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Healing Trauma Naturally with Flower Essences

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healing traumaFlower essences offer much support for healing trauma and the effects it has on the mind, spirit and emotions. Trauma causes a disruption in the energy flow and lower ones vibration. This can lead ill health and disease. Trauma is defined as a deeply disturbing, distressing experience, it can be related to a physical injury or abuse including sexual, verbal and emotional. Trauma is different for everyone. The common factor is the effect it has on lowering ones vibration and disrupting your quality of life.


Healing Trauma

Flower essences excel in healing trauma and the effects it has on the mind and emotions. I would like to guide you through understanding how you can begin using essences for healing trauma. I will give you a few key essences you can start using now to restore health and balance.

Rescue Remedy for healing trauma immediately

Rescue Remedy is a combination of 5 flower remedies. It is for immediate use after a traumatic event. Rescue Remedy will prevent trauma from going deeper into the system and taking hold. It provides a stable, soothing and grounding energy to help you maintain  balanced presence and awareness.

Flower Essences for Healing Trauma

Arnica –  FES of Nevada City, CA
This flower essence is for healing trauma which has become locked in the body. This essence is useful when the soul has split from the body due to shock, accidents or violent experiences. Use this essence to heal deep seated trauma and to resolve the effects of deep seated bodily trauma.

Blackberry Lily –  Delta Gardens of Hampton Falls, NH
This flower essence is for healing trauma from sexual abuse and violation. This essence will help restore a healthy connection with sex and sexuality following abuse and violation.

Flannel Flower –  Australian Bush Remedies
This flower essence is for healing trauma caused by physical or sexual abuse which has resulted in a fear of intimacy and fear of being touched. This an excellent essence for those recovering from sexual abuse.

Grey Spider Flower –  Australian Bush Remedies
This flower essence is for extreme shock, fear or terror. This essence will build faith and calm, it is good for those who feel traumatized from psychic attacks.

Mulla Mulla –  Australian Bush Remedies
This flower essence is for healing trauma related to heat and or fire. This essence is useful for those who’ve had severe burns or who have suffered through a fire and are traumatized from the experience.

Pink Monkeyflower –  FES of Nevada City, CA
This flower essence is for healing trauma that has left a feeling of shame. This essence will keep the emotions from closing down.

Self Heal –  FES of Nevada City, CA
Like a healing balm to the entire body, soul and spirit, Self Heal is useful for healing trauma on all levels no matter the causes.

Star of Bethlehem –  Bach Flower Remedy, Healing Herbs Ltd in England
There maybe no better remedy for healing trauma than Star of Bethlehem. It provides peace and soothing on all levels and it will help to heal the effects of present and past trauma. This remedy is great for healing repressed trauma.

Waratah –  Australian Bush Remedies
This flower essence is an emergency essence and should be used when trauma has caused severe despondency or hopelessness. It is for times when darkness and despair set in.

Flower essences are one of many ways to heal trauma. The unique and beneficial qualities of flower essences can be augmented with yoga therapy and trauma counseling. Also looking to understand the traumatic event can help bring relief.
Learn more 10 Steps to Healing Trauma.

Wishing you well on your healing journey.


Mark D’Aquila

Healing Trauma

Flower Essences for Shame and Guilt

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blue_lobeliaShame and guilt interfere with our ability to experience pleasure in life. These restrictive feelings inhibit the flow of life force in the body.  Flower essences excel at clearing feelings of shame and guilt.

The flower essences listed are for shame and guilt related to the body image, appearance, emotions and thoughts.

Flower Essences to treat Shame and Guilt

Crab Apple: Bach Flower Remedy
Crab apple is a cleanser and brings a sense of inner purity. This remedy helps with obsessive compulsive behavior and with obsessions regarding perceived physcial imperfections. It helps alleviate emotional tension related to feeling unclean. Those   who feel sex is unclean or who feel unclean after sex would enjoy Crab Apple. UThis essence can be used during a fast to assist with deeper purification. Crab apple is also a great skin cleanser and helps with rashes or irritations.

Hyssop: Delta Gardens
Releasing guilt hyssop helps those who have built personalities and lifestyles around guilt imprints. It reawakens impulses of worthiness and receiving. Good for guilt imprints passed through the family.

Lobelia: Delta Gardens
Courage to speak the truth regarding one’s self; for shyness or shame around expressing one’s sexual nature.

Pine: Bach Flower Remedy
Pine is the flower essence for treating all matters related to guilt. Guilt can take many forms in the personality from self blame, self criticism to an inability to accept oneself. Use Pine to accentuate self acceptance, self forgiveness and to free yourself from inappropriate guilt and blame.

