Red Chestnut Flower Essence

Red Chestnut flower essence

Positive qualities:
Caring for others with calm, inner peace, trust in the unfolding of life events.
Patterns of imbalance:
Obsessive fear and worry for well-being of others, fearful anticipation of problems for others.

To genuinely care for another is a great virtue of the human soul. But this caring can cross the boundary of healthy compassion and turn instead into negative worry and anxiety for another. This is particularly true in a family system or other close relationship, when a parent or spouse is too closely identified with its role of caretaker, and thus becomes unconsciously enmeshed in the psychic space of another.

Red Chestnut flower essence particularly addresses the mental imbalances which this condition produces. It shows the soul how worry and concern drain the individual of positive vital energy, and does little to help heal the actual situation. When the soul pulls back into its own sphere of consciousness it can effectively anchor itself and become and agent for real healing. The greatest of healing gifts which one can bestow upon another is the ability to radiate calm, loving thoughts. This unconditional regard for another’s welfare is the great gift of Red Chestnut flower essence.

Taken from the Flower Essence Repertory by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz

Red Chestnut flower essence is indicated for over concern for the well being of others. Concern for close friends and family is natural. And, Red Chestnut is for when it becomes obsessive worry and unhealthy fear. Red Chestnut flower essence fosters a compassionate trust when considering the welfare of others.

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