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Connections Formula

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Human connection is vital to health and well being. Researchers who’ve studied health and longevity have identified 5 regions of interest. These 5 regions are known as Blue Zones. People in the Blue Zones have a few things in common diet, exercise, and social engagement to name a few. This research has given us a better understanding of the how the sense  of community is vital to health.

Connecting with others is as important to health as is eating right, exercising, and limiting alcohol. As a flower essence therapist I come across many clients who suffer from a “Vitamin C deficiency”. By vitamin C I mean the vitamin of Community and Connection. It is true no man 0r woman is an island. And, finding others to bond and connect with enriches life in a meaningful way.

The Connections Formula

Some folks find socializing and connecting easy while others find it to be a challenge. There are many reasons people find it challenge.  I looked at how to address it and the Connections Formula was born. Being open to connecting can be risky. Because it requires us to step out of our comfort zone. This does not have to be crippling. And, it can be made easier with flower essences.

Those who will benefit from this formula include:

  • People who feel timid around others.
  • Those who want to connect but access fear in response.
  • Folks who want to feel more comfortable opening up.
  • Individuals who want community and connection but feel blocked.
  • Men and women who are working towards greater empathy and openness.

And, the Connections formula also harmonizes group energy. This can be invaluable for team projects and group work. Similarly it can add depth to a well established group. It can also help couples discover deeper levels of connection and intimacy.

The Connections Spray

The Connections formula is also available as a spray. The space we share is equally important to harmony. So why not seed greater harmony with the Connections Spray? Simply give each corner of your home a spritz. And, if you are hosting a gathering use the Connections spray prior to the arrival of your guests.  seeds the energy of harmonious connections.



The Connections formula contains the following essences:

Arizona Lupine: helps us be ourselves among others
Bush Mallow: learning to connect with the heart
Calendula: warmth in communicating
Phenakite (gem elixir): harmonizes group energy
Pink Yarrow: supports emotional containment and openness
Yellow Mariposa Lily: encourages empathy and openness

Connections Formula  
Price: $21.95

The Connections Formula comes is sold in a 1 ounce amber glass dropper bottle at stock level dilution.

Connections Spray  
Price: $22.95

The Connections Spray is available in a 4 ounce cobalt blue bottle at stock level dilution. The spray is tastefully scented with Cedar and Ylang Ylang essential oils.

Communication Blend

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The Communication Blend
Price: $21.95

The Communication Blend supports confidence, throat chakra health, articulation, and vocal health. This blend was born from my desire to help those who feel shy when called to use their voice. So with the help of some expert communicators I began to research different flower essence blends.

Communication comes easy for some but for those who find it difficult it can elicit terror. May this formula help you find greater ease and confidence when called on to speak your truth.


Flower Essence in the Communication Blend

Blue Wooly Star: This essence enhances the throat chakra helping to channel creative and personal power in inspiring ways.

California Golden Violet: This essence supports courage to speak and say what needs to be said. It treats self consciousness around speaking.

Dunn’s Lobelia: This essence connects the throat chakra with the 6th and 7th chakras. It enhances all manner of speech and communication. Dunn’s lobelia helps you express ideas with clarity, supports inspired speaking, and throat chakra health.

Euclase: (gem elixir) This essences helps you communicate your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and perceptions with ease.

Iris: This essence opens channels of creativity and helps clear blocks to allow inspired energy to flow freely.

Lemon: This essence supports mental clarity and clears confusion.

Vinegar Weed: This essence supports feelings of clarity and lightness. It helps one let go of tension and stress caused by time pressure. It lessens the fear of making mistakes.

Western Mimulus: This essence treats fear and shyness especially in regards to the voice. It is particularly good for those who have suppressed their voice. This essence helps to release constrictions in the diaphragm allowing the system accommodate more energy.

When to Use:
The communication blend is helpful when you need to or do use your voice all day. Teachers, lecturers, sales people, coaches and the like would enjoy this blend. It is helpful when ones voice gets tired from over use. It can also help when you feel a sore throat coming on.

This blend is part of a series for leaders that I have developed with Kathleen Schaffer.

Leadership Connection Formula

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Price: $21.95

Each day we are confronted with the fact that clear, honest and heartfelt leadership is hard to find. Dealing with petty tyrants is a way for us to learn to cultivate our leadership. The Leadership blend helps cultivate traits that move us collectively to higher levels of service and solution. If you are seeking to access your true leadership strengths the Leadership Connection formula will support you.

