Horned Bladderwort Flower Essence

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images-1Horned bladderwort is a carnivorous plant that grows in bogs, swamps and moist places. The Essence Alchemy Bladderwort flower essence was made in the Pine Barrens in Southern New Jersey. The Pine Barrens is a fascinating eco- system and the largest area of undeveloped land between NYC and Washington DC. It is also home to one of the largest aquifers in the world, holding trillions of gallons of pure water.


Horned Bladderwort Flower Essence – Seeing Through Deception

Horned bladderwort flower essence opens pathways to clear seeing. It helps to clarify perception. Perception deals with how we understand and interpret something. It is an important function of the ‘seeing process’. There are many things that can alter our perception and one of them is trauma, particularly trauma where the person has been lied to and deceived. This essence helps those who have been lied to and deceived in the past and end up attracting people who lie to them now. It is good for people who are deceived often and have a hard time perceiving the truth.

The trauma of distortion, deception, and lies is pervasive. We seem to live in a world where the distortion of facts has become the norm. This creates a field of illusion and many people feel unable to perceive and trust the motives of others.

Horned bladderwort flower essence strengthens the conscious mind’s ability to pierce through lies and illusion. Horned bladderwort flower essence supports deep clarity, and helps us shed limiting beliefs, false beliefs, and old ways of being. It gives us the support we need to make clear decisions based on inner truth.

Horned Bladderwort flower essence helps us let go of fear and release suppressed emotions. It supports confidence and discernment. This essence will help expose any falsehood in a situation or relationship we are in. This is an appropriate essence for our time, when lies, ‘alternative facts’, and manipulation are rampant. Horned bladderwort will aid in healing trauma and preventing re-traumatization.

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The Power of Intuition

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“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” Ram Dass

Over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday I spent 5 days in silent retreat. It is something I like to do each year. I find it helps me get clear, release the past and connect deeper with my inner wisdom. I find silence to be a priceless gift that offers a clear space to be able to hear my own quite voice within.

For the first 24 hours the silence can feel uncomfortable and awkward. Then as the mind settles a natural peace and inner knowing arises. In the silence I began to sense the world from a deeper place within. A strong feeling of interconnection, serendipity, and precognition became a natural part of my days. This ordinary yet seemingly esoteric experience I was having is called intuition.

Transitioning from the sanctuary of retreat to the ‘outside’ world I became aware of the noise. It is loud when humans come together. No judgement just an observation. On top of that we have billboards (visual noise), cell phones, texting, tweeting and so on (psychic noise) to contend with.

In a noisy world, the Intuition formula can enhance your life in a deep and authentic way. Being connected to your inner wisdom is enriching and empowering. I designed the Intuition formula to strengthen your connection with your inner wisdom. This potent blend of 6 flower essences supports inner certainty, clarity and a strong connection to your Higher Self.

The Intuition blend contains the following flower essences.

Beargrass: strengthens your ability to access inner wisdom

Bellflower: supports certainty and trust in your intuition

Blue Columbine: strengthens your connection with your higher self

Horned Bladderwort: helps you to see through lies and deception

Monkshood: supports clairvoyance and prognostication and spiritual trust

Queen Anne’s Lace: prevents distortion of your intuitive and psychic perceptions

Price: $12.00

Space Clearing & Removing Obstacles Webinar

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GaneshThis webinar will teach you how to conduct a thorough space clearing ceremony. You will learn how to clear your home of foreign energy, entities and consciousness using the power of flower essences in a focused dynamic way.

The space we live and work in hold a lot of energy. Conducting regular Space Clearing can improve our life in a number of ways. Experience shows it can help us feel more relax, improve productivity, support mental clarity, help with sleep, creativity, and move stuck energy.

Learn how to clear entities, attachments, energetic parasites, and clear the remnants of old emotional residue from your home or place of business. Space clearing is invaluable for therapists, healers, body workers, or anyone who works closely with others.


