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New And Improved White Sage Spray

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For the past 5 years I’ve had a close relationship with the White Sage plant. Each time I use the White Sage flower essence with clients I am impressed by its ability to clear negativity. In the past few months I’ve deepened my relationship with this plant and started distilling the oil and hydrosol using a copper alembic distiller.

The process of essential oil distillation is  fun and intense. Roughly 45 minutes into the distillation process I could feel a distinct energy shift. At first it felt a bolt of electricity pulsing and expanding through my field. Then I could feel the space become lighter and clearer. Upon completion of the distillation the room filled with a brightness and I felt amazing. It was truly a lovely experience.


White Sage Hydrosol

The White Sage hydrosol has a milky white appearance. Its scent is sweet, herbaceous,  and slightly medicinal. Before adding it to the White Sage Spray I worked with it on its own and was very very pleased. The white sage hydrosol has an uplifting and expansive energy. I found it to be superb at removing dense energy. The hydrosol is the water component of the essential oil steam distillation process

I am beyond happy to be making the White Sage Spray with 3 alchemical components: the White Sage hydrosol, essential oil, and White Sage flower essence concentrate. The hydrosol adds a bouncy roundedness and  sweet pleasant aroma to the White Sage Spray. The White Sage flower essence concentrate helps to ground this spray and the essential oil brings balance to its cleansing properties.

White sage has been an ally to the indigenous peoples of Southern California and Baja California for centuries. The plant is exuberant and thrives in the harsh conditions of drought and the intense sun of the region. I love the way the sun release the plants dry heady aroma in all seasons. Those familiar with smuding would enjoy this spray. This spray is concentrated so a little goes a long way.

Price: $24.49

Leadership Connection Formula

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Price: $21.95

Each day we are confronted with the fact that clear, honest and heartfelt leadership is hard to find. While dealing with petty tyrants are a way for us to learn to cultivate our leadership; accusations, blame and name calling are not leadership traits that move us collectively to higher levels of service and solutions. For many of us, we are appalled by the current lack of true leadership throughout our society.

About a year ago I started to collaborate with a woman, Kathleen Schafer. She heads an organization called Leadership Connection that works with non-profits, businesses and those in government at the national, state and local levels. Her mission is to guide individuals to tap into their natural leadership skills and to put them into the world to serve the greater good.

As Kathleen became familiar with my work, she asked if we could make a blend to support leaders to access their inner wisdom and guidance. So after tweaking, testing and refining I am happy to share that the Leadership Connection blend and make it  available to the public. It is for anyone who wants to connect their leadership to the change they wish to see in the world.

This blend is designed to support our positive and heartfelt capacity to be agents of change. The Leadership Connection blend is useful for anyone and teachers, educators, business owners, and athletes would enjoy this formula.

Leadership Connection Flower Essence Formula

Columbine: Supports us to allow our unique talents and abilities to flourish.

Matillija Poppy: This essence helps to ground and channel your energy to support powerful authentic leadership.

Natrolite (gem elixir): This gem elixir supports an deeper integration of the higher self with the ego.

Purple Sage: This essence helps you use wisdom from your life experience and apply it in useful and pertinent ways.

Red Larkspur: This essence helps to activate positive charisma and magnetism for embodied inspiration.

Scarlet Bugler: This essence enhances determination and helps clear limitations created by fear.

White Larkspur: This essence encourages humility and helps us to see and embrace our authority. It helps us trust our capacities to meet our challenges. Supports alignment of thinking, feeling and action; brings out balanced leadership.

Mount Shasta Flower Essences

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The marvel of Mt. Shasta can be seen and even felt from miles away. It is like a silent sentinel standing tall and radiating peace. In 2011 I participated in a vision quest at Mt Shasta and had a deeply powerful experience. Upon arriving I was struck by the many and varied flowers in bloom. I had the idea of co-creating flower essences, but shelved the idea for another time as I was there for other purposes. I should have known better . . .

