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Curing Porn Addiction Naturally

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internet porn addictionInternet porn addiction is pervasive and more corrosive than other forms pornography. Flower essences offer a natural cure for this behavior while addressing the deep underlying emotional causes.

Underlying reasons behind internet porn addiction:

  1. Feelings of unworthiness
  2. Lack of belief in ability to receive love
  3. Fear that their needs will never be met
  4. Belief that sex is the most important need

These four factors that lead to porn addiction are from the work of Dr. Patrick Carnes a known specialist on sex addiction.

I want to show you how you can begin to use flower essences to address the emotions  underneath the behavior. Emotional issues precede behavior and when feelings of unworthiness, fear, compulsion and lack of self love are not addressed one can easily fall back into addiction.

So how do you properly address internet porn addiction? One good step to take is to put a filter on your computer which will block access to the websites you frequent. This is the first practical step to curing internet porn addiction. Now we can begin to look at the emotional aspects to this imbalance.

Flower Essences for Treating Internet Porn Addiction

This essence is perfect for sex and porn addiction, these addictions compartmentalize behavior and creates an unconscious struggle. Basil flower essence helps the soul to release its struggle with and free the person from indulging in clandestine behavior. Basil flower essence helps a person to integrate sexuality into life in a healthy way.

This essence treats psychic toxicity from an indulgence in overly graphic sensory stimulation. Use Chaparral flower essence to clear the effects of mental toxicity caused by on overload of graphic imagery.

Crab Apple
Use this for feelings of dirtiness and uncleanliness. This essence is excellent to use when you need to break the cycle of any obsessive/compulsive behavior.

Mariposa Lily
Healing for those who’ve been abused and to regain innocence

Missouri Primrose
This is an amazing essence for developing worthiness and self esteem.

Money Plant
This is another flower essence for worthiness. It is also useful for those who don’t see the spiritual side of life and are caught only in the gross physical world of the senses.

Use this flower essence for feelings of shame, especially if there are guilt imprints which drive your behavior.

Self Heal
Healing from porn addiction as with any healing we need to draw on the deep inner resources we already have. Self heal flower essence helps us to help ourselves in a positive way.

Sticky Monkeyflower
This flower essence treats repressed sexuality and inappropriate sexual behavior. It brings back the natural human warmth to sex and sexuality. Sticky monkeyflower is very healing in the realm of human sexuality.

Any of these flower essences can be used alone or in combination to address porn addiction. To make your own personal combination use our “Your Personal Formula” option. This allows you to blend up to seven essences into a single treatment bottle.
Price: $17.95

Flower Essences for Motivation

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flower essences for motivationIt is easy to use flower essences for motivation and direction. Flower essences can help to activate the will forces needed to accomplish any goal.

Many people find that motivation can lag for a number of reasons. This can happen when you have reached a goal and now feel flat or you may be at a crossroads and feel a bit aimless. Or you could be suffering from lethargy due over use of your will forces. Motivation can be lacking simply because we are not challenged or fulfilled. At these junctures  flower essences for motivation can help. Because flower essences for motivation bring forth the fiery will forces needed to burn through dross.

Flower Essences for Motivation

Blackberry – Blackberry flower essence is one of the best flower essences for motivation. It sparks the will into action to help you move from the dreaming phase to the doing phase.

Hornbeam – This flower essence for motivation helps when lethargy has set in. The lethargy hornbeam flower essence addresses is the result of over use the mind and disconnection from fulfilling work. If your lethargy is due to a soul draining vocation consider hornbeam to help you move towards greater fulfillment.

Silver Princess – This is a wonderful flower essence for motivation. It comes to us from the Australian Bush Essence set and it is key to helping  you find and move towards your life purpose.

Wild Oat – This flower essence for motivation is a fulcrum remedy a pivotal change essence. In the repertory of flower essences for motivation wild oat helps you to find direction. It is for those who are at a loss to finding a career path to commit to.

Wild Rose – Wild rose is a premiere flower essence for motivation, it helps you to overcome apathy, listlessness and resignation.

Flower Essences for Motivation to Activate the Fire Principal

These flower essences for motivation deserve their own category based upon their fiery nature. You will notice these three flower essences are common spices.

Cayenne – Cayenne flower essence activates and mobilizes will forces. This will help when there is stagnation it will be a great compliment to any of the essences already listed.

