Beech Flower Essence

Beech flower essence

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The Beech flower essence helps transform the tendency to be critical due to an inner sense of inferiority and hypersensitivity which is projected onto others. Very often such persons grew up in an environment of criticism and harsh expectation, and so they inwardly feel very vulnerable and insecure. However, they learn to cope by condemning others instead of healing themselves.

Another characteristic of the Beech flower essence type is hypersensitivity to personal environments, both physical and social. Their permeability to the influences around them leads to intolerance of imperfection in others.

Beech flower essence softens the soul pain such persons feel; as they re-establish connection with their Higher Self, they sense the love an unconditional acceptance that radiates from the spiritual world. Through this warmth of soul, they are able to let go of their harsh and blaming ways, to accept others in the same way that they are accepted by the spiritual world.

Taken from The Flower Essence Repertory by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz.

Beech flower essence is great for those who are critical of themselves. The Beech personality can become overly acrid and critical of many things.

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