Emotional Eating Support Flower Essences

Emotional eating support flower essencesDo your emotions send into a frenzy of emotional eating? When you are upset, depressed or sad do you reach for food? Are you challenged by issues of emotional eating? Would you like some support in regaining the upper hand on your emotions, life and diet? If you have answered yes to even one of these questions you can benefit from the flower essences in the Emotional Eating Support Kit.

Bach Flower Essences Emotional Eating Support Kit

Emotional Eating Support Essence – All 6 Essences in One Bottle Ready to Use
The pre-made blend is ready to use and easy to carry. Simply keep a bottle in your purse or bag for when you need it.Purchase the one emotional eating support essence formula now.

Price: $21.95

•Chery plum flower essence supports you to feel in control for those moments when you feel out of control. Often emotional eaters complain about the inability to stop their actions, as if they were out of control. Cherry Plum flower essence helps you to feel calm and in control. This will help you to act rationally.

•Chestnut Bud flower essence helps you to learn from past behavior. This prevents you from making the same mistakes over again. This flower essence is for self knowledge and learning to apply that self knowledge.

•Crab Apple flower essence will help you accept yourself. It will help you overcome issues of unworthiness, self dislike and feelings of being unclean.

•Peach Flowered Tea Tree supports consistency and follow through. This essence adds a deep level of support to support staying on track with a chosen course of action.

•Pine adds additional support on a deeper level when there is guilt involved. Often with emotional eating there is a large component of guilt.

•Walnut is the flower essence for ‘breaking the spell of the past’ it is an important essence to use whenever you are making changes.

This formula will help you overcome uncontrollable urges and support your process of change as you re-orient your relationship to food.


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