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Flower Essences for Happiness

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flower essences for happinessWhat are the flower essences for happiness? Is there a flower essence for happiness? The answer is yes and no, there are many flower essences for happiness. And, there is no single essence for happiness for everyone. Before we get into a discussion of flower essences for happiness lets take a deep look. In my work as a flower essence therapist I’ve found it helpful to first clear negativity and from there support my clients to build happiness.

First Clear Negative Energy

Negative energy is dense, heavy and at cross purpose to the lighter emotions of happiness and joy. To really assist my clients and be of true service I have developed the “Negative Energy Release Process”. I developed this process because the core of negativity needs to first be addressed before other work can begin. Often by simply clearing this core piece of negativity happiness naturally arises.

What is the Negative Energy Release Process?

It is a simple process where I use a diagnostic sheet to identify the core negative factors and possible co-factors underlying the negative energy in your life.  This can range from negative beliefs all the way to entities or attachments. I also identify blocked chakras, lodged traumas, obstructed meridians and more. Once all this information is gather I  identify the essences needed to clear the negativity.

Once the essences are selected I administer one dose of each essence. Then I guide the essences deep into the system using a hands on healing technique which lasts 20 minutes. This process can also be used for distance healing similar to the way Reiki can be administered from a distance.


They include a general feeling of lightness, improved relationships, a more optimistic outlook and a sense of being free from obstructions. The Negative Energy Release Process can help just about everyone. At some degree on some level there is negativity blocking us from experiencing happiness and expressing our full potential.

Would you like to clear the negativity in your life?

Please contact me directly if you are interested in this process. I work with clients all over the country and I have used this technique to help my phone clients as well as my in person clients. This powerful process can make a dramatic improvement in the quality of your life. I can be reached at 805-633-0094, treatments last 1 hour and are $125.00.

After this process I then work with my clients to identify the flower essences for happiness that will best support their personal growth.

Flower essence to Make You Cry

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Did you ever just want to cry? You ever feel the urge in you for no reason a longing to shed some tears? Tears that have been with you for a long time. It is kind of a funny feeling to want to cry but feel unable. This happens when emotions build up, go unexpressed and become pressurized. When we honor this feeling to shed tears it has the power to a profound place of relief.

Grief, sadness, longing are emotions our society doesn’t properly acknowledge. They don’t fit the mechanized way our culture operates, frankly they are disruptive to the status quo. Imagine sitting at your desk balling like a child? What would your boss think? How would you feel? It is a raw place to be and when we feel raw like that we want comfort, protection, sanctuary.

Instead of acknowledging this place we forge ahead with Puritanical grit. Thank god for flower essences! Flower essences are our allies in this emotional domain, these uncharted water deep below our skin. As a world we are comfortable with exploring what’s outside and we’ve forgotten about the rich territory within. Our heart and soul are the final frontier for that is where infinity lies.

I want to share with you a few flower essence to help you get in touch with your emotions.

Marshmallow: this flower essence softens hardened personalities and emotions. It is wonderful to help you find the soft space inside of yourself.

Onion: this flower essence addresses repressed emotions, it is for releasing sadness and helps with all stages of the grieving process.

Sturt Desert Pea: a powerful Bush essence for healing deep pain and sadness. It will help you to release these emotions and bring deep healing at a soul level.

Milk Thistle: this flower essence helps us let go of deep anger. Often times anger is the surface emotion to sadness. It helps to clear feelings which block the flow of love.

Star of Bethlehem: this essence is a softener, it will help to soothe any deep emotional pain from the past or present. It is like a tender mother, comforting and nurturing.

Red Frangipani: this is another Bush essence, it also soothes and helps you to feel calm and peaceful. It is a wonderful essence that supports the process of grieving and letting go. It protects us while we are in a raw emotional state.

This would make a wonderful combination for anyone interested in getting in touch with their feelings. This essence combination support the healthy releasing of tears and sadness. Shedding long held tears brings so much freedom to the body, mind and spirit. It opens up space inside of us and allows us greater access to our true feelings.