Habanero – Similar to Cayenne, Habanero flower essence works deeper in the system. This flower essence will help to clear trauma and other blocked energy. This flower essence for motivation will help to clear the subconscious. Often there are emotions that conflict with our process of growth and they cause lethargy.

Horseradish – Are you interested in clearing the more conscious emotions that inhibit your motivation? Horseradish will help you effectively clear obstacles. When using this essence it is good to have a goal that you are pursuing. It is a wonderful essence to coax you to action.

You can use any one of these flower essences for motivation in combination. These essences compliment each other and a formula with 3-5 of these essences will lead to major breakthroughs.

Any of these flower essences can be added to Your Personal Bottle

Price: $17.95

This option allows you to craft a formula of up to 7 essences. Simply choose the essences you want and we will make the bottle for you.

Bach Flower Essence Questionnaire

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Bach flower essence questionnaireThe Bach Flower Essence Questionnaire can be found online in the form of a PDF. The handy Bach Flower Remedy questionnaire is designed to help you choose remedies for yourself. And, what I have found is that it can be a stab in dark.

Recently I spoke with a customer who purchased a Bach Flower Essence formula using our “Your Personal Formula” option. In speaking with her I knew right off that she had designed an incorrect formula. Her misfortune which has led to me sharing this information. While well intentioned the Bach Flower Essence Questionnaire is often not enough to get to the root.

Picking the correct Bach Flower Remedies can be a challenge. There are a few essences that those needing them might not consider for themselves. The candidates may overlook them when reading the Bach flower essence questionnaire. The flowers are Cerato, Heather and Vervain. There are essences from the Bach Flower Essence Questionnaire which address the same emotion. Such as Aspen and Mimulus which both address fear but their indication are completely different.

AspenAspen Flower Essence is for those who experience apprehension for which there appears to be no reason. This can take the form of vague but potent apprehension of some unknown future event or an uneasy ‘spooked out’ feeling in the dark or in strange places.

And now contrast this with Mimulus.

MimulusMimulus helps those who feel they need greater courage to face the everyday events of life. Those in need of Mimulus suffer fear and worry about everyday situations.  They appear nervous, shy or timid and may hesitate or blush easily when in situations where they feel vulnerable. As Mimulus dissolves their fears and worries those with this personality trait find themselves able to create a more positive mental approach to life.

To support you getting the most from the Bach Flower Essence Questionnaire ask a friend or family member for help. Having an outside opinion will be very helpful. Because the most important facets that need support are the ones just out of sight.

Another way to choose essences for yourself besides the Bach Flower Essence Questionnaire is to choose via the 12-7-19 method. Choose on essence from the 12 Healers then a essence from the 7 Helpers and finally some from the Second 19. Visit this link to learn more.

However you choose your remedies whether it is via the Bach Flower Essence Questionnaire or another method, have us make your dosage bottle by purchasing a “Your Personal Formula.”


Flower Essences for Abundance – Part One

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flower essences for abundanceFlower Essences for Abundance is a 3 part series. In this series I will detail 3 areas that are important to address when using flower essences for abundance.

The many factors underlying abundance make choosing flower essences for abundance an opportuinty for self discovery.  The first area to be examined in the quest relates to clearing negativity and removing poverty consciousness. In Part 2 we will look at the importance of inspiration, self-esteem, self-worth and motivation. Then in Part 3 we will examine how to more fully identify with the positive aspects of ourselves and the importance of gratitude.

Using flower essences for abundance invites you to try on new perspectives. Often they are an invitation from your Higher Self, inviting you to live in a new paradigm.

The Flower Essences for Abundance series is designed to empower to look into areas of life that aren’t working and make the changes you desire. If you have any questions in regards to this process or would like more a personalized consultation feel free to e-mail me at

Flower Essences for Abundance

Ti Plant- this is a powerful universal clearing essence; it works to clear negativity from the mind, cut cords and clear our “path to power”.  This essence is highly beneficial for all aspects of clearing.


Goldenseal-   This essence works to clear out the subconscious helping one to release obsessive thinking patterns and blocks.


Southern Cross- This essence is used to treat poverty consciousness and victim mentality


Gentian-  This essence treats despondency after a setback.


Bluebell-  This essence is for those who dwell in negativity, trouble cycling out of grumpiness and cynicism.


Borage-  This is an uplifting essence which helps us to feel more buoyant when feeling down.


