Emotional Release Flower Essences

emotional release flower essences Throughout our life emotions that don’t get processed build up. The emotional release flower essences formula addresses this. Unprocessed emotional energy create blocks inside us. Stuffed feelings and buried resentment block the flow of vital energy. These emotions become toxic and cut us off from compassion and self love. The emotional release flower essences help us accept and release difficult emotions. Emotions such as grief, anger, fear, envy and shame.

When uncomfortable emotions build inside us they detract from enjoyment, and lead to unsatisfying addictive behavior. A freer flow of emotions enriches and supports satisfaction with life. This was the motivation that led to the development of this formula. I wanted to create a blend help people clear everyday irritations and long standing blockages. The emotional release flower essences do just that.

The 6 emotional release flower essences in this blend help with healthy emotional release. Using this formula is like having your hand on the release valve. The emotional release flower essences give you quick access to the release and relief you desire.

The Emotional Release Flower Essences Formula

Price: $12.00

Arroyo Willow: A forgiveness remedy for letting go of grudges, anger and frustration. Helps us release resistance to forgiveness.
Geranium: For accessing lighter emotion, buoyancy and letting go.
Shooting Star: A grounding remedy to help discharge emotional static. Shooting Star helps you to feel safe in our body. It also assists with re-calibrating after an upset.
Showy Railardella: For integrating emotional experiences into a cohesive understanding and embodiment. For claiming rejected aspects of the self i.e. the angry one, the sad one, the victim etc.
Trinity Sage: This essence treats bitterness, frustration and tension. It works deeply in the emotional system to bring relief.
Willow Herb: This essence is for re-balancing the emotional body after an emotional shock-wave. This remedy also addresses core issues related to emotional dissatisfaction.

In addition to using the emotional release flower essences visit this link for Emotional Release Support.

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