Flower Essences for Addiction

Flower essences are excellent support tools to help you put an end to addictions and compulsive behavior. They work best when you have a deep desire to stop a habit or end an addiction but find it hard to actually do it. Flower essences help because they give you the energetic nudge to break free of bad habits. When you address the emotions behind the addiction it helps to break the emotional attachment to addictive behavior and provide soothing support to the psyche.

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For those who mask emotional pain with substances particularly alcohol. Agrimony flower essence helps one to achieve emotional honesty with oneself. This remedy is key for achieving inner peace by working through emotional pain. It assists in revealing our true internal feeling state, one not masked by cheerfulness and superficial gestures. This essence helps us to move from a state of pretend harmony to lasting inner peace. It is helpful for those who turn to drugs and alcohol to mask inner pain.

billly goat plumBilly Goat Plum:
Heals the sense of shame associated with addictive behavior and substance abuse.



CrabApple_sCrab Apple:
This essence treats the feeling of being unclean which leads to OCD behavior.



Fosters healthy ego strength to overcome addictive patterns which dull the consciousness. Healthy ego strength, independent and self reliant.  Growing in strength and independence as the soul learns to function through a healthy ego. Treats neediness, emotional regression, dulling of consciousness through drugs, alcohol, over eating, creating a dependency or sickness to receive attention.


morning-glory-1Morning Glory:
This essence is great for treating nicotine addiction, useful to regulate energy levels and to help reduce caffeine addiction. This essence helps us wake up feeling refreshed and alive, excellent to use if you wake up in a fog and still feel tired.  This essence is ideal when one is feeling dull, toxic or hung over especially in the mornings. Helpful to curtail addictive, erratic behavior such as drug use. This essence helps one get in touch with their sparkling vital force, in touch with natural rhythms of life. This essence is great for night owls who want to get on a more regular sleeping schedule.


Useful for ending addiction to tobacco, strengthens the heart and adds support to the quitting process. This is a very important essence for the heart, it helps one to stay centered and find deep peace within the heart.  It helps you to feel deep feelings and shake off emotional numbness that is accompanied by the mechanization of the body. This remedy helps us cope with deep feelings and finer sensitivities.  This essence is useful for overcoming tobacco addiction, use in combination with morning glory.


self-healSelf Heal:
This essence rouses our innate self healing potential and desire for health. This essence is a great motivator to help us get to the point where we are ready to end our addiction.



This essence is useful for the withdraw period when ending an addiction, soothes the feelings of loss associated with quitting an addictive substance.


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