About a year ago I started to collaborate with a woman, Kathleen Schafer. She heads an organization called Leadership Connection. Her organization works with non-profits, businesses and those in government at the national, state and local levels. Her mission is to guide individuals to tap into their natural leadership skills and to put them into the world to serve the greater good.

As Kathleen became familiar with my work, she asked if we could make a blend to support leaders to access their inner wisdom and guidance. So after tweaking, testing and refining I am happy to share that the Leadership Connection blend and make it  available to the public. It is for anyone who wants to connect their leadership to the change they wish to see in the world.

This blend is designed to support our positive and heartfelt capacity to be agents of change. The Leadership Connection blend is useful for anyone and teachers, educators, business owners, and athletes would enjoy this formula.

Leadership Connection Flower Essence Formula

Columbine: Supports us to allow our unique talents and abilities to flourish.

Matillija Poppy: This essence helps to ground and channel your energy to support powerful authentic leadership.

Natrolite (gem elixir): This gem elixir supports an deeper integration of the higher self with the ego.

Purple Sage: This essence helps you use wisdom from your life experience and apply it in useful and pertinent ways.

Red Larkspur: This essence helps to activate positive charisma and magnetism for embodied inspiration.

Scarlet Bugler: This essence enhances determination and helps clear limitations created by fear.

White Larkspur: This essence encourages humility and helps us to see and embrace our authority. It helps us trust our capacities to meet our challenges. Supports alignment of thinking, feeling and action; brings out balanced leadership.

Surviving Agitation and Overwhelm

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Are you feeling tense, overwhelmed, or agitated? You are not alone. With the news of each new terror attack, toxic political move, archaic policy shift and school shooting our psyche and soul react. We are easily impacted by violence and dramatic changes at home and abroad. It is not uncommon for our energy system to contract in response to the abnormal times we live in. You may feel immune to all this but still operate with a general sense of unease regardless.

It is important for the nervous system to feel safe. As it helps us to feel calm, at peace and provides for a gentle sense of  okay-ness. In general there are some common reactions to this type of life stress.

Here is a list of common emotion and psychological reactions:

  • agitated
  • on edge
  • uncertain
  • dis-empowered
  • more tense than usual
  • sense of overwhelm
  • difficulty unwinding
  • a general inability to feel grounded and safe

Flower Essences to the Rescue . . .

As you may have guessed I would suggest the use of flower essences to support your in these challenging times. Flower essences are simple tools that will help you stay calm and balanced. This month Essence Alchemy is offering 20% 10 flower essences to that support you relax, unwind and face the challenges of life with dignity and poise.

A wiki wiki: 
Price: $12.00

Use this essence when you feel your heart light has been extinguished from anxiety, tension and/or too much emotional processing. A wiki wiki awakens the heart light and helps to connect the heart and mind. It is a wonderful essence for restoring a sense of certainty when you feel off kilter and uncertain.

Calm Essence:
Price: $12.00

Use this blend when you feel “keyed up” and are unable to relax. The Calm blend should be used when you feel nervous, strained, edgy or under pressure it will help you unwind. It is excellent for helping to pacify the mind, emotions and nervous system. For sleep try combining with Tension Release. Read more about this formula here.

Price: $12.00

Supports structure, alignment, grounding, expansion and joy; good for those who lack humor and playfulness. Clementine flower essence supports alignment of the physical and emotional bodies this alignment supports peace and relaxation.

Heart Tongue Orchid:
Price: $12.00

This essence re-connects us to grace and the stillness in the heart. It is helpful in times of stress and upheaval. As a companion during recovery Heart Tongue Orchid offers comfort when feeling shattered.

Price: $12.00

Traumatic events past and present can disable our ability to focus. The Narcissus flower essence is indicated when you feel un-grounded and overwhelmed. It helps the system release charged energy that prevents centering, cohesion, and focus.

Shooting Star: 
Price: $12.00

This is an all around useful grounding essence. It helps one to feel safe and get in touch with their inherent sense of wholeness. Use Shooting Star flower essence for self acceptance, and to feel at home in the body. It is good for people who are ambivalent about being present in the body.

Short Leaved Milkwort:
Price: $12.00

The flower essence of Short Leaved Milkwort soothes the nervous system and is good for people who are easily frightened. It helps balance emotional extremes and promotes the ability to see with greater emotional clarity. The quality of containment this essence produces allows for release of emotional distress and helps one feel grounded.

Tension Release: 
Price: $12.00

This blend is designed to help use release physical, emotional and psychological rigidity. Helps us release the pressure of time and release stored emotional/mental tension from the musculature. A good remedy to use prior to a massage or bodywork session. Read more about this formula here.