Once the vision quest was complete, I left the mountain for a few days and felt myself being called back loudly. I returned, pitched a tent and was swiftly called to numerous flowers. I thought maybe I would make 1 or 2 essences. But . . . I wound up with a collection of 16 remedies. These Mt. Shasta flower essences quickly became powerful medicines in my personal practice.

These are some of my favorite flower essences. They represent a number of plant families including lilies, orchids, and asteraceaes. The Mt. Shasta flower essences carry a simple, clear and potent vibration. From the outset it was clear that these essences would be needed by many. And, now they have found a fine home offices of chiropractors, accunpuncturists, body works and other flower essence therapists.

I cherish these essences and the message of healing they carry. Mt. Shasta holds a special place in my heart. Thankfully I was able to heed the calling and fulfill the mission to co-create the Mt. Shasta Kit.

There are many essences that stand out from this kit that have helped my clients heal. One particular is the flower essence of Monkshood. I have watched time and time again as this remedy helped people unwind early childhood trauma. It is very useful for those who fear what they know. I have watched it restore my clients’ faith and trust in their inner resources time and time again. It has profound effects on deep recesses of the psyche.

To learn more about each essence in the Mt. Shasta Kit please visit this link .

Self Love – Columbine Flower Essence

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Columbine flower essence Columbine flower essence helps you express your inner beauty. This elegant woodland plant has a 5 pointed red and yellow flower that resembles a rocket. It favors sunny hillsides and grows across the United States. The columbine flower essence is a remedy for self love, self appreciation and self esteem.

The Role of Columbine Flower Essence

We live in a society steeped in the trappings of outer beauty that feeds us messages that tell us we are inadequate and something about us is unacceptable. These messages can erode ones self esteem and lead one to disregard their inner beauty and uniqueness. Columbine flower essence counteracts these messages and enhances self appreciation. It helps us to acknowledge and express our inner truths, enhances our self esteem, and helps us express our unique talents. Columbine flower essence is excellent for those who’ve conformed and betrayed their artistic self to please others.

Because it helps with deeper self acceptance columbine flower essence is useful during many life stages. Teenagers, those charged with leadership roles and those at certain mid life stages of re-evaluation would benefit greatly from this essence. Columbine flower essence helps us integrate the beauty and truth we possess. Columbine can help us find that singularity of self that is lost when we seek validation from others.

Healing the Wounds of Trauma

Use this flower essence to helps mend wounds that have caused feelings of unworthiness and low self esteem. The impact of this is felt more deeply in those with a sensitive/artistic nature. The trauma which columbine helps with is good for those who feel shy, self conscious and unable to value themselves.  would feel self-love, self-appreciation.

Columbine flower essence combines well with Money Plant, Explorer’s Gentian, Confederate Violet, Bigelowe’s Monkeyflower, and Western Mimulus to name a few. This is a key essence in the Trauma Kit. To purchase Columbine please visit this link to the Trauma kit page.

Spring Space Clearing Class

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I am happy to announce that on May 7th 2017 at 11am PST I will be leading a Space Clearing Class online.

The space we live and work in hold a lot of energy. Conducting regular Space Clearing can improve our life in a number of ways. Experience shows it can help us feel more relax, improve productivity, support mental clarity, help with sleep, creativity, and moves stuck energy.

In this online class you will learn how to clear entities, attachments, energetic parasites, and the remnants of old emotional residue from your home or place of business. Space clearing is invaluable for therapists, healers, body workers, or anyone who works closely with others.


Date: May 7th, 2017 – 11am to 12:30pm Pacific Standard Time

Price includes $90 worth of Space Clearing supplies and

-90 minute webinar
Detailed description of the Space Clearing Protocol
Notes from webinar
Three 4oz Space Clearing Sprays
Detox, Protection and White Sage Spray $75 Value
One 2oz bottle of Limited Edition French Clearing Spray $15 Value
1 Bee’s wax votive candle

Join me on May 7th and learn to create more peace and clarity in your environment.

