Wild Rose Flower Essence

Positive qualities:
Will to live, joy in life.
Patterns of imbalance:
Resignation, lack of hope, giving up on life; lingering illness.

Wild Rose flower essence first developed by Dr. Bach addresses broad and important soul themes of motivation and interest in the world and in others. In this way, it is similar to the California Wild Rose. However this English Rose flower essence specifically addresses the type of resignation in the soul which depletes one’s vitality.

Physical incarnation in a body is a experience fraught with difficulty and struggle, and for the Wild Rose flower essence personality the effort hardly seems worth making. Such apathy suppresses the soul’s interest in life, and cuts off the individual from his or her inner source of healing. This flower essence is very helpful for those who linger in long, drawn-out illness, and who seem to recover only fitfully and slowly. Wild Rose restores the vital forces of the soul, particularly its connection to the physical body and to the physical world, helping the individual regain an interest in earthly life.

This flower essence teaches that life is a sacred and precious opportunity which the soul must make every effort to embrace, if it is to find the true meaning of love and physical incarnation.

Wild Rose flower essence addresses ambivalence, apathy, resignation and lack of hope. When these qualities become tangled in the personality, a person loses interest in life. This can  be crippling and lead to periods of despair and depression. Wild Rose acts to ignite the quality of joy within the person, helping one to take a renewed interest in the world. It  sparks the will to overcome apathy and ambivalence.


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