Use the “Your Personal Formula” option to create this formula for yourself

Price: $17.95

I know that many people are afraid that sadness will overtake them and they won’t be able to stop crying once they start. But in my experience 20 minutes is usually the time it takes to move through a deep cry that has been held in for years. And, once your are finished crying you will feel refreshed, cleansed and renewed.

I am here to welcome your tears, your healthy grieving that you’ve been holding on to for years. By allowing yourself to cry you are giving permission to discover the uncharted territory within. Welcome intrepid travels to the uncharted waters of your soul. I offer you this flower essence combination as an ally in your exploration. It will be your search light as you dive deep. Welcome to the ocean of your soul!

Bach Flower Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction Formula

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bach flower remedies for erectile dysfunctionBach flower remedies can help many of the causes behind erectile dysfunction. In this post I will outline the top flower essences to clear the emotional and mental states behind erectile dysfunction. And, I will tell you which flower remedies are needed to overcome erectile dysfunction. I will out line Bach flower remedies for erectile dysfunction and flower essences from other producers.

Bach Flower Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Number one of all the Bach flower remedies for erectile dysfunction is Larch flower essence. This potent remedy builds strength and confidence. It will help you grow strong and overcome low energy and sagging confidence. It will clear past feelings of inferiority and promote strength and confidence to grow past prior limitations.

Next on the list of Bach flower remedies for erectile dysfunction is Olive flower essence. This essence is for emotional and physical exhaustion often these factors impair our ability to perform. Olive flower essence has a general strengthening effect on the body and mind. It is a wonderful flower essence for treating any kind of weakness.

From the Bach flower essence system Larch and Olive are the two best Bach flower remedies for erectile dysfunction. Here are a few other flower essences to add to the list of Bach flower remedies for erectile dysfunction.

Crowea: This Australian Bush flower essence promotes deep peace and calm. It soothes the emotions and calms worries regarding performance.

Five Corners: This amazing Bush flower essence builds self confidence at a deep core level. It promotes a powerful sense of self rooted in self love. It clears sub conscious sabotage patterns interfering with sexual performance.

Mountain Pride: This flower essence promotes forthright masculine energy. The type of internal energy needed to transform any situation. It is a powerful remedy which works deeply in the system to bring out potent masculine qualities.

Purchase this formula of Flower Remedies for Sexual Performance. 
Price: $21.95
This formula includes Crowea, Five Corners, Larch, Mountain Pride and Olive flower essences.

This combination should be used 3-5 times a day. It can also be applied topically to the affected area. Used consistently this safe all natural formula will help build the confidence and energy needed for a healthy male system.

Flower Essences for PMS

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flower essences for pmsWith a name like Mark you might guess I’m not female. But, I have dated women, so I know the challenge that PMS and menstruation present. Being that I am a loving, giving partner I have sought to ameliorate the suffering those around me experience with regards to PMS and menstrual discomfort. My research via the help of a lovely girlfriend has led to this list of  flower essences for PMS.


Top Flower Essences for PMS:

Pomegranate: The pomegranate fruit is strongly related to the feminine and it is often associated with fertility and abundance. The fruit’s luscious ruby colored seeds produce a satisfying red juice which resembles blood. There is a strong symbolic connection between this fruit and the womb. Of all the flower essences for PMS, Pomegranate may be the most central one to the formula. Historically the fruit has been associated with the uterus, fertility and abundance. This flower essence is great for all manner of female imbalances it helps to balance the female organs and root chakra. It thus helps to stabilize the menstrual process and related emotions.

Rescue Remedy: This is the quintessential emergency remedy it will help you to remain steady and calm with the intense and disorienting feelings related to your monthly cycle.

Dogbane: This is a powerful flower essence for PMS, it is for moments when great courage is needed to overcome a challenging confronting situation. This essence works well for intense menstrual discomfort.

Lady’s Mantle: This flower essence helps to balance many aspects of the feminine psyche and it helps with clarity of thought. It is very useful during intense moments of the monthly cycle.

She Oak: This Australian Bush remedy is used for all manner of female issues related to the reproductive system. She oak has been used to assist with female hormonal imbalances and recent research indicates it is useful for anxiety related to female hormonal imbalances.*

It is best to use these essences in a formula. Begin taking the formula as soon as you notice challenges and discomfort setting in. Continue to use the formula throughout your cycle, consistent use of this formula will help create greater balance in the long term.