Horned Bladderwort Flower Essence

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images-1Horned bladderwort is a carnivorous plant that grows in bogs, swamps and moist places. The Essence Alchemy Bladderwort flower essence was made in the Pine Barrens in Southern New Jersey. The Pine Barrens is a fascinating eco- system and the largest area of undeveloped land between NYC and Washington DC. It is also home to one of the largest aquifers in the world, holding trillions of gallons of pure water.


Horned Bladderwort Flower Essence – Seeing Through Deception

Horned bladderwort flower essence opens pathways to clear seeing. It helps to clarify perception. Perception deals with how we understand and interpret something. It is an important function of the ‘seeing process’. There are many things that can alter our perception and one of them is trauma, particularly trauma where the person has been lied to and been deceived. This essence helps clients who have been lied to and deceived in the past and end up attracting people who lie to them now. It is good for people who are deceived often and have a hard time perceiving the truth.

The trauma of distortion, deception and lies is pervasive. We seem to live in a world where the distortion of facts has become the norm. This creates a field of illusion and many people feel unable to perceive and trust the motives of others.

Horned bladderwort flower essence strengthens the conscious mind’s ability to pierce through lies and illusion. Horned bladderwort flower essence supports deep clarity, and helps us shed limiting beliefs, false beliefs, and old ways of being. It gives us the support we need to make clear decisions based on inner truth.

Horned Bladderwort flower essence helps us let go of fear and release suppressed emotions. It supports confidence and discernment. This essence will help expose any falsehood in a situation or relationship we are in. This is an appropriate essence for our time, when lies, ‘alternative facts’, and manipulation are rampant. Horned bladderwort will aid in healing trauma and preventing re-traumatization.

Purchase Horned Bladderwort Flower Essence
Price: $10.00

The Power of Intuition

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“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” Ram Dass

Over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday I spent 5 days in silent retreat. It is something I like to do each year. I find it helps me get clear, release the past and connect deeper with my inner wisdom. I find silence to be a priceless gift that offers a clear space to be able to hear my own quite voice within.

For the first 24 hours the silence can feel uncomfortable and awkward. Then as the mind settles a natural peace and inner knowing arises. In the silence I began to sense the world from a deeper place within. A strong feeling of interconnection, serendipity, and precognition became a natural part of my days. This ordinary yet seemingly esoteric experience I was having is called intuition.

Transitioning from the sanctuary of retreat to the ‘outside’ world I became aware of the noise. It is loud when humans come together. No judgement just an observation. On top of that we have billboards (visual noise), cell phones, texting, tweeting and so on (psychic noise) to contend with.

In a noisy world, the Intuition formula can enhance your life in a deep and authentic way. Being connected to your inner wisdom is enriching and empowering. I designed the Intuition formula to strengthen your connection with your inner wisdom. This potent blend of 6 flower essences supports inner certainty, clarity and a strong connection to your Higher Self.

The Intuition blend contains the following flower essences.

Beargrass: strengthens your ability to access inner wisdom

Bellflower: supports certainty and trust in your intuition

Blue Columbine: strengthens your connection with your higher self

Horned Bladderwort: helps you to see through lies and deception

Monkshood: supports clairvoyance and prognostication and spiritual trust

Queen Anne’s Lace: prevents distortion of your intuitive and psychic perceptions

Price: $10.00

Space Clearing & Removing Obstacles Webinar

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GaneshThis webinar will teach you how to conduct a thorough space clearing ceremony. You will learn how to clear your home of foreign energy, entities and consciousness using the power of flower essences in a focused dynamic way.

The space we live and work in hold a lot of energy. Conducting regular Space Clearing can improve our life in a number of ways. Experience shows it can help us feel more relax, improve productivity, support mental clarity, help with sleep, creativity, and move stuck energy.

Learn how to clear entities, attachments, energetic parasites, and clear the remnants of old emotional residue from your home or place of business. Space clearing is invaluable for therapists, healers, body workers, or anyone who works closely with others.


