White Chestnut Flower Essence

Positive qualities:
Inner calm; quiet, clear mind.
Patterns of imbalance:
Worrisome, repetitive thoughts, chattering mind.

White Chestnut flower essence is indicated for those who suffer extreme mental agitation. Their thinking life is not free, but is highly compulsive and obsessive. The life energy is drained through excessive worry and anxiety, which is not directed outward toward others but is kept inside through a constant churning of the mind. Daily events, conversations, or other life episodes are continually replayed and analyzed, imprisoning the soul within the mental field.

Such persons may suffer insomnia, headaches, and other neurological disorders. They will often become addicted to sleeping pills, tranquilizers, aspirin, or other painkillers in an effort to subdue the mental pain and tension which they feel. White Chestnut flower essence helps such persons regain mental repose and inner peace. It redirects the extreme congestion of energy in the mental field, helping the individual to gain more awareness in the feeling life, especially in the solar plexus and heart. When these energy centers are re-balanced, the feelings are able to be processed before they become churning thoughts.

White Chestnut flower essence frees the mental life for the calm, clear, and spacious activity of the Higher Mind.

White Chestnut treats an overactive mind that reels with mental chatter and repetitive, worrisome thoughts. This remedy is useful at night when mental chatter interferes with the ability to relax, wind down and fall asleep. White Chestnut flower essence promotes calm, peace and inner quite, useful before bed.

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