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White Sage Spray

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white sage flower essence

Hummingbird and White Sage

White Sage is widely used for spiritual purification. The fresh leaves are tied in a bundle, dried and ignited to produce a purifying smoke. This bundle is known as a smudge stick. The smoke of white sage is used to cleanse and purify those about to participate in ceremony such as a sweat lodge and during other sacred times. Smudging cleanses negative and disharmonious energy from environments and people. People often smudge with white sage to clear the air after an argument, when moving into a new home or as spiritual maintenance to keep a space clean.

White Sage flower essence is one of the most cleansing and purifying essences I have ever worked with. White sage flower essence acts on the psyche, aura and emotional field leaving one feeling vibrant, healthy and lighter. It is one of the most universally applicable essences I have come across in a long time. Not only does it clear the field of dense dark energy it lifts the veil this energy created. It is this veil which comes between you and your inner wisdom.

Because this flower essence has proven to be a vital energetic cleansing agent I have created a spray utilizing the entire plant. The new White Sage Spray is made from the mountain spring water and organic alcohol infused with white sage, white sage flower essence, and white sage essential oil. This powerful spray works instantly to raise ones vibration, cleanse heaviness and to spiritually purify.

For those looking for the optimal energetic hygiene White Sage Spray is key. Consider using White Sage Spray when you are feeling:

-encumbered by negative thoughts and feelings
-heavy from processing strong emotions
-cut off from your wisdom body
-like you need and want more lightness

This spray is hand crafted in Ojai California using locally produced white sage oil and wild crafted white sage. The white sage flower essence was co-created in a ceremonial way at a sacred location in the Ojai Valley.

Price: $24.49

20% Off Labor Day Sale

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It’s the end of summer “Wow” and to celebrate  . . .  We are have a 20% off Sale on Everything! Personal Formulas, Consultations, Stock bottles, Essence Kits.

To reap the rewards use Coupon Code summer at checkout.

It is that simple just use the code summer to save 20% off anything and everything we sell. Maybe you need a consultation for yourself or a family member. Maybe you’ve been wanting to purchase a flower essence kit? Well maybe just now is the time . . .

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Sale starts Friday August 29th and ends Wednesday September 3rd at midnight pacific standard time.

Arizona Lupine Flower Essence

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Arizona Lupine flower essenceThe Arizona Lupine flower essence was co-created in the Colorado desert region of Southern California. A common wildflower it blooms from February through April. Arizona Lupine grows in colonies and its tall purple spires gracefully color the spring desert landscape. Arizona Lupine is an important species for the ecosystem and as an essence it teaches us about community relations.



Research Overview and Applications for Arizona Lupine Flower Essence

Membership within a group or community can present identity challenges. Some people feel they must over inflate to stand out, while others shrink so they don’t’ stand out. But there is a place where our authentic self and the group matrix can co-exist. A place where the authentic self blends well yet doesn’t get absorbed, where it can be its self and be cooperative. Arizona Lupine flower essence teaches the lesson of together and separate, cooperative and individual, unique and harmonized. This flower essence helps us to harmonize our personal energy so within a group our energy is neither offending or overpowering.

Arizona lupine flower essence is helpful for people who experience low energy when interacting with groups of people. Often in groups it is emotionally satisfying to contribute in a way that is harmonious when this doesn’t happen it can indicate that there is an energy imbalance in the system as it relates to the group dynamic. Arizona Lupine flower essence can help to heal this imbalance and thus restore more lightness and ease in group interaction. It helps to heal divisions between different people and different parts of oneself.

The final aspect of Arizona Lupine flower essence that I want to touch upon is healing trauma that is group or family inflicted. This essence helps to heal trauma as the result of being ostracized because we have chosen to follow a different life path outside of the group or family. This essence heals the emotional pathways in the body that have been damaged by ostracism. It can be a very helpful essence for people who want to recover confidence, trust and faith. It will also help heal wounds in the psyche as a result of ostracism.

I am pleased to finally make this essence available to the public. It can be purchased individually, added to a dosage bottle and it is now part of the Essence Alchemy release kit.

Purchase this essence for yourself:  
Price: $12.00

Understanding and Addressing Loss with Flower Essences

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IMG_0998The feeling of loss is perhaps one of the hardest aspects of being a human. Unique to humans and higher mammals loss is not easily dealt with by the mind and can be hard to grasp emotionally. We can experience deep grief from the loss and death of a parent, lover, pet, title, position or object.