Ruby Sunflower – to change negative feelings about money and wealth, for those who equate money and pain.


Beech-  This essence heals feelings a bitterness.


Witch Hazel-  This essence offers lightness and hope in times of darkness and anxiety; it helps to lift us out depressed moods.


Starflower- This essence helps on to balance both light and dark aspects of the personality, offering protection from negative influences.


 Pennyroyal- This essence helps to release from our own negative thought patterns by stopping the recycling of these thoughts in the energy field.


Wild Rose-  This essence helps us to overcome apathy and ambivalence, it helps one to regain an interest in life. Useful when feeling chronically flat or dull.


*Pine- This essence is for clearing feeling of guilt and self blame, very useful when clearing negative patterns.


Holly-  This essence is amazing for clearing out anger, jealousy, rage and other related emotions, holly fosters greater love for mankind.


Willow-  This essence heals feelings of resentment, this acrid emotion does cause blockages in our ability to feel positive and grateful.

 All of the essences listed above are available to include in a “Your Personal Formula” dosage bottle.  
Price: $17.95

In the clearing process it is recommended that you review your thoughts and feelings regarding money and your own self worth. Using flower essences for abundance can greatly shift how you view life and yourself.  When undertaking the use of flower essences for abundance you need to clear out the negativity. Start with this selection of flower essences first.

Part two coming soon.

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February Sale 25% Off Bach Remedies

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Bach flower essence SaleFebruary Greetings and 25% off all Bach Remedies at Stock Level on purchases over $25.00. Including the complete Bach Flower Essence Kit. Use Coupon Code: BACH2013

This sale applies only to Bach flower remedies in the stock size. This is a great time to stock up on the remedies you need.

Rescue Remedy Sleep – Treating Insomnia Naturally

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rescue remedy sleepRescue Remedy Sleep is for insomnia caused by stress and emotional tension. How many people can relate to this condition? You lie in bed or may you never even make it that far, your mid is racing and you can’t slow it down. Its a dreadful feeling, to know you need sleep but your so stressed you can’t get what you need. For this we offer you a safe gentle formula, Rescue Remedy Sleep.

To Purchase this formula visit this link.

The Rescue Remedy Sleep Breakthrough

White ChestnutThe Rescue Remedy Sleep breakthrough presents a combination of all natural medicines from flowers to help you safely drift off to sleep. This gentle non-habit forming, non-drowsy, non-sedative formula has been safely used by thousands of people. This breakthrough combination includes the following flower remedies.


White Chestnut: To help ease restless mind, mental agitation and circulating thoughts
Star of Bethlehem: For trauma and shock, this essence softens hardened stresses.
Clematis: For the tendency to disconnected and not present mentally.
Cherry Plum: Fear of mind giving way, verge of breakdown, anger.
Impatiens: For irritability, tension and fidgety.
Rock Rose: For frozen terror and panic.

This is the standard commercial version of the Rescue Remedy Sleep formula. It is a very good formula but sometimes insomnia can have other emotional stress connections. To address this I offer you the opportunity to customize your own Rescue Remedy Sleep formula. There are 3 other remedies which may be of use when customizing your Rescue Remedy Sleep formula.

Mimulus – This remedy treats fears, fear of the dark, fear of being alone and other known fears. So if fears of life keep you awake at night consider adding Mimulus to your Rescue Remedy Sleep formula.

Red Chestnut – This remedy can be added to Rescue Remedy Sleep to help when there is an over-concern for another. If you are a parent you may be concerned about your child and this worry keeps you up at night. Or you may be carrying for an elderly or sick friend or relative and suffer the stress of this. If so consider adding this to your bottle of Rescue Remedy Sleep.

Vervain – This is the remedy for stress and tension, it is particularly indicated for the personality that is very driven. These folks operate with a lot of intensity and this can cause indigestion and sleep difficulties, simply because they can’t wind down. So if you have a hard time winding down at night add Vervain to your Rescue Remedy Sleep formula.

The general Rescue Remedy Sleep formula is very good on its own. But, as a flower essence practitioner I know that sometimes we need to customize a good formula to address the client’s needs. So instead of selling you a one size fits all, an approach that never fits well with flower essences, I give you the opportunity to adjust accordingly. Customize your Rescue Remedy Sleep formula and get a good nights rest.

To Purchase this formula visit this link.

To learn more about Bach flower remedies visit this Bach Education Foundation’s website.

