Flower Essence Therapy

flower essence therapyWhat is Flower Essence Therapy?

Flower essence therapy is the therapeutic and systematic use of flower essences to heal wounding of the psyche and emotions. Flower Essence therapy treats chronic disharmonious challenges that keep you from enjoying life. These challenges can be from trauma, abuse, negative thinking or negative conditioning.  Often the conditions people seek help with are emotional challenges they have a hard time addressing on their own. Flower Essence Therapy can help you unravel the roots of pain, anxiety, sadness, confusion, depression and negative conditioning around food, sex, love and money. Flower Essence Therapy is a gentle way to help you with difficult and troubling emotional pain and stress.

“Behind all disease lie our fears, our anxieties, our greed, our likes and dislikes.” Dr. Bach

How do flower essences work therapeutically?

Flower essences are liquid, energetic remedies derived from living flowers.                                                             Tflower essence therapyhey bring the energy of the plant directly into the human system where they work to bring about movements towards greater health and balance. Because of their energetic and living quality, they work deeply in the emotional system assisting in the release of early wounds and trauma. These early imprints create patterns and belief systems from which we live our lives. When taking flower essences, a person lets go of these deep-rooted blueprints and creates healthier behaviors and relationships.


What happens in a Flower Essence Therapy session?

A Flower Essence Therapy session lasts one hour and in the session you will be asked to explain what you need help with. You will be guided gently to unpack your story through a simple interview process. The Flower Essence Therapy interview process is designed to help you and I understand the root of your imbalance or challenge. From there I will work to find the best remedies to bring balance back to your life and to clear the roots of the condition. Flower Essence Therapy is a great compliment to other healing modalities.

Who is the consultation with?

Mark D'Aquila Flower essence therapistMark D’Aquila conducts the Flower Essence Therapy consultation. He is professionally trained by David Dalton of Delta Gardens. And he has studied with Julia Murray, Kate Gilday and Cynthia Athena Kemp Scherrer among others. Mark has been studying flower essences and flower essence therapy for the past 15 years. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience about how to use over 500 remedies therapeutically. Mark also is trained to work with people who have Lyme Disease, utilizing a specific protocol developed by David Dalton of Delta Gardens which has a 90% improvement rate.

Mark works in person, over the phone or via skype.
Mark works with clients in Southern California and across the country.

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Price: $125.00

Thoughts about Flower Essence Therapy and Modern Life

Life today is full of many challenges and having support and guidance as you navigate towards greater health and well being is priceless. Experience shows we have blind spots and lack the objectivity needed to bring resolution to personal challenges. This is why a personal consultation can help you in ways you are not aware of yet. I can help you unravel your story so you will feel more peace of mind and satisfaction with life. Contact me to schedule a Flower Essence therapy session and find out why clients can’t wait for their next appointment!

A Few Testimonials about my Flower Essence Therapy work:
“Mark, through his listening and expertise, developed a customized flower essence therapy program that provided me with a foundation of courage and clarity to dig deep, break out of old patterns and create a new world.” – Travis Rush, NYC

“I was referred to Mark D’Aquila by a trusted friend. She knew I needed support in getting my life on track and breaking the cycle of un-fulfilling relationships that I was in. Little did I know the deep changes that would transpire.  After just 4 months of working with Mark I realized I made more progress than I did in 10 years of therapy. Mark’s compassionate support and guidance has helped me to feel more alive, connected to life and closer to my goals.” Lisa Shapiro NYC

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