Larch Flower Essence

larch flower essence Larch: Confidence in Self
Larch flower essence is wonderful for helping us to overcome fear of failure. It builds our confidence with verbal expression helping us to voice our needs where we previously felt stifled. Larch flower essence is a wonderful essence for building self confidence. It helps one to overcome feelings of being second class or not good enough.  Those needing this essence generally have the ability but lack the confidence to advance in life, due to feeling of inferior.

Positive qualities:
Self-confidence, creative expression, spontaneity.
Patterns of imbalance:
Lack of confidence, expectation of failure, self-centeredness.

Larch flower essence helps those individuals who suffer from great self-doubt and poor self-esteem. The soul is lacking in confidence and thus projects failure, poor performance, or harsh judgment by others, far beyond the objective situation. In this way, the soul capacities stagnate, for such individuals severely censor and constrict their creative expression, and stifle their spontaneity. They are afraid to try anything new or risky, and therefore do little to grow and evolve.

The Larch flower essence particularly heals the throat, or communication and creativity chakra. Many of those who need Larch flower essence are closed down in this center, and may even have a physical affliction of the throat or other speaking impediments. Larch flower essence frees creative potential, giving the individual renewed confidence and expressiveness. Larch flower essence impels the soul from a self-limiting to a self-transcending mode of behavior.

Taken from the Flower Essence Repertory by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz.

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