Establishing healthy boundaries


It is important to establish and maintain healthy boundaries and yet not be too rigid. The essences listed below are for people who want to strengthen their boundaries while remaining open to others.



Create a personal blend to to support healthy boundaries.
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The person needing Centaury lacks clear boundaries and the ability to say ‘No’ when appropriate. Centaury types are weak willed and act to please others while neglecting their own needs. Centaury helps one to establish clearer boundaries, strengthening the sense of self. It helps one to stay true to themselves while serving others from a place of inner strength.

Flannel Flower:
Helps you to define and maintain healthy boundaries with others in physical and emotional intimacy.


Golden Yarrow:
Remaining open to others while staying self contained; active social involvement which preserves inner equilibrium. Treats over sensitivity to social surroundings, resulting in social isolation or false social persona; dependance on drugs for protection or social masking.


For strength, assertiveness and setting healthy boundaries; for softening hardened personalities. Helps with being able to say “No”. The motto for this essence is “I strengthen so that I may soften.”

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