Flower Essence Dilution Explained

There are 3 levels to flower essence dilution. This post will detail the relevancy of each.

Key Points

What are the levels flower essence dilution?
Why does it matter?
What am I buying?
Alcohol Content

The 3 Levels of Flower Essence Dilution

The Mother:
This is the first level of potency in the world of flower essences. When I go into the field and craft an essence that essence is known as the mother. This original preparation is 50% water from the crafting process and 50% brandy. Brandy is the preferred alcohol preservative brandy contains 40% alcohol.

Flower Essence Stock Bottle:
To make what is known as a stock bottle you take 7 drops from the mother and and add it to a neutral solution of 75% water and 25% brandy. When you purchase any of the single essences on this site you are getting a stock bottle. Also all the Essence Alchemy brand combination formulas are prepared at the stock level.

Flower Essence Dosage Bottle:
The dosage bottle is a blend of flower essences from the stock level dilution. When I make a formula for a client I blend 5-7 stock level essences in a solution of 80% water and 20% brandy. If you purchase a Personal Formula on this website you are receiving a dosage bottle. If you are using 2 or more stock level flower essences at the same time it is best to create a dosage bottle with them. The reasons to do this are it makes taking flower essences easier. It extends the life of your stock bottles, opening and closing a stock bottle exposes it to contaminants in the air, dust, pollen, etc.

Why Does Dilution Matter?

Dilution is relevant for reasons related to storage and potency. If stored properly stock bottles have a very long shelf life, upwards of 10+ years. Though most people will use a stock bottle before they lose potency. When using a flower essence for physical issues it is best to use the stock level.

A dosage bottles has the shortest shelf life of all. A dosage bottle in general will be viable for up to 2 months. After that time its potency begins to dissipate. This is ok because dosage bottles are only needed for 1 to 2 months. After that time it is best to re-asses your flower essence formula and adjust accordingly.

When purchasing a flower essence look for on the label for the words “stock bottle”, “stock”, “stock concentrate” or “concentrate”. If they don’t say this chances are it is a dosage level dilution. If you have any questions reach out to the flower essence producer for clarity.

Alcohol Content

The alcohol content in a stock bottle flower essence is minimal. When using an essence you are taking drops each drop contains a small amount of alcohol. If this is an issue simply add the drops to 2oz of water. For perspective there is more alcohol in a glass of orange juice than in a drop of flower essence. And, if this is still a concern you can make a dosage bottle with vinegar. If this is still an issue you can request stock bottles made with vinegar.

I hope this has helped you and thanks for reading.

Cleansing and Charging Crystals

So you bought a crystal from a store or online. Chances are this stone has been on a long journey one which may have involved trauma. . . I was once fairly naive regarding the journey a crystal makes from the earth to a store and to my hands. But, a few years back when I received inspiration to start co-creating gem elixirs I paused to consider . . ..

Where did the stone come from? What treatment did it receive? Was it handled with care? All these questions and more came to mind. I realized many of the crystals and stones I was guided to make healing elixirs of needed healing as well.

3 Primary Crystal Healing Methods

Earth Cleansing

Ethics and mining do not go hand in hand therefore I knew the healing stones may need their own “healing”. I went about “healing” crystals or shall I say restoring them to a more potent vibration in a few ways. The first method I worked with was to bury them in the earth. This method is the simplest and the longest. Some of the stones were buried for 2-3 years and others for weeks. Letting time and nature do the work seemed appropriate. Because I had a garden this was easy. But, if you live in a large city and don’t have this access consider other methods.

Spirit Cleansing

Another healing option is to perform a variety of “shamanic” healing techniques on them. For this one needs to be versed in shamanic journeying and familiar with classic healing techniques. From this we heal with spirit. As a result I found some crystals needed “soul retrieval”. After performing soul retrieval the stones really glowed with a vibrancy.

Water and Flower Essence Cleansing

I use another technique that involves water. This is used to both cleanse a crystal and charge a crystal. This method is simple and works very well. First I use water and sea salt or high quality earth salt. I place the stone in water saturated with salt and leave it under the sun and moon to charge. Next, I use a shell and white sage flower essence. This is how I  give the crystal a final charge. I take a shell such as a conch fill it with pure water and add 7 drops of White Sage Flower Essence. Then I place the stone in the water and leave it out under the sun and moon. This technique really makes the crystal or stone sing.