Western Mimulus: 
Price: $12.00

For the release of trapped anger and frustration. This essence helps us contact healthy expressions of anger. It helps us to overcome shyness and access our courage in the face of fear. A good essence for those who feel dis-empowered.

Yellow Archangel:
Price: $12.00

This essence support us to take positive action in the world. It helps you tap into  forces of your destiny and act with greater conviction. It carries the support of the angels and aids in connecting to higher powers. Good for those who don’t think they deserve success.

The Power of Intuition

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“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” Ram Dass

If you’ve ever spent time in silent retreat you know how powerful it can be.  It helps me get clear, release the past and connect deeper with my inner wisdom. I find silence to be a priceless gift it offers a clear space to hear my own quite voice within.

At first silence can feel uncomfortable and awkward. Then as the mind settles a natural peace and inner knowing arises. In the silence I began to sense the world from a deeper place within. A strong feeling of interconnection, serendipity, and precognition became a natural part of my days. This ordinary yet seemingly esoteric experience I was having is called intuition.

Transitioning from the sanctuary of retreat to the ‘outside’ world I became aware of the noise. It is loud when humans come together. No judgement just an observation. On top of that we have billboards (visual noise), cell phones, texting, tweeting and so on (psychic noise) to contend with.

In a noisy world, the Intuition formula can enhance your life in a deep and authentic way. Being connected to your inner wisdom is enriching and empowering. I designed the Intuition formula to strengthen your connection with your inner wisdom. This potent blend of 6 flower essences supports inner certainty, clarity and a strong connection to your Higher Self.

The Intuition blend contains the following flower essences.

Beargrass: strengthens your ability to access inner wisdom

Bellflower: supports certainty and trust in your intuition

Blue Columbine: strengthens your connection with your higher self

Horned Bladderwort: helps you to see through lies and deception

Monkshood: supports clairvoyance and prognostication and spiritual trust

Queen Anne’s Lace: prevents distortion of your intuitive and psychic perceptions

Price: $12.00

Rebalance and Restore

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IMG_1184The flower essence combinations in the Home Use Kit  are a resource to support emotional health and balance. The Kit contains 12 flower essence blends. Of the 12 blends the Re-balance/Restore Formula is the most popular.  The Re-balance/Restore formula supports equilibrium and balanced energy. It is a useful remedy when feeling physically and emotionally drained and overworked.


This formula  is a good for those who:
1.) overwork
2.) lack self care
3.) push the body too hard
4.) recovering from a long term illness or treatment i.e chemo

Purchase the Re-balance/Restore Formula

Price: $12.00

This formula includes the following 8 flower essences:

California Fuchsia: enhances energy flow in the root chakra, restoring vital energy flow
Desert Lily: supports hydration restoration, and replenishment of emotional vitality
Live Oak: balances the body after overwork/over-exertion
Matillija Poppy: balances the elemental energies of air, fire, earth and water
Self Heal: actives the capacity for self ordering, deeply restorative
Sulphur Flower: clears old energy from the system; motivating and uplifting
Varigated Money Plant: restores balance between the active and passive
Yarrow: repairs holes in the aura caused by stress

How to use this Formula:

This remedy is safe to use on an acute basis or for long term recovery. For acute situations take 2 drops directly from the bottle or in a small glass of water. Then sit quietly for a few minutes and notice the changes. This is an excellent way to re-establishing a healthy vital flow of energy after exertion, a stressful day, or when feeling off kilter.

For longer term use 1-2 months I suggest making yourself a dosage bottle. To do this take clean 15ml dropper bottle, add 2/3 pure water and 1/3 brandy (preservative) and 2 drops of the Re-balance/Restore formula.

If you or someone you know is recovery from a long term injury, illness or disease treatment consider adding this blend to your protocol. I have used this formula with clients recovering from chemotherapy and long term bacterial infections. In each case the clients received a dosage bottle for 2 months. Their responses have been favorable with each client reporting a more clarity, energy, and feeling of general well being.

Flower Essences for Meditation

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The flower essences for meditation formula helps you access deeper states of meditative awareness.

flower essences for childrenI designed the flower essences for meditation formula to aid my meditation practice. Every morning and evening I sit zazen meditation. Those who practices meditation or yoga know some days are harder than others. On those challenging days the flower essences for meditation formula helps. Even on days that are ‘easy’ I find the Meditation  formula deepens my practice.

Purchase the Flower Essences for Meditation Formula
Price: $12.00

Purchase the Flower Essences for Meditation Spray
Price: $14.95

The flower essences for meditation spray contains therapeutic grade essential oils of frankincense, pink lotus, and sandalwood. These essential oils compliment the flower essences for meditation formula.


