Clearing Old Patterns


Flower essences are excellent to help you clear old emotional and mental patterns that no longer serve you.
If you desire to move forward in life with more clarity and ease consider what patterns of the past you need to release. Do chains of the past have you feeling shackled to memories, places or people who no longer serve you? If so consider flower essences to help you clear out the influence of the past.

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Boab: Australian Bush
This powerful essence works on issues of family karma, to clear generations of patterning that are inherited through the family line.


Glacier River: Alaska Environmental Essence
This is an environmental essence of solarized glacial water. It helps us to release patterns of that are no longer useful.  These patterns could be thought patterns, emotional patterns or actions we wish to stop. Also helpful in releasing old energies is the Portage Glacier another Alaskan Environmental Essence.


Goldenseal: Delta Gardens
Are you ready to clear out the reoccurring thought forms and voices of the past that haunt you? Goldenseal is a prime remedy for clearing deep subconscious patterns that circulate in the system. This is a potent remedy, use with reverence and in conjunction with body oriented therapy such as yoga, dance or bodywork as they will help to move the energies that surface when using this remedy.


Honeysuckle: Bach Flower
This essence helps us to be more emotionally engaged in the present. It treats a longing for the ‘good old days’. This longing prevents one from being fully in the moment and accepting life as it is. Honeysuckle helps us to gain greater interest in the now.


Horseradish: Delta Gardens
This is a very activating essence that brings old reoccurring thoughts and ideas to the surface to either be discarded or acted upon.  The power of this remedy is that it will force things to the surface thus making more room for new energy.


Sagebrush: FES
This essence supports our change and transformation; it helps us to shed dysfunctional illusionary parts of the personality.  It helps us to release what no longer serves our evolution, a deeper awareness of our inner Self develops.


Walnut: Bach Remedy
This is a classic remedy for putting the past behind us and moving forward unencumbered.  It is a sort of ‘spell breaker’. At times the past can have a powerful and undue influence on our lives.  Walnut helps us break from the past and move forward with confidence. This is a great essence to use at times of major change, divorce, moving, changing jobs, etc . . .


Willow: Bach Remedy
This essence clears out rigidity in the emotional body, it is useful to clear out bitter memories and resentment. If there is someone you have blamed for causing a problem in your life this remedy will facilitate greater acceptance and forgiveness and shift your perspective from victim mentality.


Wormwood: Delta Gardens
Breaking down and moving out old patterns that have attached to the personality; for releasing obsessive patterns.

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