Wild Oat Flower Essence

Wild Oat flower essencePositive qualities:
Work as an expression of inner calling; manifestation of one’s true goals and values; work experiences motivated by a clear life purpose and conviction.
Patterns of imbalance:
Confusion and indecision about life direction; trying many activities but chronically dissatisfied or restless, lack of commitment or focus; work for survival rather than service.

Wild Oat flower essence – Soul health and happiness are very much dependent on the ability to realize one’s true life purpose and vocation. If the soul does not have the opportunity to evolve and to serve through its basic life work, it will suffer great distress. By these standards, we can appreciate the depth of sickness in our modern, technological world.

Many people are unknowingly enslaved to the forces of materialism, for their primary motivation to work is a monetary one (whether they make much or little money). Their situation drastically drains the soul’s true vitality; evenings weekends, holidays are spent simply recovering or escaping from alienating or exploitative work situations. Dr. Bach recognized this fundamental soul ailment, and considered Wild Oat flower essence, along with Holly flower essence to be one of the two basic remedies in his system.

It is not improper to think of Wild Oat flower essence as relating to a particular person: one who is restless and seeking, who tries many jobs but is unable to commit to a true vocation. Indeed many young people, or those experiencing a mid-life crisis, have an acute need for this remedy. However, it is also important to regard Wild Oat flower essence as a broadly applicable polychrest, helping to transform the basic cultural illness of our age.

Wild Oat flower essence helps the individual to recognize and respond to his/her true life calling, seeking forms of work that give the Self a sense of higher purpose and meaning, and the ability to truly serve and help others.

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