Black Cohosh

This broad category contains flower essences that address a variety of fears. Fear is a powerful and nuanced emotion which touches many areas of life. If fear is left unchecked it can derail our lives. Fear is a defensive force which  prevents us from making changes and moving forward, presenting themselves in the guise of self protection. I use the word guise to indicate the false nature in which fear presents itself.  So  go ahead, un-mask the fear and make the changes you yearn to make. Here are some flower essences to help.

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Aspen:Bach   For fears and anxiety of unknown origin. Fear of the dark, spiritual experiences for fears that develop for no known reason.


Black Birch: Woodland  Fear of rejection. Sharing one’s essence without fear of rejection, hurt, etc. Getting in touch with one’s inner radiance.


Blackberry Lily: Delta Gardens   For fears related to or stemming from sexual abuse or trauma, for fear related to sexuality.


Black Cohosh: FES  Addresses fear of violence, fear of being hurt and fear of strong personalities. This essence can be used to change imprints in a person that attracts dark violent personalities.


Black Currant: Delta   For the fear of non-existence or losing the ego; for fears related to abandonment.


Black Eyed Susan: FES For fear of powerful emotions.


Blessed Thistle: Delta  Eases fear of life, guilt and punishment; enhances feeling of enjoying life.


Boneset: Delta For fear of lose and fear of aging.


Centuary: Bach  Fear of Saying “No”, fear of setting healthy boundaries.


Cherry Plum: Bach   For fear of losing control, insanity or nervous breakdown. Useful during trying and soul testing times when you fear you may not be able to handle the situation.


Chrysanthemum: FES For fear of death and/or dying.


Clary Sage: Delta   Fear of risks, new cycles, change and challenges.


Crab Apple: Bach Fear of dirt, germs and uncleanliness; useful for OCD behavior such as obsessive hand washing.


Elm: Bach  Fear of that you may not be up to the task at hand, overwhelmed by responsibility fear of breaking under pressure.


Filaree: FES  For small fears and worries that plague the mind and lead to compulsive and obsessive behavior.


Garlic: FES   For nervous fear, weakness and devitalization.


Gentian: Bach  Fear after a setback, discouragement, doubt and sense of failure.


Golden Yarrow: FES   Performance fear and anxiety.


Holly: Bach  Fear that others will receive more love and attention.


Indian Tobacco: Delta Fear of spirituality.


Jewelweed: Delta   Fear of touch, closeness and fears around sexual intimacy.


Larch: Bach   Fear of  judgment, of what others might think; fear of failure and lack of confidence in one’s ability.


Mimulus: Bach  For minor fears, shyness encountered in daily life.


Mountain Pride: FES   For developing the Archetype of the Spiritual warrior.


Oregon Grape: FES  For fear of emotional hostility from others.


Pink Amaranthus: Delta   For relationship fears; for confidence when entering new relationships.


Pink Monkeyflower: FES   For fear of being emotionally exposed. This essence helps us to expose and express our inner feelings.


Poison Oak: FES   For fear of intimate contact, fear of being vulnerable.


Queen of the Meadow: Delta  For accepting our stature or position; treats fear of prejudice because of title, stature or position.


Red Chestnut: Bach   Over-concern for the safety of others; fear and concern related to family and friends.


Rock Rose: Bach   Fear of loss of self, death or ego-death.


Saint John’s Wort: FES   Fear related to nightmares; fear related to spirituality.


Scarlet Monkeyflower: FES  Fear of powerful emotions, the emotional shadow especially anger.


Star Thistle: FES   Fear of lack, which results in stinginess.


Sticky Monkeyflower: FES  Fear of being vulnerable in relationships; fear of intimacy and sexuality.


Sunflower: FES   Fear of success.


Viotet: FES   Fear of losing ones individuality in a group situation.


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