Pink Monkeyflower: FES
This is one of my favorite flower remedies. It is helpful for opening us to a deep level of self acceptance in the personality. It is the perfect essence for those who reject themselves or have parts of themselves . It is an excellent remedy for those who fear being seen both literally an metaphorically.  Pink Monkeyflower is a tremendously important remedy to clear feelings of shame.

-Read more about the roots of the word shame which means to cover.

Pretty Face: FES
This essence helps one to look inside to find beauty, it is for an over identification with one’s appearance. Those who need this often feel ugly or rejected because of their appearance.

Wisteria: Australian Bush
This essence works to clear negative beliefs around sexuality. It helps bring ease, enjoyment and openness to ones sexuality. It is great for frigidity in women and macho-ness in men.

Click here to learn about more about the difference between shame and guilt.

shame and gui

Flower Essences for Addiction and Compulsive Behavior

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Flower essences are excellent support tools for helping you put an end to addictions and compulsive behavior. They work best when you have a deep desire to end an addiction but find it hard to actually do it. Flower essences will give you the energetic nudge you need to break free of addictions. They provide the support we need to break the emotional attachment to drugs, alcohol, nicotine and food. Flower essences help to free us from the compulsion of addictive behavior, while offering soothing support to the psyche.

Flower Essences for Addiction

Agrimony: Bach Remedy
For those who mask emotional pain with substances particularly alcohol.  Agrimony flower essence helps one to achieve emotional honesty with oneself. This remedy is key for achieving inner peace by working through emotional pain. It assists in revealing our true internal feeling state, one not masked by cheerfulness and superficial gestures. This essence helps us to move from a state of pretend harmony to lasting inner peace. It is helpful for those who turn to drugs and alcohol to mask inner pain.

Billy Goat Plum: Australian Bush
Heals the sense of shame associated with addictive behavior and substance abuse.


Chery Plum: Bach Remedy
Use this essence to help maintain a sense of hope during the challenging phases of early withdrawal.

Crab Apple: Bach Remedy
This essence treats the feeling of being unclean which leads to OCD behavior.


Milkweed: FES
Fosters healthy ego strength to overcome addictive patterns which dull the consciousness. Healthy ego strength, independent and self reliant.  Growing in strength and independence as the soul learns to function through a healthy ego. Treats neediness, emotional regression, dulling of consciousness through drugs, alcohol, over eating, creating a dependency or sickness to receive attention.


Morning Glory: FES
This essence is great for treating nicotine addiction, useful to regulate energy levels and to help reduce caffeine addiction. This essence helps us wake up feeling refreshed and alive, excellent to use if you wake up in a fog and still feel tired.  This essence is ideal when one is feeling dull, toxic or hung over especially in the mornings. Helpful to curtail addictive, erratic behavior such as drug use. This essence helps one get in touch with their sparkling vital force, in touch with natural rhythms of life. This essence is great for night owls who want to get on a more regular sleeping schedule.


Nicotina: FES
Useful for ending addiction to tobacco, strengthens the heart and adds support to the quitting process. This is a very important essence for the heart, it helps one to stay centered and find deep peace within the heart.  It helps you to feel deep feelings and shake off emotional numbness that is accompanied by the mechanization of the body. This remedy helps us cope with deep feelings and finer sensitivities. This essence is useful for overcoming tobacco addiction, use in combination with morning glory.


Pink Monkeyflower: FES
This essences allows for greater emotional honesty, allowing us to be honest with ourselves and others. For those who hide because of their addictions.


Self Heal: FES
This essence rouses our innate self healing potential and desire for health. This essence is a great motivator to help us get to the point where we are ready to end our addiction.


Walnut: Bach Remedy
This is a remedy of choice whenever we are making a change, it is good to use before, during and after the process. Walnut helps us to break free from the past and to move forward confidently. Walnut frees the psyche from past limiting influences helping us to make a healthy transition to a new phase in life. Walnut gives us the courage to follow our own path in life free from the influences of the past.


Waratah: Australian Bush
This essence is useful for the withdraw period when ending an addiction, soothes the feelings of loss associated with quitting an addictive substance.


*This website does not offer medical advice, flower remedies are not medical devices or approved for medical treatment. Only medical doctors can give medical advice. If you require medical assistance seek a qualified medical professional. The information on this site has not been approved by the FDA and  is not medical advice.  I am not a medical doctor and the information on this site is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition.


Understanding How Flower Essences are Made and Used

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Making the Mother Essence
The process of making a flower essence involves clean fresh water, usually spring although some people choose to use distilled water. The choosen water is then placed in a clean clear glass bowl in direct sunlight. Then fresh pick blossoms from the plant species are placed in the bowl of water. And then the water, blossoms and bowl is placed in full sunlight for a minimum of 3 hours. After 3 hours the water is decanted into an amber glass jar with an equal amount of brandy. Brandy stabilizes the vibration of the essence and prevent the growth of bacteria in the essence water. This is a mother essence, from the mother essence stock bottles are prepared.

