Vervain Flower Essence

Positive qualities:
Ability to practice moderation, tolerance, and balance; “the middle way”; grounded idealism.
Patterns of imbalance:
Overbearing or intolerant behavior; over-enthusiasm or extreme fanaticism; nervous exhaustion from over-striving.

Vervain soul types naturally posses strong forces of passionate idealism. They give themselves fully and completely to the work or cause in which they believe. However, they can become so convinced of the rightness and urgency of their beliefs that their natural charismatic capacities degenerate into those of the zealot or fanatic. Their true leadership ability is afflicted, for the Vervain flower essence type’s incredible intensity can overwhelm and prevent others from making their own energetic connection to the project or cause which is being promoted.

Such an individual can be characterized as possessing not only great intensity but also great physical tension, which results in many nervous and digestive problems, and in extreme cases may lead to nervous breakdown. These persons are usually unaware of their true energy levels, and often push their bodies completely beyond their natural capacities. I fact, there is very little connection to the physical body or to the physical world, because this type lives so fervently in the world of ideas and ideals.

Vervain flower essence is particularly an embodiment remedy, helping the soul to center and ground its tremendous enthusiasm. In this way, the body becomes a natural regulator and harmonizer for the abundant spiritual forces which pour out of such a person. When the fiery light of Vervain flower essence radiates through the medium of the body and the physical world, it becomes more luminous and contained. Such soul ardor is able to inspire, lead, and heal others.

The need for Vervain flower essence is common in today’s world. The need is characterized by the Type A personality and those we are afflicted with  ‘righteous indignation’ and overbearing fanaticism with their belief system. Vervain flower essence balances this intense energy helping those to approach life with more tolerance and learn the practice of moderation between work and play.

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