Purchase the Flower Essences for PMS Formula
Price: $17.95

*She Oak Research

May Newsletter

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May Flower Essence News

We are now officially in Spring a very exciting time indeed! We have moved from the introverted energy of winter to the extroverted energy of spring. Spring has always been one of my favorite seasons, simply because Spring time energy signals a re-awakening on many levels. And we can harness this energy to re-birth ourselves and make a fresh start.

Flower Essence Therapy – New Clients Special

Mark-flower-photoPersonal Consultations are a great way to receive the support you need to re-birth and re-awaken your divine potential. I cherish the work I do with my clients and I continue to offer them the best of myself in service to what they need. You may want to ask yourself, do you want support in your life? And, have you considered the importance of being heard with compassion?

If you would like a new level of support I suggest a flower essence therapy session. There is much you can gain from flower essence therapy. Flower essence therapy is useful for  addressing issues of low self-esteem, anxiety, fear, trauma and increasing enjoyment in life. For the month of May I am offering a new client special off $20.00 off your first flower essence consultation. Please contact me directly to receive this discount, I can be reached at (805) 633-0094 or by e-mail:

What’s in the May Essence Alchemy Newsletter?

  • FREE VIAL OF CHAKRA CLEARING OIL with all orders over $50.00
  • Elemental Garden Remedies a new line of potent remedies
  • Money Plant, Ti Plant and Mountain Apple Flower Essences
  • Coupon Code: MAY 20% off all product orders over $35.00
  • Make a Personal Formula with Australian Bush Essences

Chakra Clearing Oil

This is a very special oil, the recipe was passed down to me from my teacher. I was told that I was not allowed to sell this oil but I can give it away. This is the first time I am offering this to the public. The oil contains African Sandalwood and potent gem essences and it was charged for a full moon cycle using special directions. I have been using this oil with great success. Simply apply a small amount to a chakra you feel is blocked, massaging it into the skin in a clockwise direction.

This oil is not for sale but I am giving a small vial away with all purchases over $50.00.

I am excited to introduce: ElementalGarden Remedies. These are flower essences that I’ve been  researching for the past 8 years. The flower essenes in this collection were made in Mt. Shasta, France, Hawaii and California. They cover a wide range and have many useful applications, below is a list of some customer favorites from the collection.

Money Plant
This essence has a few functions: one of the most notable is its effect on self esteem, it works to build and foster feelings of worthiness. This is the first step towards realizing abundance and success, feeling worthy of it. This essence helps us to feel and know our worth, which is also helpful with stopping self destructive habits.

The second is a perceptual shift towards money, it helps to shift our awareness about money and how we use it in our life. One of the ways it does this is by helping us to realize that we can experience happiness. That it is not related to how much or how little money we have. Another way it helps to foster prosperity is by changing the way we identify with money. Money is an energy represented by dollar bills and coins. When we get stuck limiting our believes to only dollar bills and coins this essence helps to remind us that money is universal energy and universal energy is always available.

The multi faceted way this essence works is builds self esteem and feelings of worthiness. It helps us to re-connect with money on an energetic level as well as physical. It also helps us shift any negative believes we have about money. Helping us have a more relaxed, positive and enjoyable relationship with money. Purchase Money Plant Flower Essence.

Before you call in your abundance with Money Plant, clear out your negativity, low vibrations and negative feelings with Ti Plant Flower Essence.

ti plantTi Plant Flower Essence
Ti Plant Cordyline terminalis ‘Clears the Path to Power’ casting off low, sluggish energy which drains us physically, emotionally and mentally. It restores integrity to positive train of thought. It also offers protection from obsessive thoughts and carries more light into the body. Ti strengthens our willpower.

This plant was brought to Hawaii by the Polynesian settlers hundreds of years ago. The ti plant had many uses in Hawaiian culture, it was used to wrap food, as fabric, ‘grass’ skirts were made from woven ti leaves. The plant is also reported to protect ones property from Pele’s lava flow, spiritually it was used to break hexes, bring good luck and protection. Purchase Ti Plant Flower Essence.

