as a map to understand repressed emotions.

Learn how to see the legacy of trauma on the soul, psyche and personality.

Understand the cycles of the personality and chakra system.

Help others heal and grow on deeper levels with the medicine of flowers.
This course is perfect for practitioners who already have a healing practice and want to expand their toolbox. It is also great for beginners, moms or dads, herbalists and those working in the field of psychology.


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