To symbolize loss I choose the picture of a sunset because it  exemplifies the transient and temporal aspects of life. Sunsets are beautiful and they are something we cannot hold we can only enjoy them in the moment. Life is precious and loss can feel and be devastating. Having support can help us as we learn and grow from our life experiences.

One reason I love flower essences is that they offer a rare level of support for the soul and personality dealing with loss. They work deeply with the soul and psyche to help us process, re-calibrate to and understand loss. Flower essences soothe the emotions, mind and spirit by connecting us directly with the living support of the plant kingdom. Below is a list of some amazing essences for addressing feelings of loss and despair.

Flower Essences for Treating Loss

Sweet Chestnut flower essence is indicated for times of deep pain and agony accompanied by feelings of despair and loneliness. Feelings like this are likened to the ‘dark night of the soul’ when the soul is tested by periods of dark despair. Out of the 38 Bach flower remedies use Sweet Chestnut to foster spiritual depth. Sweet Chestnut  instills in us the faith that we can overcome adversity through spiritual communion.

Love Lies Bleeding flower essence supports our ability to move beyond personal pain, suffering and mental anguish. It supports us in developing trans-personal vision and compassionate acceptance of karma. It treats intense pain due to isolation and over-personalization of one’s pain.

Forget Me Not flower essence treats feelings of loneliness and isolation, especially after the loss of a loved one. Forget Me Not, helps one feel more connection to the spiritual world, helping one to gain a mindfulness of the trans-personal aspects of relationships.

Confederate Violet flower essence supports deep relaxation of the nervous system, it helps one to shed identification with pain and trauma and find greater inner peace. It is useful in the release process to support stabilization, trust and inner gentleness.

It is recommended to use these remedies in combination to address the many aspects our soul and psyche deal with on its healing journey. You can create a formula using the Your Personal Formula feature. And, if you have any questions or would like a personal consultation feel free to contact me at flowerremedy(at)


Introducing: Mount Shasta Flower Essences

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Mount shasta flower essencesI am pleased and delighted to bring you this collection of  Mount Shasta flower essences. Mount Shasta is an internationally recognized spiritual vortex center similar to Sedona but not commercialized and still very wild. Mount Shasta draws spiritual pilgrims from around the world who come for its healing spring waters and natural peace and beauty. The mountain seems to radiate a peace and tranquility which many people feel immediately.

This collection of flower essences has a high and clear vibration having been co-created in the rarefied mount air of an alpine meadow. And with great honor  I bring them to you. While co-creating this collection of essences it was revealed to me that these essences also contains the healing energy of the alpine meadow. And, by using these essences one could experience the healing vibration of the flowers and the alpine meadow environment.

Two Powerful Clearing Remedies from this kit include:

Bog Asphodel 1

Bog Asphodel: Useful for personal power and freedom; especially for those who give themselves away in service to others. An excellent remedy for those who feel enslaved to others. Supportive for clearing negative astral influences and for strengthening the meridians.



Pacific Woodrush: A cleansing essence. Prepares you for new, good for clearing out your s**t. This essence will help to make space for the new, it clears old energy that is stuck in process or tied up in conflict. Helps to clear negative lines of karma and unhealthy cording


Two Powerful Strengthening Remedies from this kit include:

Bear grass 2

Bear Grass: An essence of personal mastery helps us to hear the communication from the deep core of our self. It helps to carry that info to the outer parts of our personality, making it available. Access to our deep truths, anchors wisdom and insight.



Sulfur Flower: Enables use to open to new perceptions and horizons with less resistance; good to use when you want to leave the old behind. Powerfully cleansing of dross, motivating and uplifting.

The Full Kit contains 16 essences to read more about each essence click here. 


Holiday Specials!

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IMG_1232It has been a while since I’ve added a new post to the blog. That is because I have been busy with clients and researching new essences.

The Holiday season is here and I am offering a 35% off discount on my inventory of Bach and FES stock bottles. And for the first time I am offering a discount on my services. One hour consultations for only $70.00.

I enjoy running this website and sharing what I know but most of my work is one on one with clients. In my private practice I help clients shed old patterns, out-dated attitudes, limiting believes and ways of being. Even after one session clients have achieved amazing progress personally and professionally!

Personal Consultation Specials a one hour consult for only $70 (includes treatment bottle)

IMG_0194There are so many applications for flower essences and my specialty is spotting the limiting patterns in peoples lives. Then crafting a unique blend of flowers to shift these pattern and bring about deep health and balance.