Price: $100.00

Date: October 2nd, 2016 – 11am to 12:30pm Pacific Standard Time

Price includes: $90 worth of Space Clearing supplies and

-90 minute webinar
Detailed description of the Space Clearing Protocol
Notes from webinar
Three 4oz Space Clearing Sprays
Detox, Protection and White Sage Spray $75 Value
One 2oz bottle of Limited Edition French Clearing Spray $15 Value
1 Bee’s wax votive candle

Flower Essences for Focus

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Focus can be a tricky thing in this information saturated world ww live in.  I have always had a Mercurial mind which makes focus even more challenging. I have also found flower essences to be a great aid for when I need to focus. The word focus is defined as the center of interest or activity, an act of concentrating interest or activity on something. Are there times when you need help with focus? If so you will deeply enjoy this formula.

The flower essences for focus formula will help you concentrate, complete tasks, stay centered and not get overwhelmed . This formula is perfect for students, writers, actors or anyone needing help with focus. Children and adults with attention disorders would enjoy this formula. Use this formula to help with study, focus, and comprehension.

The Flower Essences for Focus Formula

Clematis: This essence keeps the mind focused preventing it from drifting away. It acts like an anchor to keep us present with the task at hand.

Lemon: This essence impacts the mind in a fresh and positive way. It strengthens our left brain the logical and analytical side. A strong left brain helps us grasp mathematical concepts and computer skills with more ease. It also helps the mind stay open and flexible.

Margarite: This flower essence helps us to synthesize information and give us a cohesive understanding of large concepts. It helps to bring information into a focus for deeper understanding and integration.

Rabbitbrush: This flower essence helps us to hold a center of focus while maintaining awareness of the periphery. It helps us to manage diverse aspects of project or topic and not be overwhelmed. Rabbitbrush is the flower for multi task support.

Speedwell: This flower essence brings a clarity to the mind and supports better interface with the upper chakras. This allows higher inspiration to be infused into learning and studying.

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Price: $12.00

This formula comes in a 15ml stock bottle. It is suitable for dilution to the dosage level.

Flower Essences for Joy

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mount shasta flower essencesJoy Spray 4oz and Stock Bottle 20%
Price: $27.96

The flower essences for Joy formula and Joy Spray nourish the human energy system.The energy of joy lightens the human heart and buoys the soul. Joy is a partner to deep healing and inner freedom.

The flower essences for Joy increase emotional resilience and strengthen the spirit. Without such resilience we are more susceptible to pessimism, gloom, and despair.

The flower essences in the Joy formula support access to feelings of pleasure, humor, ease, and happiness. This formula is useful for issues of social anxiety, sexual anxiety, and concern regarding our desire nature. Those who are easily agitated, slightly depressed, and hyper sensitive would also benefit from this formula.

The Flower Essences for Joy Formula

Autumn Onion: This essence helps us to access the lighter side of our nature. It carries an uplifting vibration that is soothing, nurturing and playful. It offers comfort in times of darkness.

Blue Flax: This essence supports the release of emotional and mental constriction. With this essence we can more easily shed old patterns which prevent us from being nourished by relaxation.

Clementine: A simple and joyful essence exemplified in the tasty fruit this tree bears. Clementine flower essence supports alignment of the physical and emotional bodies. This provides structure and grounding for greater peace, ease, and joy.

Scarlet Gilia: This essence helps you to relate to pleasure with more ease and grace. It is good for social anxiety and relieves tension from emotional complexes related to pleasure. It helps you accept and integrate your desire nature in a healthy balanced manner.

Zinnia: There is a child in all of us, a child not divorced from the adult. The zinnia essence puts us in touch with our child like nature. It restores  humor showing us that laughter is medicine.

The flower essences for Joy formula are useful for anyone. Those who suffer mild social anxiety, had a strict upbringing, are overly serious, or just want to bring more humor into their life, would enjoy this formula. The flower essences for Joy formula teach us that joy is not a far off condition but an embodied state. Children who are easily downcast would also benefit from the Joy formula.

