Ending self sabotage patterns

Self sabotage can be conscious or unconscious. Self sabotage  is a big roadblock to succeeding and getting what you want. Thankfully it can be easily addressed with flower essences. It can manifest as procrastination, biting off more than you can chew, overindulgence, unrealistic expectations, leaving things unfinished, or fear and pessimism.

Make Your Own Personal Blend to Clear Self Sabotage


Our popular feature called “Your Personal Bottle” allows you to select up to 7 different essences to combine into a single formula. Once you add this product to your cart you use the text to indicate which essences you would like in your blend.

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Flower Essences to Conquer Self Sabotage

This essence helps you move into a state of action towards your goals, project and life. It clears lethargy, procrastination and feelings of inertia.


Bog Asphodel:
This is a powerful remedy to free your emotional energy from entanglements with others. Often we can sabotage ourselves by giving our emotional energy to others instead of using it our selves.


The fiery power of this essence will help you clear the energetic blockages in your life. This is essence is a potent catalyst for creating movement and breaking free from patterns of self sabotage.


Five Corners:
This is the number one remedy for clearing sabotage patterns, it works with clarity and precision to remove the roadblock of self sabotage.  Useful in a variety of situations from dieting, health, work and relationships.


Is impatience your sabotage pattern? Look no further than a dose of impatiens, the name says it all.


This is a powerful flower essence to create change and movement. Sometimes when were stuck we get lost in the recurring thoughts and ideas that float around inside of us. Horseradish flower essence will give these recurring thoughts or ideas the energy to either come forward for action and manifestation or be released. This essence will help you to feel your power and act; it helps you discard obsessive thinking patterns.


This is a powerful flower essence for clearing shame, guilt and self sabotage. It cleanses old imprints of guilt, shame and unworthiness, it is also good for those who fear success.  Once these are cleansed we are then able to take in more pleasure and enjoyment.


This essence is great when we hold ourselves back and undermine our efforts due to low self worth and fear of failure.


For moving into the world with a sense of joy and exhilaration, good for those who fear taking action on their ideas.


Money Plant:
This essence builds worthiness and esteem helping us to embrace our highest potential and move past self sabotage.


Sunflower works to clear sabotage patterns that manifest as a fear of success or failure. It is also useful to help stop procrastination and to inspire action.


Tansy flower essence will help you move through self sabotage which manifests as lethargy, procrastination and an inability to take straight forward decisive action. This essence helps you to break patterns which undermine your true self.


Ti Plant:
For those who sabotage themselves due to outside negative influences. Often an outside negative influence can cause us to second guess ourselves. Ti plant flower essence clears negativity supporting you to break sabotage patterns.


This essence is for making a clean break from the past. This essence will help you to break the ‘spell of the past’ often once we’ve made a change or we are undergoing a change something from the past will try and pull us back. Walnut flower essence insulates you from this pattern.


Wild Rose:
Apathy, resignation, lack of interest and enthusiasm . . . behavior states that wild rose addresses.  Combine with blackberry to ignite the will forces and act with greater certainty.


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