When people ask “What do you do?” I like to reply: “I make magical formulas for people.” This is simple and intriguing enough to catch people’s attention.

And, while it may sound silly, I am being serious and it is true. I have seen miraculous shifts in my clients lives and it is a joy to watch people extract more pleasure from life. Life is meant to be enjoyed and while we all have duties that doesn’t mean we can’t have more fun and pleasure.

If outdated modes of being, past trauma or recent emotional pain is stifling your capacity to enjoy life I strongly encourage you to try flower essences. You will be amazed by what one consultation (includes 1 month treatment bottle) can do for your life.

So if you’ve never worked with me or if its been more than 3 months since your last consultation take advantage of the reduced holiday rate! To schedule a consultation simply e-mail me at flowerremedy(at) to get started.

Flower Essences for Procrastination

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flower essences for procrastinationProcrastination is when you put off urgent tasks in preference for less urgent tasks. Or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable things. Basically procrastination is stalling, a way to avoid getting around to what you need to do.  There is often an ingrained emotional component to procrastination, making it easy to treat with flower essences.

Who is the Flower Essence for Procrastination Formula for?

It is for those who are tired of their behavior which leaves them unfulfilled and knowing they could’ve used their time more wisely. Along with procrastination are feelings of low self esteem, stagnant will-forces, daydreaming and confusion. If you are seriously looking to blast through these patterns and create positive change in your life, this formula is for you.

There are 6 main flower essences for procrastination in this formula. Simply take 3 drops 4 times a day and you find it easier to carry out tasks that you once put off.

Purchase the Flower Essences for Procrastination Formula

Price: $19.95

The Flower Essences for Procrastination Formula

-Blackberry: this essence awakens the will forces, a catalyst to help you put your ideas into action

-Cayenne: this essence is another catalyst that mobilizes stagnant will forces

-Clematis: for avoidance of tasks due to a tendency towards daydreaming

-Hornbeam: for when emotional resistance causes a lack of energy and interest in work

-Larch: this is an essence of self confidence for those who put of action out of fear of failure

-Tansy: for overcoming lethargy and emotional blocks so you can begin to act on what you know needs to be done

The flower essences for procrastination formula is safe, easy to use and effective. It will help you make the commitments that you’ve been avoiding. I encourage you to overcome your resistance, stop procrastinating and purchase this formula. You will be thanking me for it later.


Flower Essences for Happiness

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flower essences for happinessWhat are the flower essences for happiness? Is there a flower essence for happiness? The answer is yes and no, there are many flower essences for happiness. And, there is no single essence for happiness for everyone. Before we get into a discussion of flower essences for happiness lets take a deep look. In my work as a flower essence therapist I’ve found it helpful to first clear negativity and from there support my clients to build happiness.

First Clear Negative Energy

Negative energy is dense, heavy and at cross purpose to the lighter emotions of happiness and joy. To really assist my clients and be of true service I have developed the “Negative Energy Release Process”. I developed this process because the core of negativity needs to first be addressed before other work can begin. Often by simply clearing this core piece of negativity happiness naturally arises.

What is the Negative Energy Release Process?

It is a simple process where I use a diagnostic sheet to identify the core negative factors and possible co-factors underlying the negative energy in your life.  This can range from negative beliefs all the way to entities or attachments. I also identify blocked chakras, lodged traumas, obstructed meridians and more. Once all this information is gather I  identify the essences needed to clear the negativity.

Once the essences are selected I administer one dose of each essence. Then I guide the essences deep into the system using a hands on healing technique which lasts 20 minutes. This process can also be used for distance healing similar to the way Reiki can be administered from a distance.


They include a general feeling of lightness, improved relationships, a more optimistic outlook and a sense of being free from obstructions. The Negative Energy Release Process can help just about everyone. At some degree on some level there is negativity blocking us from experiencing happiness and expressing our full potential.

Would you like to clear the negativity in your life?

Please contact me directly if you are interested in this process. I work with clients all over the country and I have used this technique to help my phone clients as well as my in person clients. This powerful process can make a dramatic improvement in the quality of your life. I can be reached at 805-633-0094, treatments last 1 hour and are $125.00.

After this process I then work with my clients to identify the flower essences for happiness that will best support their personal growth.

Flower essence to Make You Cry

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Did you ever just want to cry? You ever feel the urge in you for no reason a longing to shed some tears? Tears that have been with you for a long time. It is kind of a funny feeling to want to cry but feel unable. This happens when emotions build up, go unexpressed and become pressurized. When we honor this feeling to shed tears it has the power to a profound place of relief.

