Enhancing spiritual growth

Flower essences can also be used to enhance spiritual growth and development not to just treat a ‘problem’. They are wonderful in their ability to help us grow and expand spiritually.


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This remedy is used for protection and guidance from spiritual beings, this essence is extra supportive at threshold experiences, including birth and death. Angelica flower essence helps us to be more of aware the guidance we receive from the spiritual world. It is very useful for essence for a broad range of situations.


Angelsword: Australian Bush
This essence helps you to reach your own spiritual truth through discernment. It helps you to cut away untruth and misinformation. It also protects you from outside influences and enhances contact with your Higher Self.


Beach Plum: Woodland Essences

Appreciating the finest essence of life. Developing a finer tuning of the five physical senses as well as psychic abilities. Opening to the Angelic/Spiritual realm.


California Poppy: FES

Radiant heart centered spirituality; strong interior alignment with values.  Treats escapism and superficial forms of spirituality; such as attraction to grandure, drugs and out-of-body type experiences. For finding spirituality in ones heart.


Canyon Dudleya: FES

Balanced psychic and physical energies; grounded presence in everyday physical life, positive charisma; healthy spiritual openings.  Treats distorted psychic experiences and overinflated psychic experiences.


Cerato: Bach Remedy

This essence helps you to arrive at your own truth and enhances contact with your Higher Self. Truly a great remedy for those seeking to get in contact with their higher self, highly recommended for this purpose.


Echinopsis Cactus: Medi Flower
This essence helps to clear the mind to prepare it for meditation.


Jack in the Pulpit: Delta Gardens

For developing authentic spirituality; helps one resolve conflicts between past spiritual experience and present spiritual insight.


Lotus: FES

Expansive and inclusive spirituality, ability to synthesize diverse experiences in service to the spiritual world. This is a humbling essence which tempers the ego and spiritual pride. Wonderful for meditation as well.


Queen Anne’s Lace: FES

This essence helps you to gain more objectivity in regards to spirituality, intuition, vision and insight.  It clears up distorted psychic awareness, useful when there is projection or distortion of spiritual information.


Star Tulip: FES

Helps you to find internal quite and inner receptivity, useful for prayer and meditation. Star tulip can enhance spiritual or psychic sensitivity and a more direct contact with one’s spirit guides may occur.