The last method of using White Sage Flower essence and shell is accessible for most people. If you are using crystals for healing or beautification do consider what they went through before they ended up in your possession.It the very least consider giving them bath in salt water. And, follow that up with recharge using White Sage Flower Essence and the shell technique.

Rethinking Corn

Corn is a sacred plant to many indigenous groups across the Americas. The history of corn started about 9,000 years ago in what is now Mexico. Then it was a small grass that grew 1 inch cobs. Since that time it has been bred into a staple crop. Today it is one of the most widely grown plants in the world. From small beginnings this plant has been a big part of human civilizations past and present.

The corn of today is vastly different from historical corn. A key difference is 90+ % of the corn grown today is the product of genetic modification. GMO corn has been altered to withstand heavy applications of herbicides and pesticides. It was not genetically altered to be disease resistant but to be pesticide and herbicide resistant. As such GMO corn receives heavy applications pesticide and herbicides. The chemical gysophosate is applied to corn. This chemical is known to cause cancer and major retailers like Costco have stopped selling it.

Corn and Chronic Illness

In my work with individuals who have chronic illness and/or infections like Lyme benefit from eliminating corn. I have come to understand that eliminating corn from the diet can go a long way to. There are numerous times I have seen people stop consuming corn and have a dramatic improvement in their symptoms.

Experts say corn allergies are rare. But considering how many toxins are applied to corn how can we truly know? I wonder if there was the same awareness of corn toxicity as there is of other food intolerances would people’s health improve? We are well versed in wheat, soy and dairy and I think it’s time to add corn to the list.

What you may notice by eliminating corn from your diet:

  • Improved Mood and Outlook
  • More Mental Clarity
  • Areas of Chronic Inflammation decrease
  • Digestion Improves
  • Energy Levels Improve
  • Decrease in body pains
  • And you respond more favorably to treatment

Allow at least 2 weeks free of corn and see how you feel. You may notice improved health and  well being by this simple act.

Corn is Everywhere

When seeking to eliminate corn from your diet know that corn is everywhere. Corn occupies so many foods that line the grocery store aisles. Because corn is so versatile it is found hiding in many foods. Corn based ingredients include sugars, oil, vitamin C, coloring, cellulose, gums, and more.

Ascorbic acid the most common form of Vitamin C is made from corn. Alternatives include Ecological Formula’s Vitamin C from tapioca. As well as vitamin C from New Chapter and Megafood. Another ubiquitous corn derivative is xanthum gum found in many gluten free products. Also when you see “vegetable oil” on an ingredient list it will likely contain some amount of corn oil. When eating out know that many restaurants use corn oil. And most sauces, soup, or stews contain corn starch thickener. In summary corn is everywhere the links below provide a more exhaustive lists of corn ingredients.



I suggest abstaining from corn in all its forms for a minimum of 2 weeks. My guess is your mental clarity and mood will improve.

All the best on your journey to health.

Connections Formula

Human connection is vital to health and well being. Researchers who’ve studied health and longevity have identified 5 regions of interest. These 5 regions are known as Blue Zones. People in the Blue Zones have a few things in common diet, exercise, and social engagement to name a few. This research has given us a better understanding of the how the sense  of community is vital to health.

Connecting with others is as important to health as is eating right, exercising, and limiting alcohol. As a flower essence therapist I come across many clients who suffer from a “Vitamin C deficiency”. By vitamin C I mean the vitamin of Community and Connection. It is true no man 0r woman is an island. And, finding others to bond and connect with enriches life in a meaningful way.

The Connections Formula

Some folks find socializing and connecting easy while others find it to be a challenge. There are many reasons people find it challenge.  I looked at how to address it and the Connections Formula was born. Being open to connecting can be risky. Because it requires us to step out of our comfort zone. This does not have to be crippling. And, it can be made easier with flower essences.

Those who will benefit from this formula include:

  • People who feel timid around others.
  • Those who want to connect but access fear in response.
  • Folks who want to feel more comfortable opening up.
  • Individuals who want community and connection but feel blocked.
  • Men and women who are working towards greater empathy and openness.