Grief, sadness, longing are emotions our society doesn’t properly acknowledge. They don’t fit the mechanized way our culture operates, frankly they are disruptive to the status quo. Imagine sitting at your desk balling like a child? What would your boss think? How would you feel? It is a raw place to be and when we feel raw like that we want comfort, protection, sanctuary.

Instead of acknowledging this place we forge ahead with Puritanical grit. Thank god for flower essences! Flower essences are our allies in this emotional domain, these uncharted water deep below our skin. As a world we are comfortable with exploring what’s outside and we’ve forgotten about the rich territory within. Our heart and soul are the final frontier for that is where infinity lies.

I want to share with you a few flower essence to help you get in touch with your emotions.

Marshmallow: this flower essence softens hardened personalities and emotions. It is wonderful to help you find the soft space inside of yourself.

Onion: this flower essence addresses repressed emotions, it is for releasing sadness and helps with all stages of the grieving process.

Sturt Desert Pea: a powerful Bush essence for healing deep pain and sadness. It will help you to release these emotions and bring deep healing at a soul level.

Milk Thistle: this flower essence helps us let go of deep anger. Often times anger is the surface emotion to sadness. It helps to clear feelings which block the flow of love.

Star of Bethlehem: this essence is a softener, it will help to soothe any deep emotional pain from the past or present. It is like a tender mother, comforting and nurturing.

Red Frangipani: this is another Bush essence, it also soothes and helps you to feel calm and peaceful. It is a wonderful essence that supports the process of grieving and letting go. It protects us while we are in a raw emotional state.

This would make a wonderful combination for anyone interested in getting in touch with their feelings. This essence combination support the healthy releasing of tears and sadness. Shedding long held tears brings so much freedom to the body, mind and spirit. It opens up space inside of us and allows us greater access to our true feelings.

Use the “Your Personal Formula” option to create this formula for yourself

Price: $17.95

I know that many people are afraid that sadness will overtake them and they won’t be able to stop crying once they start. But in my experience 20 minutes is usually the time it takes to move through a deep cry that has been held in for years. And, once your are finished crying you will feel refreshed, cleansed and renewed.

I am here to welcome your tears, your healthy grieving that you’ve been holding on to for years. By allowing yourself to cry you are giving permission to discover the uncharted territory within. Welcome intrepid travels to the uncharted waters of your soul. I offer you this flower essence combination as an ally in your exploration. It will be your search light as you dive deep. Welcome to the ocean of your soul!

Bach Flower Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction Formula

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bach flower remedies for erectile dysfunctionBach flower remedies can help many of the causes behind erectile dysfunction. In this post I will outline the top flower essences to clear the emotional and mental states behind erectile dysfunction. And, I will tell you which flower remedies are needed to overcome erectile dysfunction. I will out line Bach flower remedies for erectile dysfunction and flower essences from other producers.

Bach Flower Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Number one of all the Bach flower remedies for erectile dysfunction is Larch flower essence. This potent remedy builds strength and confidence. It will help you grow strong and overcome low energy and sagging confidence. It will clear past feelings of inferiority and promote strength and confidence to grow past prior limitations.

Next on the list of Bach flower remedies for erectile dysfunction is Olive flower essence. This essence is for emotional and physical exhaustion often these factors impair our ability to perform. Olive flower essence has a general strengthening effect on the body and mind. It is a wonderful flower essence for treating any kind of weakness.

From the Bach flower essence system Larch and Olive are the two best Bach flower remedies for erectile dysfunction. Here are a few other flower essences to add to the list of Bach flower remedies for erectile dysfunction.

Crowea: This Australian Bush flower essence promotes deep peace and calm. It soothes the emotions and calms worries regarding performance.

Five Corners: This amazing Bush flower essence builds self confidence at a deep core level. It promotes a powerful sense of self rooted in self love. It clears sub conscious sabotage patterns interfering with sexual performance.

Mountain Pride: This flower essence promotes forthright masculine energy. The type of internal energy needed to transform any situation. It is a powerful remedy which works deeply in the system to bring out potent masculine qualities.

Purchase this formula of Flower Remedies for Sexual Performance. 
Price: $21.95
This formula includes Crowea, Five Corners, Larch, Mountain Pride and Olive flower essences.

This combination should be used 3-5 times a day. It can also be applied topically to the affected area. Used consistently this safe all natural formula will help build the confidence and energy needed for a healthy male system.