Stock Bottles
To make a stock bottle a few drops of mother essence are added to a neutral solution of water and brandy. Stock bottles are usually prepared in 1 or 1/2 ounce bottles. When you buy flower essences in the store or on line you are purchasing flower essences at the stock level. Stock bottles are sometimes used directly, though if you are using a few essences at a time it is best to combine your stock essences into a dosage bottle.

Dosage Bottle
Dosage bottles are the perfect way to administer and use a variety essences at one time without having to unscrew the cap a few stock bottles a few times a day. To make a dosage bottle add 2-4 drops of the stock essence to a neutral solution of water and brandy, in 1/2-1 ounce amber glass dropper bottle. I personally prefer 1/2 bottles as they last 4 weeks when used 3-4 times a day. The 4 week period is a good cycle when using flower remedies, after 4 weeks it is time to re-evaluate the formula and decide if you still need the essences. When administering essences always keep the pipette clean, don’t touch it with your fingers, mouth, tongue or teeth. Preventing contamination keeps the integrity of the essence at its most potent vibration.

Cost Effective Solution
One of the goals of Essence Alchemy is provide people with the flower remedies they need to make a dosage bottle. The retail cost of stock bottles range from $8 to $12 a bottle and if you need 5 essences this can start adding up. Essence Alchemy is designed in a user friendly way to help you find the flower remedies you need to design your own dosage bottle for a fraction of the cost if you were to purchase each remedy individually.

Essences for All your Needs
I offer you a variety of major brands of flower essences as they cover a wide range of issues and are all well researched remedies. The brands include the original 38 Bach Flower Remedies, Flower Essence Society (FES), Delta Gardens medicinal herb set and Woodland Essence forrest floor, shrub, tree and at risk plant flower essences. I also have the complete set of Australian Bush Essences.

Help Choosing the Right Remedies
I also offer a variety of consultation options to help you receive the essences that will best suit your needs.  Visit the Personal Consultation page to learn more.

Flower Essences for Sexuality and Shyness

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Flower essences are great for addressing the emotional issues related to sex and feeling comfortable with sex and sexuality. This is such a powerful area for people and often times there is a lot of hurt, pain and confusion around sex and sexuality. Flower essences are an excellent balm to heal sexual trauma and to enhance our comfortability with this powerful aspect of ourselves.

As you read this post you may decide you want to try these essences. The best way to start using these essences is to create a Personal Formula with up to 7 flower essences that best address your needs. And, to simplify this process we have an option for you. It is the Your Personal Formula option. This option allows you to mix and match the essences of your choice into one bottle. This bottle is a personal dosage bottle.

So after you read through the descriptions for Flower Essences for Sexuality and shyness and choose the essences you want to start using, select the Your Personal Formula option. Then simply type the essences you want into the space provide, follow the checkout process to completion and we will mail your custom formula to you in a prompt and timely manner.

Your Personal Formula 
Price: $17.95

Basil: FES
Basil helps one integrate sexuality with spirituality, facilitating a positive sexual expression based on acknowledging the sacredness of sexuality. Great for marital stress and clandestine sexual behavior. This essence is also helpful for those with a strong attraction to pornography and debased, destructive sexual expressions. This essence is very healing to human sexual expression helping us to see that sex is not sinful or unspiritual but is part of a greater spiritual expression of being human.

Billy Goat Plum: Australian Bush
This essence treats feelings of shame around sex, for those who feel it is dirty. Helpful for shame, self disgust and self loathing and feelings of uncleanliness after sex.

Blackberry Lily: Delta Gardens
For releasing unconscious or unresolved problems concerning past relationships. For treating deep fears around sexuality and treating sexual trauma from rape, abuse or molestation.

Crab Apple: Bach
For feeling unclean after sex. Crab apple helps to clear the feelings of being dirty.

Flannel Flower: Australian Bush
This essence is for those who are uncomfortable with emotional intimacy and physical touch. It promotes gentleness and sensitivity and enhances this aspect in sexual relationships.

Hibiscus: FES
Warmth and responsiveness in sexuality; integration of soul warmth and bodily passion. Helps when there is an inability to enjoy sexual experiences; lack of warmth due to abuse or exploitation.

Jewel Weed: Delta Gardens
For fear of closeness; fear of being touched; fears surrounding sexuality.

Sticky Monkeyflower: FES
This essence balances the integration of human warmth and sexual intimacy; it helps one to express deep feelings of love and connectedness, especially in sexual relationships. Helpful when there is a fear of intimacy, repressed sexual feelings and an inability to experience warmth in sexual experiences.

Wisteria: Australian Bush
This essence works to clear negative beliefs around sexuality. It helps bring ease, enjoyment and openness to ones sexuality. It is great for frigidity in women and machoness in men. Enhance sensuality.