Agrimony Flower Essence

agrimony flower essence

Agrimony Flower Essence

The Agrimony flower essence personality appears happy, enthusiastic, popular and seemingly at peace with the world. However, if one is able to know such a person on a deeper level, it becomes clear that something is deeply troubling the soul. At the heart of such suffering is a secret torment that is hidden, not only from others, but most importantly from the Self. There may be a strong attraction to drugs, particularly alcohol, in order to maintain the mask of cheerfulness.

Such persons have often been raised with strict social conventions of politeness or repression, and find it difficult to show or admit vulnerability or pain. This conditioning is particularly strong in men who have been taught that it is unmanly to show feelings. Another variation of this attitude appears among those on a spiritual path who try to emulate a state of bliss by denying or repressing troubling emotions. The Agrimony flower essence person needs to find peace as an inner soul reality, rather than an outside state of behavior which others need to validate. it is their lesson that true inner peace comes from honestly acknowledging pain and transforming it, rather than masking it with a superficial veneer of good cheer or polite tolerance. Such is the lesson of Agrimony flower essence.

This excerpt is from The Flower Essence Repertory by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz.

The Agrimony flower essence fosters emotional honesty by helping you to work through emotional pain. Working through inner pain is what will ultimately bring you to a place of peace not trying to mask the pain. Agrimony flower essence is great for working through addictions and denial.

Agrimony flower essence is one of the Twelve Healers in the Bach flower remedy system.

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