The Soul of Home – Space Clearing to Honor the Home

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Last week I was interviewed by Rebeka Muir of Every Day Seeker about the space clearing work I do. Listen to  Podcast on Space Clearing. Click Here

Space Clearing work allows us to shift the energy of our space. Large amounts of our time are spent indoors. And the quality of our indoor atmosphere impacts our energy, state of mind, and emotions. Our spaces are designed to keep us contained, safe and held. And, when our homes feel good inside we feel good. The Space Clearing work I teach is to honor the home and its inhabitants.

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Moods, emotions, illness, our patterns and other peoples leave a residue in our space. Energy patterns attract similar energy patterns. Heaviness attracts more heaviness as well as entities, dark energies and so on. Conversely light energy attracts its compliments, health, angelic presences, relaxation and so on. We live in a dynamic universe with much happening in the unseen worlds. There are energies to support us, guides, angels, devas and so on. And, there are energies of entropy, inertia, and disease which don’t support us.

Over the years as my personal space clearing work was developing I could sense it impacting my life in ways I did not expect. I noticed my work would flow better, relationships improve, sleep improve and business would pick up. Slowly I became clued into something deeper happening. As I began to honor the soul and soil of the place I spend the most time life flowed more smoothly.

Honoring the home is a way to consciously engage with the Soul of your home. On March 20th 2016, the Spring Equinox you are invited to learn how to conduct on space clearing for your home. When you sign up for this webinar you will receive the tools you need to begin Space Clearing immediately.

Tuition includes three 4 ounce Space Clearing Sprays, one 2 ounce Spray, a beeswax candle and a personal clearing formula. The webinar will be 90 minutes and includes  time for questions. You are encouraged to register early so the supplies can be mailed to you before the class begins.

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Space Clearing Webinar

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On March 20th 2016, the Spring Equinox Essence Alchemy is offering the first in many online classes. The first webinar is focused on Space Clearing with Flower Essences and Essential Oils.  Spring is the time of renewal. The time to shake the old off and conduct a deep cleaning of your personal space. The perfect time for a deep energetic cleanse.

For years I have been using flower essences and essential oils to shift the energetics of my personal space. For thousands of years humans have been using plant materials to create sacred and hygienic environments. During the March 20th webinar you will learn how to conduct your own cleansing ceremony to support your personal goals. We will go beyond the process of purification known as smudging and include a wide variety of flower essences and oils.

By Space Clearing we honor the soul of our home.  The Soul of our home or place of work is often forgotten for the sake of efficiency and orderliness. But, we can feel when we enter a neglected space. It can feel heavy, dull, or inert. This can happen in our own home as well. And, there are times we enter a space that is honored and cared for. That space feels lifted, sacred and healthy this to can happen in our homes as well.

Space clearing is part of an ancient tradition one we seem to have forgotten. Over the centuries Space Clearing has taken many forms with each form drawing on the healing energy of nature. The Space Clearing work I was taught and teach draws upon the life giving vibrations of the plant spirits. The process involves establishing a partnership with Nature and combining that with our active engaged participation.  has a profound healing on our homes and lives.

Please join me March 20th at 11am pst and learn to be a steward to the Spirit of you home. Tuition includes all the materials you need plus a few extra support tools.

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New Years Flower Essence Class

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The new year is upon us and you are invited to participate in a transformative process for aligning your energy with your deepest intentions for 2016. This class is led by dharma teacher Deborah Eden Tull and flower essence therapist Mark D’Aquila.

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This workshop is a radically fresh approach to New Year’s “resolutions”. It will help you release limiting beliefs and align more fully with your authenticity and soul’s purpose. The power of awareness in combination with flower essence therapy offers an incredible platform for creating long-term sustainable change in your life.

Flower essences are tools for aligning our energy with our positive intentions. Flower essences accelerate our growth. They help us shed limiting beliefs and negative imprints that hide in our subconscious, psyche and in the deeper layers of our energy field. On January 24th my partner Deborah Eden Tull and I are offering a webinar about this topic. The webinar is called Awake in the New Year – Seeding Conscious Intentions for 2016.

The Seeding Conscious Intentions class involves meditation, writing, awareness exercises, flower essences, and facilitated group discussion. Each participant will leave with a personal intention, “map” for the year ahead, and a flower essence blend to energetically supports your growth. If you want to transition into the new year with clear intentions, aligned with your heart and supported by the plant world, this collaboration is not to be missed.

