Money Plant Flower Essence

money plant flower essence  

Price: $10.00
 Money Plant (lunaria annua) aka ‘Honesty’ is a wildflower found throughout the United States, Canada and  Europe. Money plant blooms in early spring, the flowers are a magenta/purple and/or white. There are also some flowers exhibiting both white and purple. The money plant flower essence was prepared from the purple variety.

Two ways Money Plant Flower Essence works

The money plant flower essence has a two functions. One is that it helps to build  self esteem and it works to build and foster feelings of worthiness. Feeling worthy of abundance and success is the first step towards realizing abundance and success.  The money plant flower essence helps us to feel and know our worth. This function is also helpful when we want to stop self destructive habits.

The second function of money plant flower essence is a perceptual shift towards money. It helps us to shift our awareness about money and how we use it in our life. It helps us to realize that we can experience happiness regardless of how much or how little money we have. Another way it helps to foster prosperity is by changing the way we identify with money.  Money is an energy represented by dollar bills and coins. When we get stuck limiting our believes to only dollar bills and coins this essence helps to remind us that money is universal energy and universal energy is always available.

The multi faceted way money plant flower essence works is to build self esteem and feelings of worthiness. Money plant flower essence also helps us to re-connect with money on an energetic level as well as physical. Money plant flower essence also helps us shift our negative beliefs about money. This helps us have a more relaxed, positive and enjoyable relationship with money.

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