Combination Kit


A kit of 12 combination essences designed for your self care. These ‘simple solutions’ are formulated to address every day challenges. Use each formula based on the name and description or try ‘feeling’ into which one calls you. Have fun, play and explore.


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Price: $120.00


Price: $12.00

The Calm formula has a soothing effect on the nervous system. It is useful at times when you feel “keyed up” and find it hard to relax. Use when feeling nervous, strained, edgy or under pressure. The Calm flower essence formula helps to pacify the mind, emotions and nervous system. For sleep try combining with Protection and Tension Release blend. Learn More


Price: $12.00

The Detox formula is for psychic hygiene. The modern world bombards us daily with images, accounts and stories of death, war, pain and violence. This toxic flow of information is harmful to our emotional health. The Detox formula is designed to cleanse the mind, emotional body and energy body of these energetic toxins. It is a powerful essence that restores clarity and well being to the mind and emotions.

Emotional Release: 

Price: $12.00

The Emotional Release formula is designed to help release anger, resentment, edginess, and unprocessed emotional energy. Use it to help clear unprocessed feelings from the day, compression or ‘static’ build up felt in the body from unprocessed emotions.
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Price: $12.00

The Focus formula supports concentration, focus and the ability to manage details and not feel overwhelmed. A useful remedy to aid studying or anytime mental concentration is required; good for those who are easily distracted and multi task. Learn More


Price: $12.00

 The Grounding formula is designed to support grounding and stability when feeling stressed, ungrounded, or in shock. It is good for children who need more grounding. This blend helps us feel safe in our own space.


Price: $12.00

The Intuition formula supports trust in one’s inner guidance. We all have an inner guidance system and this blend helps us to trust that guidance. It will also help protect us from distortion of material received. Learn More


Price: $12.00

The Joy formula supports access to feelings of joy, pleasure, ease and happiness. It is good for serious children and anyone who has lost touch with humor and lightness. Try this formula is useful for some issues of social anxiety. Learn More

Also, check out the Flower Essences for Joy Spray.


Price: $12.00

The Meditation formula helps you deepen mediation and access body free states of awareness and it offers protection during meditation. It is an excellent aid for yoga and variety of other spiritual practices. Learn More


Price: $12.00

The Protection formula offers many levels of protection from a wide variety of influences. This positively useful formula is for anyone who works intimately with people such as bodyworkers. It is also useful for those who live or work in crowed toxic environments or are constantly exposed to E-smog. This all around useful formula is superb for anyone who feels they need more protection. Learn More


Price: $12.00

The Rebalance/Restore formula supports balanced energy. It is excellent to use when feeling drained and overworked. Those who will benefit from this formula tend to 1.) overwork, 2.) lack self care, and 3.) push the body too hard. It can be very helpful for those recovering from a long term help challenge or suffering from a chronic condition. Learn More

Stress Relief:

Price: $12.00

The Stress Relief formula is designed to assist those who are Type A or exhibit Type A behavior. The type A behavior impatience, perfectionism, aggressive in drive and ambition with a tendency towards burnout. Use this blend to support unwinding and for neck and shoulder tension and some types of headaches. It supports spaciousness and the ability to relax and enjoy.

Tension Release:

Price: $12.00

The Tension Release formula is designed to help use release physical, emotional and psychological rigidity and tension. It helps us release stored emotional/mental tension from the muscles. This is a good remedy to use prior to any massage or bodywork session.
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Directions for Use:
Add 2 drops to a small glass of water and take 4 times a day. These formulas are bottled at the ‘stock’ level dilution. This allows you to make a dosage bottle and combine up to two formulas together. To make a dosage bottle simply add 4 drops from the blend(s) of your choice to a 1 ounce dropper bottle filled with 1/4 brandy and 3/4 water. We recommend only combining 2 blends at a time.

Some combination ideas include:

-Intuition and Protection – use this to support gaining greater clarity on an issue.

-Grounding and Joy: use this for . . . grounding and joy

-Meditation and Tension Release: to support deeper unwinding.

-Tension Release and Joy: to support receiving, good to use pre or post massage.

-Protection and Calm: a great blend to support sleep and deep rest.

-Tension Release and Detox: a blend to help release on many levels

-Calm and Emotional Release: to help release deeper

These are just a few of the many ways you can combine the blends to suit your needs. Get creative and enjoy!


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