Rock Rose Flower Essence – Panic Attack Remedy

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rock rose flower essenceRock Rose Flower Essence – The first Rescue Remedy

Rock Rose flower essence is the hub of Rescue Remedy. The Rescue Remedy formula was built around the Rock Rose flower essence. Dr. Bach considered Rock Rose flower essence the “rescue remedy”. It is most commonly used in combination but there are times and indications where Rock Rose flower essence will be used separate from Rescue Remedy.

In my experience as a practitioner it is good for those suffering with PTSD. It is those who have had great trauma who need to find the transcending courage to live a balanced life. Rock Rose flower essence can help these souls find solace, tranquility and inner peace.

Rock Rose flower essence is helpful in any situation where there is the need to transmute the vibrations of extreme fear or terror. In an acute state those in need of Rock Rose may become rigid, shaking or petrified by acute fear. They can paralyzed by fear or experience the kind of blind fear that creates the urge to run away to anywhere but where they currently are. The tendency to panic in emergencies or to have terrifying nightmares also indicates a need for Rock Rose.

Rock Rose flower essence addresses the soul’s need for courage, especially when in very extreme circumstances. This remedy is indicated for moments when the soul has stepped almost completely outside the body and is in a survival mode of consciousness.

The Self is forced to address a severe emergency, usually of life-threatening proportions such as violent attack or a traumatic accident. This remedy can also be indicated for the process of dying, when the ego is gripped by the fear that it will be utterly annihilated or destroyed.

Rock Rose flower essence restores sun-like forces of courage to the human soul so it can meet these tremendous challenges with self-transcending strength.

Enjoy this video on Rock Rose flower essence.

Cerato Flower Essence

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certato flower essence Cerato Flower Essence

Here is what Dr. Bach had to say about Cerato flower essence: ” Those who have not sufficient confidence in themselves to make their own decisions. They constantly seek advice from others, and are often misguided.”

Does this sound like anyone you know?

I see Cerato Flower Essence as a very important remedy for many people. As a culture we are inundated with information, often telling us what to do. And, we have been raised to look to authority figures for answers. This can make us weak in the mind, dependent and easily influenced. Over time these factors erode our self reliance and sway our better judgement.

Bach’s work with flower remedies had at its center the belief that we have a higher guidance system. And, if we are to truly healing we need to get in touch with that higher guidance, which Dr. Bach believe we all poses. And, Cerato flower essence is one key remedy that strengths our connection to the inner voice.

When you use Cerato flower essence you will notice a few key things beginning to happen. And, this is one flower remedy that you may need to use for an extended period of time to let the benefits truly soak in. From using Cerato flower essence you will begin to notice:

  • Your intuition grows stronger
  • You form your own opions
  • You begin to trust your inner guidance
  • You learn to act from your inner guidance

Those needing Certato flower essence have a few main traits in common. And, Cerato flower essence is not one that people often choose for themselves. Simply because the nature of the condition can seem elusive. Here are the main traits to look for to find out is Cerato flower essence is right for you:

  • You ask others opinions and do nothing with the information
  • You acquire knowledge but don’t apply it
  • You ask many questions and don’t listen to the answers
  • You hope others will have the answer
  • You distrust your own judgement
  • You appear to lack common sense

Because in the negative Cerato state you hunger for knowledge and lack good judgement you will often overlook what is right for you. Because in a way you fail to see what is truly good for you and what is a waste of time. I see this a lot in regards to diet, medicine and health, where as a population we have lost the ability to know what is good and right for us.

Cerato flower essence is truly a wonderful remedy, it is wonderful for children as well. It will help the student who constantly crosses out the right answers they put down first. Often they wind up replacing it with the wrong answer.

Here is a lovely video about Cerato flower essence from the Bach Educational Resource.

To purchase Cerato flower essence or make a Personal Formula visit our store.

Blessings on your healing journey.

Dr. Oz Rescue Remedy Anxiety

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I love that Dr. Oz loves Rescue Remedy. Because Rescue Remedy is very important and useful for counteracting daily stress and anxiety. This is about the 4th time Dr. Oz has recommended Rescue Remedy on his show.