The flower essences for meditation formula contains:

Bryone dioïque: This flower essence is from rural France. This flower essence helps us draw our attention inward back to center and calm the wandering mind.

Lime: This citrus flower essence enhances the 6th chakra. This flower essence for meditatoin clears the mind of toxic thoughts and thought forms. It also calms mental stress and compression.

Purple Aster: This pretty alpine plant supports access to body free states of consciousness. It helps us release hardened emotions and access the “meditator” within.

Rosemary: This balancing flower essence supports feelings of inner peace.

San Pedro: This flower essence protects the energy field while in expanded states. It also clears negativity from the energy field.

The Flower Essences for Meditation Spray Formula

The essential oils for the Meditation Spray have been carefully chosen to compliment the actions of the flower essences for meditation formula.

Frankincense Oil: This oil has been used for thousands of years for healing and sacred purposes. Frankincense helps deepen and slow the breath, bringing the body and mind into a meditative state.

Pink Lotus Absolute: This sacred oil helps still the mind and to assist clarity and devotion.

Sandalwood Oil: This oil calms mental chatter and stills the conscious mind, helping one move deeper in meditation. Sandalwood oil also balances the chakra system uniting the base and crown chakras.

Screen Addiction

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screen addictionThis post was inspired by a bumper sticker which read “Screen Junkies”. Seeing this brought to mind screen addiction, a new phrase and a real problem. I often wonder why this addiction is not talked about that much. We all see it, hand to the face, palm up neck bent, walking down the street. People staring at screens, during a concert, at a sporting event, under the covers, in the car and on the sidewalk. Its pervasive, not subtle and yes screen addiction is real.

Screen Addiction, Our Brain and World

In Japan children now attend internet fasting camps for screen addiction. This is reassuring, a society willing to address the ugly side of technology. In general we tend to only look at the bright side of technology. We are now waking up to the shadow side of being so wired, screen addiction. I believe we can have a balanced relationship with technology. We have the choice to not let ourselves be exploited by our devices.

Research indicates screen time and screen addiction negatively effects gray matter in the brain. To learn more about this topic I highly recommend the blog of Victoria Dunckley. Folks what is happening to and within the brain is not subtle. Screen addiction and excessive screen time is detrimental to the brain. Basically it causes the gray matter to shrink. This impacts the brain’s development, neurotransmitters, and ability to communicate internally.

What concerns me is how screen addiction impairs psychological and emotional development. The results are less resilience, more anxiety, less impulse control and diminished empathy. Most damage occurs in the frontal lobe. This area of the brain experiences large growth between puberty and the mid 20’s. This is a crucial time for personal growth. A time when our identity and values are being formed. There are deep implications to screen addiction that are not casual and deserve attention.

While the damage to gray matte sounds unsavory, it can be reversed. In the next post I will discus ways to increase gray matter and build psychological and emotional resilience.

Psychic Antacid for Screen Addiction

Screen addiction and excessive screen time overload the psyche.  Large amounts of imagery and information are difficult to process. Most if not all of us have little to no way to process the death, war and violence that fill video games and nightly news accounts.  I suspect the in-digestibility of this content causes us to suffer from psychic indigestion. How many times have you tried to get images or a unsavory news stories out of your mind?  This was one of the motivating factors behind the creation of the Detox formula. Use it to cleanses lingering shadows which root in the psyche, repel negativity and create psychic space between you and content.

Flower Essence in the Detox Formula

Asperge Sauvage (wild aspargus), Bidens, Chaparral, Pacific Woodrush, Silverweed Cinquefoil and Ti Plant

Collectively these flower essences negate the effects of excessive screen time and screen addiction. The Detox Formula cleanses the psyche of unwanted energy, thoughts and images. It also cleanses the energy field of negativity and protecting it from outside negative influences. This formula supports clarity to combat screen addiction. Last but not least it helps us return to our core and achieve greater personal freedom.

To purchase the Detox essence please visit the Home Use Kit page.

Flower Essences for Intuition

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flower essences for intuition Intuition: the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. This definition  speaks to a knowing we are all have. A gut level instinct which requires trust in order to work. For many our intuition is layered over with conditioning. We live in a society of “experts” we are and were taught to defer to. Because of this most people could benefit from the flower essences for intuition formula.

The flower essences for intuition formula helps you reclaim your inner authority.  It is  an excellent formula to treat doubt and discouragement. It is especially beneficial for those who repeating the mantra “I don’t know”. This essentially discounts your own experience.

For best results use this formula 3 times a day for 1 month straight, it can be used safely for up to 3 months.