Mountain Apple 2Mountain Apple Flower Essence
To support all the new changes you are making use Mt. Apple flower essence. This is a new and exciting flower essence from the island of Kauai. It has been in research for the past 3 years and I am happy to start offering this to the public. Mountain Apple flower essence cleanses the energy field and begins the process of helping us to ‘unhook’ from old energy patterns. It works in a toriodal fashion, there is a flow of energy that comes down through the center and out the bottom. It circulates in this spinning fashion to clear stuck energy.

The essence of Mountain Apple is great to use during any times of change, transformation and cleansing. It helps keep a fresh flow of energy moving through your field. It will help you to ‘unhook’ from old energy patterns and ways of being.

Clears patterns and imprints from the energy field, cleansing limiting imprints from the past. Helps us move forward into new rolls and states of being that we choose and that are not imposed. A very useful essence for helping to break free from old influences, clears debris from the energy field that anchor one to ways that are in cross purpose with the direction we want life to go. Purchase Mountain Apple Flower Essence.

May Special
20% off all product orders over $35.00.
Use Coupon Code: MAY

Australian Bush Flower Essences

There have been a lot of changes in my life and a lot of changes here at Essence Alchemy. I have added all of the wonderful Australian Bush Essences to the list of essences to add to Your Personal Bottle.

Personal FormulaMaking a a Personal Flower Essence Formula is easy, add the option to your shopping cart. Then type your essence selection into the space provide, checkout, pay and your bottle will be shipped to you promptly. Click here to get started. The Your Personal Bottle option allows you to design a formula with up to 7 different remedies. This hand tailored approach is a great way to get the combination of remedies you want.

Thank you for taking to the time to read this newsletter I hope you enjoyed it. And, if you have any questions about flower essences just send me an e-mail and I will be happy to help.


Clearing the Past

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bottlebrushMaking a clean break with the past is sometimes hard to do. Our emotions are easily attached to particular people, places and times. It is nice to reminisce but when we need to move on we need to move on. So much is changing in my life and the lives of many people I meet. So much is changing in society as well and things are changing rapidly.

This leaves us the choice of holding on or letting go. While it maybe easy to say just let go, we all know it is hard to do sometimes. Letting go is like a process of unraveling and we need to follow it through to the end.

All the change and need to let go prompted me to formulate a very specific flower essence combination to help us yield to the forces of change. This special blend of essences is designed to help insulate us as we move through our process, cut ties that are no longer needed and help us to emotionally engage in the present. It is also designed to put us in contact with our higher selves and allow that to guide us through our process.

This blend can be of benefit to so many people right now, that is why I am pleased to bring this product to the public. This blend should be used for a minimum of two weeks at least twice a day, preferably 3 times a day. You will be amazed by power of this formula to bring you out of the past and into the present moment. It will help you to rest your thoughts and release the ties that no longer serve you.

Clearing the Past flower essence blend

Price: $14.95

Flower Essence Therapy a New Healing Dynamic

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flower essence therapyFlower essences present a completely new dynamic in the therapeutic area. Flower essence therapy offers healing and builds a bridge which spans from the heart of nature to the human heart and soul. The dynamics and dimensions flower essences cover offers a healing beyond what most of us are used to in the west.

Flower Essence Therapy

The healing potential of flower essence therapy moves beyond categories we are familiar with. It moves into the realm of soul healing and re-uniting with our divinity as the source for healing.We are conditioned to looking towards remedial treatments in terms of their effects on the physical level. But what if there was a tool that carried a vibration that influenced our emotions, mind and spirit? And this tool then brought about healing on all levels?

Flower essences are that tool and using them therapeutically is a relatively new field of research. FES, the Flower Essence Society has done amazing work in this area. Other notable researchers in this field include David Dalton of Delta Gardens, Steve Johnson of Alaskan Essences and Ian White of the Australian Bush Remedies.

The focus of flower essence therapy is to bring about true healing through the use of flower remedies. Flower essences are not a novelty and they have tremendous healing capacity when used in the proper context. Flower essence therapy is best approached as team work, with the client working with a trained practitioner. A trained practitioner has the objectivity needed to properly assess the clients situation. Then an accurate combination of remedies can be made for the client.

