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Tiger Lily

Most people live in cities and chances are if you are reading this you live in a city. You may even live in a large city like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or Houston. Cities present their own set of challenges especially on an energetic level. Cities can be overwhelming, over stimulating and disorienting but there are a few flower essences that can bring the calm magic of nature straight into your city life.

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Beech: Bach Remedy
This remedy addresses the acrid and caustic emotions that can arise from living in such close proximity to others, these emotions can range from intolerance to rage. Use this essence for road rage and the feeling of antagonism towards others.


Bluebell: Delta Gardens
Access to more positive aspects of ones personality, useful for those who dwell in the negative who can’t cycle out of grumpiness, cynicism and withdrawal.


Chamomile: FES
Chamomile fosters a calm and radiant state of emotional balance.  This essence helps us to create and maintain a pleasant disposition characterized by emotional balance.  Those needing this essence are easily upset moody, irritable and stressed by emotional tension.  This essence helps to release tension stored in the stomach region. Useful for stabilizing mood swings.


Chaparral: FES
This essence helps to cleanse the psyche that has been exposed to violent, degrading images or actual violence. It also helps those who suffer from disturbed dreams and a chaotic inner life. Chaparral balances psychic awareness and helps to cleanse the body from medical and psychoactive drugs.


Corn: FES
This essence is useful for those living in dense urban environments; it helps one stay connected to the earth and feel a grounded connection with the earth. Supports alignment with the earth especially through the feet. Great to treat stress or disorientation in urban environments, it helps one stay centered.


Dill: FES
This essence is useful for those who tend towards over-stimulation. It is helpful for those who are  hypersensitive to their environment and outer activity. Dill helps one to experience and absorb a wide variety of sensory experiences without being overwhelmed. It heightens our awareness of taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing.


Garlic: FES
This is a protection essence, it helps one to feel more resilient to adverse influence. It encourages a vital response to life and repels parasitic energies. Garlic helpful with obsessions and some types of fears.


Golden yarrow: FES
Remaining open to others while staying self contained; active social involvement which preserves inner equilibrium. Treats over sensitivity to social surroundings, resulting in social isolation or false social persona; dependence on drugs for protection or social masking.


Hornbeam: Bach Remedy
Hornbeam treats weariness the “Monday morning” feeling that can sometimes linger past Monday morning. Hornbeam treats mental lethargy and the physical fatigue that accompanies it. This exhaustion often happens when engaging in un-fulfilling actions; the weariness is an avoidance pattern. Hornbeam helps you reclaim your “Joie de vivre” and restore dynamic mental and physical energy. This is a wonderful essence to stimulate full engagement in life so you have the strength to face tasks with greater enthusiasm.



Holly: Bach Remedy
Holly is an excellent remedy to treat anger, jealousy and envy. It is helpful if something in your personality prevents you from experiencing happiness. This can be very corrosive when left unchecked. Holly is also helpful for treating bitterness and suspicion, which corrupts the ability to love. This essence engenders compassion in the heart and soul, enhancing the ability to love inclusively. This is a tremendously powerful remedy that helps you feel and channel love through your heart and extend it to others. Dr. Bach felt Holly was one of the most important and widely applicable remedies.



Indian pink: FES
Ability to remain centered and focused, even under stress or high levels of activity; managing and co-ordinating diverse tasks.  Useful when one feels frayed or overwhelmed during multi leveled activity.

Mountain Pennyroyal: FES
This remedy acts as a purgative helping to cleanse and expel negative thoughts.  Use for strength and clarity of thought, mental integrity and positivity.


Oak: Bach Remedy
Oak flower essence helps us find the balance between work and rest. Oak helps us to know our limits and stay within the boundaries of what is possible without putting our health in jeopardy. Overwork is a common issue in today’s world, which can often lead to stress and a myriad of health complaints. Oak helps us to know when enough is enough and take breaks in order to relax and rejuvenate our bodies and spirit. Oak is for those struggle with their workload due to the inordinate amount of work they take.


Olive: Bach Remedy
Olive flower essence builds strength and endurance after physical or mental exertion. Olive is for deep exhaustion and weariness which makes daily effort seem difficult.  Those who need this remedy feel as if they have little strength and whose daily life is hard and brings little pleasure.


Oregon grape: FES
This essence fosters and helps us to generate feelings of loving inclusiveness, positive expectation, good will from others and an ability to trust others. Use when feeling paranoid, self protective or when you unfairly expect hostility from others.


Red clover: FES
This essence helps people who are susceptible to mass hysteria or are easily influenced by group thought. Infusing strong forces of self awareness to the individual so he/she can think in a calm and steady manner and act from the center of one’s own truth.



Scotch broom: FES
This essence is useful for enhancing positive and optimistic feelings about the world and future events.  Use this to alleviate and banish feelings of despair and pessimism regarding world events.  This essence helps us rise to the challenge of our challenging times, reminding us this is an opportunity for self growth.


Snapdragon: FES
This essence treats all forms of verb aggression and/or tension in the jaw. Snapdragon treats repressed or misdirected libido energy which is expressed in a hostile verbal manner.  This essence balances the libido and emotional verbal communication; harmonizing sexual creative energy into healthy channels.


Tiger lily: FES
This essence balances an overly aggressive, competitive, hostile attitude and separatist tendencies.  Tiger Lily fosters cooperation, service and balance; encouraging inner peace and harmony as a foundation for outer relationships. This essence can be helpful for women who work in an overly yang/masculine system or structure.


Trillium: FES
This essence supports us to feel safe and secure in life. It does so by strengthening our connection with the root chakra our energetic foundation that connects us with the earth.


Yarrow: FES
This is the number one protection essence; it helps to seal and knit an overly porous aura. Yarrow is for people who are energetically sensitive and overly absorbent of other peoples energy and emotions.  This is very useful remedy great for people living in crowded urban environment. Yarrow also strengthens the aura to repel harmful radiation and electromagnetic pollution; yarrow helps a person re-balance and stabilize on many levels.  *A widely applicable remedy


Zinnia: FES
This essence helps to restore childlike humor and playfulness, helping one to be more lighthearted and gain a detached perspective on Self.  Great for over seriousness, dullness, lack of humor, somber sense of Self and a repressed inner child. This is a great essence to lift the spirits and balance adult qualities of humor and lightness.

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