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Woolfalk-Plant-Human-DNAOne Hour Phone Consultation includes a one month treatment bottle.

Price: $125.00

Once you have purchased the consultation I will contact you to set up a time for your consultation.

Flower essence therapy is healing in partnership with nature to facilitate inner and outer well being. The aim of my work is to help clients make lasting sustainable change. This work is designed to bring transformation, renewal and deep healing. Flower essences have a unique ability to clear negative imprints, and energy blockages in the body, emotions, and psyche.

The value of a personal consultation

When trying to change it is wise to have support. A flower essence therapy session offers such support. In your session you will be guided into a deeper understanding of the issue at hand. Over the years I have helped many clients learn, heal and grow as well as gain insight and wisdom from their challenges.

Once you order the consultation I will contact you directly to set up our consultation time.

Why do people choose to work with me?

I am a Delta Gardens certified flower essence practitioner with over 20 years of experience. I offer clients a deeply compassionate space where I listen to and attune to their issues. I am skilled at seeing the patterns and imbalance at the root of current challenges. My deep understanding of how flower essences work helps me choose the right remedies to shift these patterns.

My Specialty

My specialty is helping clients heal wounding from childhood, negative conditioning and unresolved trauma.

-I have supported victims of rape and sexual abuse find healing and fulfilling relationships.

-I have helped people with unresolved parental issues enjoy life and create healthy patterns for themselves.

-I have helped people stuck in the rut of unhealthy lifestyles and beliefs find more happiness, enthusiasm and the will to change.

Other areas I support Clients

-Reclaiming self esteem and self worth
-Healing the wounds of abuse sexual and other
-Finding vocational alignment
-Getting new employment and leave toxic situations behind
-Anxiety, lack of direction and personal creative expression
-Finding relief and stress, confusion and pain
-Learning to have fun again and regain natural humor, lightness and ease

What is it like to use flower essences therapeutically?

Using flower essences therapeutically is a deeply healing experience. The most common feedback clients report is that they feel lighter and more empowered. Clients often report that they are more aware of their un-healthy patterns and the choices available to change.

What happens in a flower essence consultation?

Consultations last 1 to 1 1/4 hours, during the session we will discuss your current challenge and some of your history. My aim is to get a picture of where you are and what some of your challenges have been. I act as a guide to see into the blind spots and identify the ares that need support for you to thrive.  I will offer insights, perspective and ideas to help you through your challenges.


Recent client testimonial:

“I discovered Mark at a critical and challenging time in my life. I  knew very little about flower essence therapy, but was open to a new type of support. What I did not anticipate was the extraordinary gift that Mark has for creating and holding safe space. His skill in listening and reflecting back through sharing observations and asking questions is unique. The learning and self discovery that emerged through our sessions was remarkable. Mark has an uncanny ability to hit just the right note opening up a whole new view. Mark has superb intuition and a way with words that speaks volumes, always leaving me feeling truly seen and heard. And, in addition to these skills, Mark’s ability to choose just the right combination of flower essences to support my journey blows me away every time.”

Michele , New York


“Mark is the most knowledgeable and intuitive flower essence practitioner I have ever had the blessing to work with. His ongoing and dedicated communion with flowers and their essences has been honed through many years of devotion, study, practice and experience such that he has become an adept in his field. The diagnosis and treatments he has prescribed for me have allowed gentle, supportive and very deep changes that aligned perfectly with my soul’s growth and development. I am very grateful to have him as a healing ally in my life.”

Narelle Bouthillier – shamanic healer, Boston, MA


Please contact me directly via phone or email with any questions.
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