You will finish this workshop with a clear sense of completion for 2015 and a set of intentions and goals for 2016 and a personal flower essence formula. The flower essence formula will be mailed to you in a week.

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The Wisdom of Winter

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“In a way winter is the real spring, the time when the inner things happen, the resurge of nature.” –Edna O.Brien

Today is the winter solstice. The longest night of the year and the first official day of winter. Winter traditionally is an introspective season a time when mammals and plants hibernate. It is a time of  dormancy when we remain inactive or indoors for extended periods.

Winter is the season of rest and the rhythm of nature supports this. While the pace and duties of daily life may not slow down you may notice you’re craving more sleep and quiet. Honoring your craving for rest and quiet serves long term well being. In fact rest is crucial to replenishing our vital forces.

Winter Workshops to Support Inner Development

More and more people are turning to plants and flowers essences for support. Flower essences are a perfect healing tool for the inner landscape. And, by healing our inner wounds, limiting beliefs, traumas, and negative imprints, our outer world shifts. This January I will be presenting 3 workshops exploring inner healing and how to use flower essences to support inner growth. Sign up here:  Seeding Conscious Intentions for 2016.

Practices to Support Winter Rejuvenation

Winter is a good time for getting back in touch with oneself. The slowing down of outer activity  supports deeper listening to our own heart, soul and higher self. This can be a time of coming back to what’s important to living a healthy balanced life. Remembering we can find productivity in slowing down, glean wisdom from silence and energy from rest. Attuning with nature can help us make sense of the larger patterns of life. It also puts us in touch with the simplicity and connectedness of all life.

The cold and dark of winter invariably means we spend more time indoors. The general quiet of the season favors meditation and inner reflection. If you’ve been thinking of taking up a spiritual practice now is a good time. Some recommendations include restorative yoga, yin yoga or Tai Chi. These practices tune the body, putting you in touch with its deeper needs. This is a great time to find he joy in quite and simplicity. In our modern fast paced technologically driven world it is easy to lose touch with the rhythms of nature and simplicity of life.

Rebalance and Restore

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IMG_1184The flower essence combinations in the Home Use Kit  are a resource to support emotional health and balance. The Kit contains 12 flower essence blends. Of the 12 blends the Re-balance/Restore Formula is the most popular.  The Re-balance/Restore formula supports equilibrium and balanced energy. It is a useful remedy when feeling physically and emotionally drained and overworked.


This formula  is a good for those who:
1.) overwork
2.) lack self care
3.) push the body too hard
4.) recovering from a long term illness or treatment i.e chemo

Purchase the Re-balance/Restore Formula

Price: $12.00

This formula includes the following 8 flower essences:

California Fuchsia: enhances energy flow in the root chakra, restoring vital energy flow
Desert Lily: supports hydration restoration, and replenishment of emotional vitality
Live Oak: balances the body after overwork/over-exertion
Matillija Poppy: balances the elemental energies of air, fire, earth and water
Self Heal: actives the capacity for self ordering, deeply restorative
Sulphur Flower: clears old energy from the system; motivating and uplifting
Varigated Money Plant: restores balance between the active and passive
Yarrow: repairs holes in the aura caused by stress

How to use this Formula:

This remedy is safe to use on an acute basis or for long term recovery. For acute situations take 2 drops directly from the bottle or in a small glass of water. Then sit quietly for a few minutes and notice the changes. This is an excellent way to re-establishing a healthy vital flow of energy after exertion, a stressful day, or when feeling off kilter.

For longer term use 1-2 months I suggest making yourself a dosage bottle. To do this take clean 15ml dropper bottle, add 2/3 pure water and 1/3 brandy (preservative) and 2 drops of the Re-balance/Restore formula.

If you or someone you know is recovery from a long term injury, illness or disease treatment consider adding this blend to your protocol. I have used this formula with clients recovering from chemotherapy and long term bacterial infections. In each case the clients received a dosage bottle for 2 months. Their responses have been favorable with each client reporting a more clarity, energy, and feeling of general well being.