Price: $100.00

Date: October 2nd, 2016 – 11am to 12:30pm Pacific Standard Time

Price includes: $90 worth of Space Clearing supplies and

-90 minute webinar
Detailed description of the Space Clearing Protocol
Notes from webinar
Three 4oz Space Clearing Sprays
Detox, Protection and White Sage Spray $75 Value
One 2oz bottle of Limited Edition French Clearing Spray $15 Value
1 Bee’s wax votive candle

Flower Essences for Focus

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Focus can be a tricky thing in this information saturated world ww live in.  I have always had a Mercurial mind which makes focus even more challenging. I have also found flower essences to be a great aid for when I need to focus. The word focus is defined as the center of interest or activity, an act of concentrating interest or activity on something. Are there times when you need help with focus? If so you will deeply enjoy this formula.

The flower essences for focus formula will help you concentrate, complete tasks, stay centered and not get overwhelmed . This formula is perfect for students, writers, actors or anyone needing help with focus. Children and adults with attention disorders would enjoy this formula. Use this formula to help with study, focus, and comprehension.

The Flower Essences for Focus Formula

Clematis: This essence keeps the mind focused preventing it from drifting away. It acts like an anchor to keep us present with the task at hand.

Lemon: This essence impacts the mind in a fresh and positive way. It strengthens our left brain the logical and analytical side. A strong left brain helps us grasp mathematical concepts and computer skills with more ease. It also helps the mind stay open and flexible.

Margarite: This flower essence helps us to synthesize information and give us a cohesive understanding of large concepts. It helps to bring information into a focus for deeper understanding and integration.

Rabbitbrush: This flower essence helps us to hold a center of focus while maintaining awareness of the periphery. It helps us to manage diverse aspects of project or topic and not be overwhelmed. Rabbitbrush is the flower for multi task support.

Speedwell: This flower essence brings a clarity to the mind and supports better interface with the upper chakras. This allows higher inspiration to be infused into learning and studying.

Purchase the Flower Essences for Focus Formula
Price: $10.00

This formula comes in a 15ml stock bottle. It is suitable for dilution to the dosage level.

Flower Essences for Joy

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mount shasta flower essencesJoy Spray 2oz and Stock Bottle 20%
Price: $20.76

The flower essences for Joy formula and Joy Spray nourish the human energy system.The energy of joy lightens the human heart and buoys the soul. Joy is a partner to deep healing and inner freedom.

The flower essences for Joy increase emotional resilience and strengthen the spirit. Without such resilience we are more susceptible to pessimism, gloom, and despair.

The flower essences in the Joy formula support access to feelings of pleasure, humor, ease, and happiness. This formula is useful for issues of social anxiety, sexual anxiety, and concern regarding our desire nature. Those who are easily agitated, slightly depressed, and hyper sensitive would also benefit from this formula.

The Flower Essences for Joy Formula

Autumn Onion: This essence helps us to access the lighter side of our nature. It carries an uplifting vibration that is soothing, nurturing and playful. It offers comfort in times of darkness.

Blue Flax: This essence supports the release of emotional and mental constriction. With this essence we can more easily shed old patterns which prevent us from being nourished by relaxation.

Clementine: A simple and joyful essence exemplified in the tasty fruit this tree bears. Clementine flower essence supports alignment of the physical and emotional bodies. This provides structure and grounding for greater peace, ease, and joy.

Scarlet Gilia: This essence helps you to relate to pleasure with more ease and grace. It is good for social anxiety and relieves tension from emotional complexes related to pleasure. It helps you accept and integrate your desire nature in a healthy balanced manner.

Zinnia: There is a child in all of us, a child not divorced from the adult. The zinnia essence puts us in touch with our child like nature. It restores  humor showing us that laughter is medicine.

The flower essences for Joy formula are useful for anyone. Those who suffer mild social anxiety, had a strict upbringing, are overly serious, or just want to bring more humor into their life, would enjoy this formula. The flower essences for Joy formula teach us that joy is not a far off condition but an embodied state. Children who are easily downcast would also benefit from the Joy formula.