Confidence and Will Power

Boost your will power, enhance your self esteem and access your confident self with flower essences. Greater self esteem is a boon to our life in every way. When you feel good about yourself we feel worthy of  the good things in life. Here is a list of flower essences that enhance self esteem, confidence and will power.

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This essence helps you feel and value your uniqueness without the need for outer recognition. Use buttercup flower essence for feelings of low self esteem, lack of self worth and when there is an inability to acknowledge and cherish your inner light and uniqueness.


This is one of the top flower essences for strengthening a weak will. Centaury flower essences is perfect for those who are treated as a doormat and continually have their boundaries crossed. Centaury enhances our ability to say “No”, it helps one to establish clear boundaries and sense of self. It is for those who are natural givers and care takers. It will help you to stay true to yourself and offer your gifts from a place of inner strength.


This essence gets us in touch with the unique power and beauty of who we are. It helps us to express our unique identity with confidence. This flower essence is for appreciating the uniqueness that we are.


Fawn Lilly:
This flower essence supports those with a delicate nature to participate in community and family affairs. Fawn Lily helps one overcome withdraw, isolation and self protection. Fawn Lilly flower essence fosters healthy involvement in the social fabric of the world. It enhances the ability to share one’s spiritual gifts with others.


Five Corners:
This essence resolves low self esteem, self confidence and diminished self love. This essence is powerful at clearing sabotage patterns and will help you to celebrate your own beauty. This is one remedy I feel most anyone can benefit from.

If you are going to make a Confidence formula using the The Your Personal Bottle option I highly recommend adding this essence to your formula.


Supports moving through doubts and fears to pursue one’s dreams. Putting oneself “out there” with a sense of freedom and direction. “Going for it!”


Strong and secure sense of individuality, balanced with group and social consciousness. Helpful for those who are overly influenced by group or cultural ties; inability to be true to oneself, easily susceptible to peer pressure or external social demands.


Larch flower essence is wonderful for helping overcome fear of failure. It builds confidence with verbal expression so we can better voice our needs. Larch is a wonderful essence for building self confidence, it helps one to overcome feelings of being second class or not good enough. Those needing this essence generally have the ability but lack the confidence to advance, often due to feelings of inferiority.


Missouri Primrose:
For developing worthiness and self esteem, Missouri Primrose flower essence helps those who cannot recognize or utilize their own power and beauty. It is for those who do not take in their own value.


Money Plant:
This flower essence enhances self worth and worthiness with regards to receiving.  As our sense of worthiness is enhanced we feel we can accomplish more, this leads to us taking action and helps move closer to our goals. This is a powerful flower essence that also works with our feelings about money; helping to move us out of poverty consciousness towards a more holistic view of money.


Mountain Pride:
Use for forthright masculine energy; warrior like spirituality which confronts and transforms. This essence helps one to take a stand for one’s convictions, it helps one build assertiveness and align with the archetype of the ‘Spiritual Warrior’.


Pretty Face:
This essence helps one to look inside to find beauty. Those who need Pretty Face flower essence feel ugly, rejected and are over identified with their appearance.


Appreciating one’s uniqueness and inner gifts, and offering them from a place of self-love. For learning self-love.


This is a great remedy to balance our sense of self, whether it is self inflation or self effacement; low self esteem or arrogance. Sunflower brings balanced sun like forces to the personality; it treats fear of success and fear of failure, it also helpful for poor relation to the father or masculine aspect of Self.


Wild Azela:
Confidence and self assurance when called upon to share one’s abilities and talents. Enhances perception of time; knowing when to act and when to be still.


Wild Rose:
Wild Rose address ambivalence, apathy, resignation and lack of hope. When these qualities become tangled in the personality, the person loses interest in life.  This can  be crippling and lead to periods of despair and depression. Wild Rose ignites the quality of joy within, helping one to take a renewed interest in the world. It helps to spark the will to overcome apathy and ambivalence.


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