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Caring for the heart in the heat of summer. According to Traditional Chinese medicine fire is the element associated with summer and correlates with the heart. This month I am putting heart loving essences on sale. Enjoy and remember to smile it benefits the heart and inner peace!

15% Off these Single Essences


A wiki wiki:  
Price: $10.00
 For trauma that has extinguished the ‘heart light’ or when it has been dampened by anxiety, stress, or life challenge. This essence lightens an overburdened heart. It is good for those who carry tension, grief, or heaviness in their hearts. This essence is self useful for pointing people towards greater certainty.

Price: $12.00
 This essence alleviates boredom, mild depression, and increases courage. It has an uplifting and grounding quality and it is useful for seasonal mood disorders, depression induced by boredom at work or school. Borage helps when our heart feels heavy it gives a gentle increase to physical vitality and stamina. Borage is a good essence for those going through emotional and relationship turmoil and broken heartedness.

Chaparral Currant:  
Price: $12.00
 This essence addresses fears related to love and abandonment. It is good for those who feel alone, empty and disconnected. Chaparral currant strengthens the heart chakra and treats old grief; resilience of the heart, keeping the heart strong and soft, ease relationship pain, a remedy of embodied love.

Heart Tongue Orchid:  
Price: $11.00
 This essence re-connects use to grace and the stillness in the heart. Use in times of stress and upheaval. As a companion during recovery can comfort when feeling shattered. Support for communication challenges between parent/child and spouses due to a lack of receptivity and understanding.

Joy Formula:  
Price: $12.00
This blend supports access to feelings of lightness, joy, pleasure, humor, ease and happiness. Useful for issues of social anxiety and unease encourages levity, laughter and buoyancy.


Matillija Poppy:   
Price: $12.00
A balancing essence balances the flow of energy between the root and crown chakras helping to bring all chakras into alignment. Matillija poppy balances the elements as they express within us. It balances Air with grounding, Earth with lightness, Fire with cool and Water with structure.

Price: $12.00
This deeply restorative is good for adrenal stress and exhaustion. It helps with long term recovery on all levels. It can strengthen heart energy by supporting restorations on all levels. If fatigue has plagued you for a while Olive flower essence can help.


San Pedro Flower Essence:  
Price: $12.00
This essence helps us resolve issues of dependency and freedom; use for relationship karma to break cycles with others. This essence is good for those in relationship with narcissists it helps co-dependant types come back to themselves. It is a deeply powerful essence for helping people discover more about themselves.


Prairie Sagewort:  
Price: $13.50

This potent remedy helps us clear the system of energy that is not ours . It is a useful to support change – it aids us in finding a correct path in life and in seeing our path to success in a variety of ways. It helps to clear existential angst.




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