Five Corners

There are many flower essences you can use to increase Abundance in your life. Here I will outline flower essences for the purpose of increasing your feelings of Abundance. These essences will help to release negative beliefs, encourage worthiness



This section deals with essences that clear anger, gloom, fear and other emotions that block the flow of gratitude and grace. Clearing feelings of anger, fear and jealousy are very important to creating a positive experience of Abundance in your life.


Bluebell: Delta Gardens For those who dwell in the negative and cannot cycle out of cynicism; for grumpiness and aloofness.


Calendula: FES Calendula encourages warmth  with the use of the spoken word. This essences is useful for  argumentative types; it eases the use of sharp words and destructive dialogue.


Deerbrush: FES This essence is for purity and clarity of motive and action that is aligned with one’s true feelings. Promotes honesty with ourselves, our affairs and others.


Gorse: Bach This essence re-builds hope; if you feel all is lost, Gorse rebuilds hope and optimism.


Holly: Bach This essence is for anger, hatred and jealousy; all feeling that block the flow of grace and gratitude.


Impatiens: Bach  This essence fosters patience with self and others. It is useful when tension, intolerance and irritation impede the flow of good feelings in your life.


Pine: Bach  Pine treats feelings of guilt unworthiness and shame. This essence fosters self acceptance and will clear self blame and feelings of unworthiness.


Scarlet Monkeyflower: FES   This essence is for those who are afraid of deep emotions and intense feelings. Often these intense feelings or emotions are repressed because of fear of their inherent power. Scarlet Monkey Flower helps one to get in touch with strong emotions, it promotes emotional honesty and integration of the emotional ‘shadow’. It also gives people the courage to express intense feeling and emotions.


Scotch Broom: FES  This essence is useful for enhancing positive and optimistic feelings about the world and future events. Use this to alleviate and banish feelings of despair and pessimism regarding world events. This essence helps us rise to the challenge of our challenging times, reminding us this is an opportunity for self growth.


Star Thistle: FES   This essence helps alleviate feelings of lack; for those who base actions on a fear of lack, inability to give freely, or trust in a higher providence. Star Thistle enhances an inner sense of abundance, fostering a generous inclusive, giving and sharing nature.


Willow:Bach  Willow restores flexibility to the personality helping to counterbalance feelings of bitterness. This remedy is useful to help us forgive others when we blame them for our problems. It is also helpful for treating envy and/or resentment towards others whose success, prosperity or happiness we desire.


Clarity is vital to how we create abundance in our lives, without clarity we will have a hard time building a fulfilling abundant life.


Cerato: Bach   Cerato treats lack of confidence and belief in self, caused by distrusting and being out of touch with our intuition and inner voice. If you constantly seek advice from others, Cerato can help you to reconnect with your inner guidance.  Cerato flower essence corrects this by imbuing confidence in your ability to make decisions and trust your intuition.


Madia: FES   Precise thinking, disciplined focus and concentration. Useful if you get easily distracted, find it hard to concentrate or are engaged in splintered activity which is unproductive.


Scleranthus: Bach   Scleranthus can help you tap into your inner knowing fostering decisiveness and inner resolve when making choices. It also helps with chronic ambiguity and hesitation.


Shasta Daisy: FES  This essence is for wholistic thinking; be able to fuse together pieces of information into a coherent whole.


Walnu: Bach  Walnut flower essence insulates us from outside limiting influences as well as helping to break the spell of the past so we can move forward with confidence and clarity.


Wild Oat: Bach Wild Oat addresses vocational indecision and confusion, helping us align our outer work with our inner calling. It helps us find what it is we came here to do and to express our calling with purpose and meaning. This essence brings into focus the true calling of the soul, it is a fulcrum essence and can be used in times of indecision, lack of clarity and when we are searching for our purpose


Our experience of abundance may be stymied by feelings of inertia that keep us from taking the proper action towards our goal. The essences in this category will help you to re-connect with your drive and motivation.


Blackberry:FES  This remedy helps us to overcome feelings of inertia helping us to translate our goals into action. Blackberry activates the will in clear and direct ways helping one to act decisively and execute their vision.  Useful when feeling stuck, a keyword for this essence is tenacity.


Cayenne: FES  This is essence #1 for activating change and transformation. The fiery forces of this essence stir the inner fire and ignite one’s will to overcome stagnation and sustain soul development. Use this when feeling stuck in a rut and lacking the energy to move forward and change.


Fawn Lily: FES   Involvement in the social fabric of the world; ability to share one’s spiritual gifts with others. This essence supports those with a delicate nature to participate in community and family affairs. Adds strength to overcome withdraw, isolation and self protection.


Hornbeam: Bach Hornbeam treats mental lethargy and the physical fatigue. This exhaustion often happens when we engage in unfulfilling actions; the weariness is an avoidance pattern.  Hornbeam helps you reclaim your “Joie de vivre” and restores dynamic mental and physical energy. This is a wonderful essence to stimulate full engagement in life so you have the strength to face tasks with greater enthusiasm.


India Pink: FES  Ability to remain centered and focused, even under stress or high levels of activity; managing and co-ordinating diverse tasks.  Useful when one feels frayed or overwhelmed during multi leveled activity.


Loveage: Delta  This essence is for moving into the world wit a sense of safety and joy. A sense of confidence and exhilaration develops in regards to walking one’s path.


Mt. Pride: FES  Use for forthright masculine energy; warrior like spirituality which confronts and transforms. This essence helps one to take a stand for one’s convictions. Helps one be more assertive and align with the archetype of the ‘Spiritual Warrior’.


Quince: FES This essence helps one to balance masculine initiating power with feminine nurturing power. It addresses an inability to catalyze or reconcile feelings of strength and power with essential qualities of the feminine. Good for distorted connection with the masculine.


Sunflower: FES   This essence is for fear of taking action, fear of success and fear of failure. This is a great remedy for a balanced sense of self; whether it is self inflation or self effacement; low self esteem or arrogance.


Tansy: FES   This is a wonderful essence for overcoming inertia. Tansy helps one to take straightforward action and overcome habits which subvert the real intentions of Self. Great for goal directed activity and deliberate, purposeful action.


Wild Rose: Bach Wild Rose addresses ambivalence, apathy, resignation and lack of hope. When these qualities become tangled in the personality, a person loses interest in life. This can  be crippling and lead to periods of despair and depression. Wild Rose acts to ignite the quality of joy within the person, helping one to take a renewed interest in the world. It  sparks the will to overcome apathy and ambivalence.



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