While flower essence therapy is a new field it is growing and you will begin to see and hear about it more and more. Flower essences are a safe way to deal with troubling emotions and emotional conditions such as depression, trauma release and anxiety.

I have studied the field of flower essence therapy for the past 15 years, my main teacher has been David Dalton. And, I am certified through the Northeast Flower Essence Co-Operative. If you are looking to work with flower essences in a therapeutic fashion, I am available for consultation over the phone or in person.

Curing Porn Addiction Naturally

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internet porn addictionInternet porn addiction is pervasive and more corrosive than other forms pornography. Flower essences offer a natural cure for this behavior while addressing the deep underlying emotional causes.

Underlying reasons behind internet porn addiction:

  1. Feelings of unworthiness
  2. Lack of belief in ability to receive love
  3. Fear that their needs will never be met
  4. Belief that sex is the most important need

These four factors that lead to porn addiction are from the work of Dr. Patrick Carnes a known specialist on sex addiction.

I want to show you how you can begin to use flower essences to address the emotions  underneath the behavior. Emotional issues precede behavior and when feelings of unworthiness, fear, compulsion and lack of self love are not addressed one can easily fall back into addiction.

So how do you properly address internet porn addiction? One good step to take is to put a filter on your computer which will block access to the websites you frequent. This is the first practical step to curing internet porn addiction. Now we can begin to look at the emotional aspects to this imbalance.

Flower Essences for Treating Internet Porn Addiction

This essence is perfect for sex and porn addiction, these addictions compartmentalize behavior and creates an unconscious struggle. Basil flower essence helps the soul to release its struggle with and free the person from indulging in clandestine behavior. Basil flower essence helps a person to integrate sexuality into life in a healthy way.

This essence treats psychic toxicity from an indulgence in overly graphic sensory stimulation. Use Chaparral flower essence to clear the effects of mental toxicity caused by on overload of graphic imagery.

Crab Apple
Use this for feelings of dirtiness and uncleanliness. This essence is excellent to use when you need to break the cycle of any obsessive/compulsive behavior.

Mariposa Lily
Healing for those who’ve been abused and to regain innocence

Missouri Primrose
This is an amazing essence for developing worthiness and self esteem.

Money Plant
This is another flower essence for worthiness. It is also useful for those who don’t see the spiritual side of life and are caught only in the gross physical world of the senses.

Use this flower essence for feelings of shame, especially if there are guilt imprints which drive your behavior.

Self Heal
Healing from porn addiction as with any healing we need to draw on the deep inner resources we already have. Self heal flower essence helps us to help ourselves in a positive way.

Sticky Monkeyflower
This flower essence treats repressed sexuality and inappropriate sexual behavior. It brings back the natural human warmth to sex and sexuality. Sticky monkeyflower is very healing in the realm of human sexuality.

Any of these flower essences can be used alone or in combination to address porn addiction. To make your own personal combination use our “Your Personal Formula” option. This allows you to blend up to seven essences into a single treatment bottle.
Price: $17.95

Flower Essences for Motivation

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flower essences for motivationIt is easy to use flower essences for motivation and direction. Flower essences can help to activate the will forces needed to accomplish any goal.

Many people find that motivation can lag for a number of reasons. This can happen when you have reached a goal and now feel flat or you may be at a crossroads and feel a bit aimless. Or you could be suffering from lethargy due over use of your will forces. Motivation can be lacking simply because we are not challenged or fulfilled. At these junctures  flower essences for motivation can help. Because flower essences for motivation bring forth the fiery will forces needed to burn through dross.

Flower Essences for Motivation

Blackberry – Blackberry flower essence is one of the best flower essences for motivation. It sparks the will into action to help you move from the dreaming phase to the doing phase.

Hornbeam – This flower essence for motivation helps when lethargy has set in. The lethargy hornbeam flower essence addresses is the result of over use the mind and disconnection from fulfilling work. If your lethargy is due to a soul draining vocation consider hornbeam to help you move towards greater fulfillment.

Silver Princess – This is a wonderful flower essence for motivation. It comes to us from the Australian Bush Essence set and it is key to helping  you find and move towards your life purpose.