Flower Essences for Intuition formula works on three levels. It supports trust, clarity and protection.

  1. trust – in yourself and your inner wisdom

  2. clarity – mental and emotional clarity

  3. protection – from negative influences and projection

Flower Essences for Intuition

Price: $12.00

Healing Qualities: helps you get in touch with, trust your gut and follow your inner knowing; supports you to act with certainty and be in tune with the flow of wisdom from your higher self.

Artists, musicians, creative types and sensitive people would also enjoy this formula. As would those who know they have spiritual gifts but have not accessed them yet.

The flower essences for intuition formula contains the following 6 flowers.

Bear grass 2Beargrass: An essence of personal mastery helps us to hear the communication from the deep core of our self. It helps to carry that info to the outer parts of our personality, making it available. Access to our deep truths, anchors wisdom and insight.


bellflower-1Bellflower: This essence is for discovering and trusting your inner wisdom. Many people have access to their inner wisdom, it is that they do not trust it. This essence helps to dispel self doubt and foster deep trust. The inner voice is ‘small’ and ‘quite’ when compared to the shouting of the external world. The inner voice relies on strong self acceptance and a practiced ability to honor all things that arise from the self.

images-2Blue Columbine: (Aquilegia viscosa) This beautiful blue flower helps with anchoring our divine blueprint carried in our wisdom body. It strengthens our connection with our higher self and supports us to embody our inner knowing. An excellent remedy to treat doubt and build confidence.


images-1Horned Bladderwort: This remedy helps us make clear decisions based on inner truth. This remedy helps us see through lies, confusion and misconceptions. Horned Bladderwort strengthens one to perceive the truth in all situations and empowers one to act from that truth, confidence grows as perception becomes clearer – heals trauma related to deception.

monkshood.JPG 1Monkshood: An essence for accessing your inner wisdom and guidance that springs from within. It supports getting in touch with deep inner wisdom and clairvoyance. It also treats vague fears, especially those related to spirituality.



IMG_0829Queen Anne’s Lace: Projection is the enemy of true perception. Queen Anne’s Lace flower essence hedges against projection, assisting with keeping our perceptions clear and balanced.


Intuition is something we can cultivate. A few recommendations include spending time alone in silence, meditation, and deep listening. To read more about cultivating intuition click here. The link will take you to a Huffington Post article about 10 Things Highly Intuitive People Do Differently.

Flower Essences for Protection

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Flower Essences for Protection

Flower essences can do many things and one of them is to provide us with a layer of energetic protection.  To support strong boundaries I created the Protection Blend. This can help us when we are stressed, sick, traveling, or if we interact with many people throughout the day, such as those who work in retail or the like. This blend is useful for people who work intimately with others such as body-workers. Those who live or work in crowed toxic environments or are constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation can benefit from this formula.

This combination of 5 flower essences offers protection against a variety of negative outside influences. It strengthens the auric field and supports resilience, strong boundaries and immunity against negative outside influences. The Protection Blend is one of the twelve remedies in our Home Use Kit. To purchase this blend visit the Home Use Kit page.

The Flower Essences for Protection Blend

Coyote Mint

Coyote MintA low growing mint that helps to protect from negativity, negative thought forms and from negative energy being recycled back into the energy field. Coyote mint flower essence protects us from negative energy of our own creation. This includes but is not limited to fearful thoughts, excessive worries and the legacy of negative thoughts.


penstemonFrom the slopes of Mt. Shasta this special remedy is like slipping on a shield of light. It fortifies us against adversity, hardship and challenging circumstances. Penstemon flower essence helps to shore up our resolve and protect us from losing strength and falling into self-pity and a ‘poor me’ attitude.

St. John’s Wort

st_johnswortA solar remedy that strengthens the energy field where it connects to the solar plexus. It helps tighten the energy field expanded from stress and burnout. Also protects against irrational fears and nightmares. St. John’s wort is perfect for those who operate in an expanded state.

Ti Plant

ti plantA powerful remedy from the island of Kauai that protects from negative outside influences. Ti plant flower essence is a potent remedy that helps to restore personal power guarding against negative astral energy. The Hawaiians have historically used this plant to break curses, hexes and spells.


Last but certainly not least in the Flower Essences for Protection blend is Yarrow. Yarrow flower essence has been added for its potent ability to knit the aura. Our aura is the part of the protective field that surrounds our physical body. A strong auric field prevents unwanted energetic intrusions that drain our energy. Yarrow flower essence protects us from other peoples energy, negative emotions, electromagnetic rays, radiation and other energies which sap vitality.