Order your bottle of the popular Rescue Remedy formula 
Price: $11.95
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Rescue Remedy is a formula of 5 different Bach flower remedies. This formula is designed to bring immediate relief and comfort to those who are stressed and distressed.

buy rescue remedyThe heart of Rescue Remedy is Rock Rose, which is considered the “Rescue Remedy”.  Rock Rose is for when there is a fear and anxiety that feels paralyzing. Excellent for when we feel frozen, in a state of panic. This remedy brings strength, deep courage, trust and fearlessness. Rock Rose is very uplifting and it is a key component of Rescue Remedy.

Dr. Oz Recommends Rescue Remedy

Dr. Oz recognizes the benefits of Rescue Remedy. He sees that it works to support the mind and emotions. We now know there needs to be deep care for the mind and emotions. And it is good to see that Dr. Oz understands that caring for our daily stresses and anxiety can be done naturally with Rescue Remedy.

There are 4 other key components of this safe and natural stress and anxiety formula. They are Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens and Star of Bethlehem.

Cherry Plum is helpful when you feel you are at a breaking point, experiencing great suffering and are about to lose control. You may also find you’re trying desperately to control feelings. Cherry plum is a light-filled essence that promotes growth and calmness while dealing with inner turmoil.

Clematis supports you in staying awake and present. It ushers in clarity of consciousness and brings awareness clearly to the present moment. It supports grounded presence clarity and awareness.

Impatiens is for tension, pain, impatience and rushing. This is a very calming addition to the Rescue Remedy formula.
Star of Bethlehem is a powerful remedy for addressing recent or past traumas. The deeply soothing and comforting energy of Star of Bethlehem fosters wholeness, unity and relief from the most troubling of situations. It is for when we are in distress, it brings comfort and reassurance and consolation.

Purchase Rescue Remedy here:

We sell Rescue Remedy from Healing Herbs Ltd. a well respected producer of Bach remedies from the UK. To learn more about Healing Herbs and Rescue Remedy visit their website.


How to Use Rescue Remedy

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How to use Rescue RemdyRescue Remedy is the most popular flower essence in the world. And, understanding How to Use Rescue Remedy is important.  Rescue Remedy is easy to use and it is a good formula to have on hand for emergency situations. It has received much attention in the last year due to its recommendation by Dr. Oz.

But, even with all the press you still may be wondering how to use Rescue Remedy. And understanding how to use Rescue Remedy will help you get the most benefit from this formula. In this post I will define for you what the formula is and what it is not, when to use it and when not to. And most importantly how to use Rescue Remedy.

What is Rescue Remedy?

Rescue Remedy is a combination of 5 flower remedies, hence its other common name Five Flower Formula. The five Bach flower remedies in Rescue Remedy are:

  1. Cherry Plum – prevents fear of overwhelm and loss of control
  2. Clematis – grounds the mind
  3. Impatiens – calms the mind
  4. Rock Rose – prevents panic
  5. Star of Bethlehem – clears the effects of trauma

This specific set of essences was chosen because they work synergistically to help ground, steady and support the mind and emotions. This formula was designed to be supportive in times of trauma, intense stress, panic and accidents. These are all times when a situation may get the best of us. And they are times when we need to have our wits about us to cope effectively. Essentially Rescue Remedy is a mental and emotional shock absorber. And, learning how to use Rescue Remedy in appropriate times is important.

Rescue Remedy is not an everyday solution to your chronic stress and anxiety. Rescue Remedy always was intended for short-term use. If you are in need of help for chronic conditions I highly advise you to schedule an online assessment. Then we can effectively address the reasons for your stress and anxiety.

How to Use Rescue Remedy

There are many situations where Rescue Remedy is appropriate these situations include:

  • Accidents
  • Injuries
  • Illness
  • Receiving bad news

To get the most benefit from Rescue Remedy, use it just after an accident, injury or trauma. Depending on the severity of your trauma you may want to use it every 20 minutes until you feel stable. And, you can continue to use Rescue Remedy 4 times a day for up to 5 day after an accident. This will help to clear trauma from and prevent it from taking hold in your body or psyche.

For minor acute stress use Rescue Remedy as needed. Rescue Remedy is not a crutch, if you need assistance with a persistent issue you will need to dig a little deeper to root out the causes. In this type of situation is good to work with a trained flower essence therapist. This is my specialty, helping people to clear out root causes of their disharmony. For more information about my services please contact me directly using the contact form or feel free to call me at 805-633-0094.

All the best to you on your healing journey.

Mark D’Aquila

To learn more about How to Use Rescue Remedy watch this video.