Wild Oat – This flower essence for motivation is a fulcrum remedy a pivotal change essence. In the repertory of flower essences for motivation wild oat helps you to find direction. It is for those who are at a loss to finding a career path to commit to.

Wild Rose – Wild rose is a premiere flower essence for motivation, it helps you to overcome apathy, listlessness and resignation.

Flower Essences for Motivation to Activate the Fire Principal

These flower essences for motivation deserve their own category based upon their fiery nature. You will notice these three flower essences are common spices.

Cayenne – Cayenne flower essence activates and mobilizes will forces. This will help when there is stagnation it will be a great compliment to any of the essences already listed.

Habanero – Similar to Cayenne, Habanero flower essence works deeper in the system. This flower essence will help to clear trauma and other blocked energy. This flower essence for motivation will help to clear the subconscious. Often there are emotions that conflict with our process of growth and they cause lethargy.

Horseradish – Are you interested in clearing the more conscious emotions that inhibit your motivation? Horseradish will help you effectively clear obstacles. When using this essence it is good to have a goal that you are pursuing. It is a wonderful essence to coax you to action.

You can use any one of these flower essences for motivation in combination. These essences compliment each other and a formula with 3-5 of these essences will lead to major breakthroughs.

Any of these flower essences can be added to Your Personal Bottle

Price: $17.95

This option allows you to craft a formula of up to 7 essences. Simply choose the essences you want and we will make the bottle for you.

Flower Essences for Abundance – Part One

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flower essences for abundanceFlower Essences for Abundance is a 3 part series. In this series I will detail 3 areas that are important to address when using flower essences for abundance.

The many factors underlying abundance make choosing flower essences for abundance an opportuinty for self discovery.  The first area to be examined in the quest relates to clearing negativity and removing poverty consciousness. In Part 2 we will look at the importance of inspiration, self-esteem, self-worth and motivation. Then in Part 3 we will examine how to more fully identify with the positive aspects of ourselves and the importance of gratitude.

Using flower essences for abundance invites you to try on new perspectives. Often they are an invitation from your Higher Self, inviting you to live in a new paradigm.

The Flower Essences for Abundance series is designed to empower to look into areas of life that aren’t working and make the changes you desire. If you have any questions in regards to this process or would like more a personalized consultation feel free to e-mail me at

Flower Essences for Abundance

Ti Plant- this is a powerful universal clearing essence; it works to clear negativity from the mind, cut cords and clear our “path to power”.  This essence is highly beneficial for all aspects of clearing.


Goldenseal-   This essence works to clear out the subconscious helping one to release obsessive thinking patterns and blocks.


Southern Cross- This essence is used to treat poverty consciousness and victim mentality


Gentian-  This essence treats despondency after a setback.


Bluebell-  This essence is for those who dwell in negativity, trouble cycling out of grumpiness and cynicism.


Borage-  This is an uplifting essence which helps us to feel more buoyant when feeling down.


Ruby Sunflower – to change negative feelings about money and wealth, for those who equate money and pain.


Beech-  This essence heals feelings a bitterness.


Witch Hazel-  This essence offers lightness and hope in times of darkness and anxiety; it helps to lift us out depressed moods.


Starflower- This essence helps on to balance both light and dark aspects of the personality, offering protection from negative influences.


 Pennyroyal- This essence helps to release from our own negative thought patterns by stopping the recycling of these thoughts in the energy field.


Wild Rose-  This essence helps us to overcome apathy and ambivalence, it helps one to regain an interest in life. Useful when feeling chronically flat or dull.


*Pine- This essence is for clearing feeling of guilt and self blame, very useful when clearing negative patterns.


Holly-  This essence is amazing for clearing out anger, jealousy, rage and other related emotions, holly fosters greater love for mankind.


Willow-  This essence heals feelings of resentment, this acrid emotion does cause blockages in our ability to feel positive and grateful.

 All of the essences listed above are available to include in a “Your Personal Formula” dosage bottle.  
Price: $17.95

In the clearing process it is recommended that you review your thoughts and feelings regarding money and your own self worth. Using flower essences for abundance can greatly shift how you view life and yourself.  When undertaking the use of flower essences for abundance you need to clear out the negativity. Start with this selection of flower essences first.

Part two coming soon.

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