Calm Flower Essence Formula


Price: $12.00

The Calm flower essence formula is a blend of 5 flower essences which support the nervous system. The word calm can be used as an adjective, noun or verb. As an adjective calm means: not showing or feeling nervousness, anger, or other emotions. As a noun calm means: the absence of violent or confrontational activity within a place or group. And as a verb calm means: to make or become tranquil or quite; soothe.

The Calm Flower Essence Formula supports us to become more tranquil. It has a soothing vibration to help alleviate nervousness, anger and agitated emotions. The Calm Flower Essence Formula can help us unwind and prepare for sleep. It works well taken just before bed. For added support try rubbing a few drops on the heart meridian.

This formula is great for children. It also combines well with the Protection Blend and Tension Release formula.

The 5 Essences in the Calm Flower Essence Formula

Blue Cornflower: This flower essence essence offers relaxation support by assisting the nervous system in regaining balance and calm. It is useful when we are troubled by anxiety, heaviness and gloom. Blue cornflower flower essence has a particularly inspiring energy to help overcome existential dissatisfaction.

Catchfly Gentian: This flower essence settles and centers the mind. It is used to still worry, anxious thoughts and other patterns which keep us from being centered.

Comfrey: This flower essence is an excellent tonic for the entire energy system. It supports deep calm and unwinding of ingrained tension and stress.

Lavender: Like the oil of lavender the lavender flower essence helps with calming the nervous system. Lavender flower essence helps the body, mind and nervous system during times of stress, acute anxiety and when feeling restless. The soothing energy of lavender flower essence is a balm to the frazzled system.

Motherwort: This flower essence carries the qualities of stability, softness and protection. The energy of motherwort flower essence helps us feel grounded and safe. These feelings support relaxation and calm.

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