And, the Connections formula also harmonizes group energy. This can be invaluable for team projects and group work. Similarly it can add depth to a well established group. It can also help couples discover deeper levels of connection and intimacy.

The Connections Spray

The Connections formula is also available as a spray. The space we share is equally important to harmony. So why not seed greater harmony with the Connections Spray? Simply give each corner of your home a spritz. And, if you are hosting a gathering use the Connections spray prior to the arrival of your guests.  seeds the energy of harmonious connections.



The Connections formula contains the following essences:

Arizona Lupine: helps us be ourselves among others
Bush Mallow: learning to connect with the heart
Calendula: warmth in communicating
Phenakite (gem elixir): harmonizes group energy
Pink Yarrow: supports emotional containment and openness
Yellow Mariposa Lily: encourages empathy and openness

Connections Formula  
Price: $21.95

The Connections Formula comes is sold in a 1 ounce amber glass dropper bottle at stock level dilution.

Connections Spray  
Price: $22.95

The Connections Spray is available in a 4 ounce cobalt blue bottle at stock level dilution. The spray is tastefully scented with Cedar and Ylang Ylang essential oils.

Citrus Flower Essences

citrus flower essencesFor 5 years I lived on a small organic citrus orchard in Ojai, CA. Every year in late February the citrus trees start to blossom. The scent of their flowers fills the air with a delicious, sweet, heady aroma. I relished the season of the citrus bloom and watched these trees for two years before I felt the call to create Citrus flower essences.

From this orchard I created a set of Citrus Flower Essences. The set contains clementine, grapefruit, lemon, lime, Meyer lemon, orange, tangelo and tangerine. Citrus flower essences carry a distinct lightness that addresses common mental and emotional stress and heaviness. They are especially relevant for people suffering from mental strain and tension caused by overuse of the analytical left brain function of the mind.

Citrus Flower Essences and a Peaceful Mind

In an average day we consume more information than we can process. More demands are put upon our attention than ever before. And as a result many people feel mentally drained and stressed. This leads to a number of persistent conditions such as a racing mind, inability to focus, and a feeling of disconnection. And, the deluge of negative news we are surrounded by leaves many people with a feelings of vague anxiety and persistent negative outlook.

This can be troubling and lead to feelings of bitterness and distrust. Many people suffer under this because they have lost a sense of natural ease. Our natural receptivity to that which is beneficial has been eroded. As a result we sour to life much like the juice of the citrus fruits. But the sweetness of the citrus flower essences are here to help us access flexibility, ease and joy.

The 8 Citrus Flower Essences

Clementine flower essence supports structure, alignment, grounding, expansion and joy. It is good for those who lack humor and playfulness coupled with suppressed creativity.

Grapefruit flower essence softens the jaw, face and cranial bones. It supports one to get in touch with the needs of the physical body in order for the body to feel relaxed and aligned. Grapefruit flower essence helps us let go of tension.

Lemon flower essence supports mental clarity. It is useful for mental congestion, exhaustion, and overwhelm that leads to emotional disconnect. Try it for learning disorders including trouble concentrating.

Lime flower essence helps you release toxic thoughts. It does this by cleansing the mental body of lower vibrations. As a result our ability to perceive the world and ourselves in a more positive light grows.

 Meyer Lemon flower essence helps us stay relaxed and focused when stressed and processing. It helps us balance focus with relaxation. Meyer Lemon is a cross between a lemon and an orange.

Orange flower essence helps with deep relaxation. It helps us to unwind deep emotional tension held in the body and the subconscious mind. Orange flower essence is good to use prior to massage, counseling, reflexology and hypnotherapy.

Tangelo flower essence softens the mental body. It is grounding, lightening and good for those who are somber, serious and heavy hearted. Tangelo flower essences carries a sweetness for those needing the nourishment of light who are recovering from illness or depression.

Tangerine flower essence helps those who don’t feel at peace with their physical body. This could be due to an injury, weight issue or related body issue. It aligns the subtle bodies and physical body. Tangerine is for those who lack self care yet want to re-orient towards better self care.

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