Olive Flower Essence

 Olive Flower Essence

Positive qualities:
Revitalization through connection with one’s inner source of energy.

Patterns of imbalance:
Complete exhaustion after a long struggle.

Olive flower essence relieves extreme physical symptoms of exhaustion and weariness. Despite the seemingly physical character of this remedy, it is nevertheless connected to a definite state of soul consciousness. Those needing this essence are usually over-identified with the physical body or the physical dimension. The healing crisis which they experience is actually a spiritual opening, which prompts them to look beyond the purely physical for health and sustenance.

For many people, Olive can be their first spiritual opening, bringing the realization that the physical body is sustained by metaphysical forces. They learn that despite the fact that their physical forces are entirely spent, they can tap into another dimension of consciousness which gives renewal and restoration.

Olive flower essence is helpful for many related, but lesser states of transformation-any time the physical body experiences utter fatigue and breakdown and the individual needs to reach a higher place of realization. Olive flower essence helps bring the awareness that the physical self is profoundly connected with higher states of soul-spiritual consciousness.

Taken from the Flower Essence Repertory by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz

Olive flower essence builds strength and endurance after physical or mental exertion. Olive is for deep exhaustion and weariness which makes daily effort seem difficult.  Those who need this remedy feel as if they have little strength and whose daily life is hard and brings little pleasure.


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